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Tuesday, June 21

And it finally arrived!! 

After 15 games (the longest winning-less streak in the History of the Greenwich Pumas), the Pumas won again. And it came on Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to all the Pumas!

And it was against one of the top teams in the State: the Wilton Ancient Warriors, currently placed third in the standings in Division I. 

The Pumas also avenged one of their worst losses in history, when they loss 8-1 in their previous encounter vs Wilton.

It was clear from the start that the Pumas were avid for a win. They started in an unusually energetic way and found themselves 3-0 with only 20 minutes of play! This time, the forwards showed up (with the exception of Greg Martin) and scored. Two maginificent goals by the newest Pumas arrival, Gonzalo Luzuriaga, who ran after a long pass and after a first miss (he hit the goalie with his first shot), he recovered the ball and elegantly placed it above the goalie for the first goal.

The second goal came after a bounce from the goalie which Daniel Otero adeptly recovered and passed to the current top goal scorer for the Pumas, Roberto D'avola, who did not miss and put the 2-0.
Not 10 minutes had passed, when from a corner shot, Gonzalo L. scored again through a maginificent header to put the game 3-0.

The Pumas had several other opportunities that were missed and Wilton (who only had one sub) did not find their way and looked much like the Pumas have looked in theri losses: unmotivated, non-energetic and could not put 2 passes together.

The game heated up in the second half, when Wilton scored an early goal, and after several fouls and 4-5 yellow cards later, Wilton started to string passes together.

But soon enough, after an excellent team play, Roberto scored again to put the score 4-1. Wilton then scored another goal, but with only 2 minutes left it was too little, too late.

This was probably Roberto D'avola's last game with the Pumas given his move to Argentina. The Pumas will definitely miss him as he is the Top Goal Scorer this season with 8 goals. He was also the Top Goal Scorer for the Pumas (over 30) in 2005 with 7 goals.

2 goals and a win for his farewell game...hard to beat that! Congratulations Robert!! 

Tuesday, May 3
Pumas award Championship Trophy to Greenwich Gunners

After the Pumas-Rowayton game, and before the Greenwich Gunners played Wilton Ancient Warriors, the Pumas manager and captain awarded the Greenwich Gunners with their Championship Trophy for winning the FIRST ANNUAL GREENWICH DERBY, which was won by the Gunners and where the Greenwich Pumas was the runner-up.

"In line with tradition, as a runner-up, the Greenwich Pumas are presenting this award to the Gunners, who have earned the title -at least for this year- of Best Team in Greenwich" declared Marco Viola.

There were four teams that participated this year in the tournament: Greenwich Gunners, Greenwich Pumas, Greenwich Arsenal and Greenwich Wolves. Arsenal lost the first game vs the Gunners and the Wolves lost vs the Pumas 7-3. They then met in the finals, where the Gunners went to defeat the Pumas 5-0.

"Many thanks for the kind gesture to present the Gunners with the First Annual Greenwich Derby Trophy. It is truly appreciated, especially coming from the Pumas" declared the Gunners Manager and Captain Lou Constantini. "Let's keep this tradition going".

 The ceremony was a reflection on how the relationship between these two teams has evolved from its original enemy rivalry 10 years ago. "The sports rivalry is still there, but now there is also earned respect and friendship between the teams and the players" said Marco Viola.

A good example from both teams of sportsmanship and the good of soccer...