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Monday, February 6


GPW Nation, it’s time again to start planning for the 2017 Season and we are excited to be offering Spring Flag Football, our 3rd Annual Summer Skills and Conditioning Camp, Fall Football, Cheer and for the first time we will offer Flag Football in the Fall. Registration will be at the YMCA on March 22nd 10AM-2PM, May 20th 12PM-2PM and June 17th 10AM-2PM. Physicals will be available at the March and June Registration and if you are interest in Spring Flag Football you must register at the March Registration.

Please note that we are offering a Payment Plan with payments due at each of the registration dates so if you register in March you can make 3 payments, May registration 2 payments and June you must pay in full. Later registrations after June 17th will be assessed an additional $25 late fee. Payment Plans are for registration fees only and must be secured with a Credit or Debit card.

If anyone still has equipment from last season please contact me to make arrangements to turn them in. Helmets must be reconditioned this year and it’s our largest annual expense so please get in contact with Bart Horton, Mike Andree or Nathan Visak to turn in your football equipment.


***Please see the handouts section for a copy of the latest Board Meeting Minutes and updated registration documents.


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Thursday, February 18
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