Howell Central Little League: Welcome


This website is currently under construction.  Please excuse our appearance.....  

Welcome to the  

Howell Central Little League Website!!


Registration Is Open!!!!!

Season Registration Cost $145

Volunteer Fee $175
(this will be returned when volunteer requirement is met) 

Raffel Tickets $100.00 

Registration Directions 

Click Here For The New Cut Off Ages 

Step 1

Please check the boundry map to make sure you fall within the HCLL boundries.  If you live outside the boundries and your school is within the boundries you will need a School Enrollment Form

Step 2

Click  Register Now 

Click Through The Screens And Fill In The Required Information


Step 3

Authenticate Your Child (please read the description on Player Authenticate Below)


Step 4

Complete Your Registration With The Information Provided from The Player Authenticate Site 


What is Player Authenticate?

Little League requires the local charters to collect birth certificates, medical releases and proof of residences for each player.  In order to safeguard your privacy and identity, HCLL has teamed up with Player Authenticate to perform this service.  Use the Promotional Code HCLL2015 for FREE player authentication registration.



  Do you want to be a Coach?

Anyone who wants to coach MUST be fingerprinted by the state.  Use the link below to start the process.

Instant Verification Inc

Volunteer Form 



Thank You to our Sponsors

Their support is greatly appreciated!



Howell Central Little League Flap Jack Fundraiser 

January 25th


Howell Applebees

Cost $12.00 Per Person