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Monday, September 8
Join the booster club!

Our booster club does an unbelievable job of supporting all of our teams!  Please take a moment and join by clicking on the link below


Tuesday, September 2

APPAREL STORE OPEN -- WILL CLOSE SUNDAY NIGHT at 11pm -- check link attached


Everythin optional.  There are 2 sweatshirts -- one is the tradtional cotton one and the other is a performance wicking fabric.  The rep gave us a great price on it and offered to include it on the order -- it's about 30% off the regular price.   

Friday, August 29
Apparel ordering

Our normal sales rep is out this week, so that is our delay -- should be up today by 5pm someone else is working on it!

Friday, August 22
Cleared athletes

Listed below are those athletes currently cleared for participation.  If you are not on this list you are not cleared to tryout with us.  If you signed up for another sport first you may be on that list -- I can check just let me know.  If not, you must bring in proof of your physical to the nurse Monday morning.  Check in at practice first, then bring paperwork to nurse.  ALL ATHLETES MUST BRING THE INTERVAL HEALTH HISTORY FORM TO PRACTICE!!! -- Completed and signed by parents.  You can get it off the school website if this link does not work.  http://www.harborfieldscsd.net/departments/athletics

Cleared Boys
Alfiero Anthony 2018
Anderson Nicholas 2015
Azzara Andrew 2018
Baile Ryan 2018
Bergson Sam 2017
Best Jay 2018
Butler Will 2015
Callan Jonathan 2017
Casey Tim 2015
Castaldo Matt 2017
Coventry Timothy 2018
Dondero Ryan 2015
Drenick Douglas 2018
Dyer Jake 2018
Edelstein Samuel 2018
Hansen Erik 2016
Hochwald Marc 2016
Hutt Jordan 2018
Katz Mathew 2017
Kelly Matt 2016
Kenyon Jack 2017
Lee Casey 2016
Maitre David 2017
Majid Kyle 2015
Marotta Joseph 2018
Martin Alex 2017
Martin Daniel 2017
McGoldrick Sean 2016
Mclaughlan Justin 2017
Melia Kieran 2015
Miller Jake 2016
O'Connor Dylan 2017
Pasquaretta Michael 2018
Radecki Eric 2017
Radecki Hunter 2016
Ricca Philip 2015
Roca Baily 2017
Rosenberg Matthew 2018
Scharkopf Luke 2018
Seery Owen 2015
Smith Derek 2015
Stolba Kyle 2017
Stolba Ryan 2017
Tucker Bryan 2017
Van Houten Jared 2016
Ventre Matt 2016
White James 2018
Wilson Jack 2015
Zamow Matthew 2017

Bautista Samantha 2016
Bell Juliette 2018
Butler Caroline 2017
DeSantis Alexandra 2015
DeSantis Jillian 2016
Gaye Kerry 2015
Greco Hope 2017
Grossman Jamie 2015
Grossman Kerri 2015
Guerra Isabella 2017
Herbert Lorna 2016
Kaleda Elena 2018
Kaufman Charlotte 2015
Kozlowski Lacey 2015
Kozlowski Halle 2915
McKenna Kayla 2016
Modica Morgan 2018
Murray Michelle 2017
Paul Katherine 2016
Perry Cheyenne 2015
Persico Mary 2017
Ricca Liliana 2017
Ruggles Sydney 2017
Shea Kathleen 2015
Spreckles Jennifer 2016
Steinthal Grace 2017
Tichy Madeline 2017
Uresk Kailey 2018
Wax Abigail 2016
Ruffini Gabrielle 2018
Tucker Erin 2018
Zhang Cindy 2016

Monday, August 4
Preseason week schedule

HFXC Pre-Season Practice Schedule UPDATED!!


*These are our mandatory practices that begin August 25th.  You must make sure you are fully cleared for participation by 8/25 Physicals by personal doctors must be received by the school nurse by the end of the school year


For practices at school we will meet outside of the North gym next to the tennis courts

At Sunken Meadow we will meet at the starting line.  Enter the park, go over the bridge and turn into the parking lot on the right.  The starting line is at the beginning of the field next to the parking lot.  If any car enters the park after 8am -- even just to pick up -- you will be charged!


Practice will last 2-2 ½ hours


8/25 – Harborfields High School (HHS) 7:20am

8/26 – Harborfields High School (HHS) 7:20am


8/27 – Sunken Meadow Starting line 7:45am – 9:15am (There will be a fee charged after 8am on weekdays…..Please try and carpool)

8/28– Sunken Meadow Starting line 7:45am –9:15am  (There will be a fee charged after 8am on weekdays  Please try and carpool)

8/29– Harborfields High School (HHS) 7:20am

8/30– Harborfields High School (HHS) 7:20am

9/2– School 6:45am

9/3– practice after school!

 9/4 - Mandatory Team Meeting with Parents and Atheltic Director 7pm

Monday, August 4
Invitational Schedule -- UPDATED!

 Likely invitationals listed below-- please keep these dates free!  You will recieve an official final schedule by 9/5/14 All of our dual meets are on Tuesdays and can be found on www.sectionxi.org under schedules-- times will be decided on Tuesdays when both teams arrive -- 10,11,12th graders will race between 3:45 and 5:00 while Freshman will race at 5:00



9/27 - Suffolk Coaches Invite - Sunken Meadow - All Levels

10/2 (Thursday) - Tom Knipfing  - Fireman's field Ridge - All Levels

*Meets held Thursday due to Yom Kippur Observance --

10/11 - OFF WEEKEND - 3 Day Columbus day weekend -- good weekend for college visits if neccessary! 

10/18 - Brown Invite - Warwick Rhode Island (needs approval and fundraising)

10/21 - Division Championships - Sunken Meadow - Top 14-21

10/31 - State Qualifiers - Sunken Meadow Top 7

11/8 - NY State Championships 

Thursday, August 7
Get Ready!

Just a paperwork process update -- I've gotten a couple of emails from kids that are asking how to get cleared -- make sure this stuff is done by day 1 -- if you are not cleared for 2 days you will not be eligible to run our first meet!  
***GET RUNNING -- CHECK OUT 3 week plan in handouts!
#1 - Pre-participation QUestionairre
#2 - Physical from Doctor
#3 - Interval Health History form -- EVERYONE MUST BRING THIS AGUST 25

#1 and #3 are completed by you and your parent/guardian and are found on the district website under departments then health, phys ed and athletics link:  http://www.harborfieldscsd.net/departments/athletics 

Some of you may have given the Pre-partcipation to the nurse before your physical last year, EVERYONE MUST BRING INTERVAL HELATH HISTORY FORM TO the first day of practice August 25th

The physical is a bit more complicated

#2 -If you did not have a physical done from the school doctor in June then you have to get a physical from your own dr. AND IT MUST BE CLEARED BY OUR OWN DISTRICT DR.... print out student health form and bring to your own doctor for physical.  After you get your own personal physical it must be cleared by the district doctor. You can drop that form from your physical off with the high school nurse Joan Verardo. The problem is that I'm not sure if she is in at all the next few weeks.  You can try, but do not just leave it in her mailbox bc it will delay the process -- you can definietly try on August 18th -- that is the day football starts so she may be there or Mr. Lasinski our trainer will be there somewhere and he may be able to take the paperwork.  If not, bring it on the first day of practice and you will not be cleared to run yet, but should be by the 2nd day.  If you delay though, you will not have enough practices for the first meet.

Monday, August 4
Modified training program in handouts

Added a 3 week plan in the handouts section for those of you that have not been up to date on running -- fresh start -- get it done and come in to preseason ready to go!