Harper's Choice Challenge: Welcome

HC Challenge 2015 Swim Season

Pep Rally - Friday June 26th
This weeks Pep Rally is Halloween.  Please have children dress up in their favorite costumes.  Bring a bag of candy to hand out to the kids as they trick or treat around the pool.
Donations for this week's pot luck are as follows: Remember this is by last name Main Dishes- N-Z-- examples of main dishes pizza, pasta, chicken, chicken nuggets, sandwiches, hot dogs Sides A-M chips, green salads with dressing, fruit salads or trays, baked beans, pasta salad, bread, rolls 
Orioles Game
The team will be attending the Orioles Game on Tuesday, June 30th against Texas.   Tickets are $10 each. If you are interested in purchasing tickets please see one of the managers at evening practices this week.   You can pay cash or by check for the tickets. 
REGULAR SEASON PRACTICE SCHEDULE- Regular season practices starts the Monday after the last day of School- please make as many practices as you can. There will be no practices on Tuesdays.
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Mornings at Longfellow Pool
8:00 - 8:30 am 8 years old and under
8:30- 9:15 am 9-12 year olds
9:15-10:00 am 13 and older
Monday Evening Practices- Longfellow Pool
5:30-6:00 pm 8 years old and under
6:00-6:30 pm 9-12 year olds
6;30-7:00 pm 13 and older
Wednesday Evening practices- Faulkner Ridge Pool 6:30 -7:00 pm
6:30 - 7:00 pm 8 years old and under
7:00- 7:30 pm 9-12 year olds
7:30-8:00 pm  13 and older
Thursday Evening Practices- Swansfield Pool
7:00 -7:30 pm 8 years old and under
7:30- 8:00 pm 9-12 year olds
8:00-8:30 pm 13 and older Pool

CNSL Order of Events for Meets
Click this link to see the order of events