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2009 Greenville AYSO U-14 Boys Soccer Team
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Greenville Sports for Youth - The #1 Site for the Greenville, Michigan area

Greenville Yellow Jackets


Welcome to the site for Sports for youth within the Greenville and surrounding areas. Check back on the progress of some of the Soccer Leagues and other sports results, including Volleyball, Baseball, Cross-country, Track, Basketball & Wrestling. 


AYSO teams have been formed and Spring 2013 practices and games are on!  Sign-ups for Fall 2013 will be occurring soon, so make certain that you get signed up early if you missed signups for this season.


Cross-Country Past Achievemnts: 

Bailey Parmalee broke the school record for the fastest 5K time, hovering around the 18 minute time.  

The boys are jockeying for position and improving. Three boys, Quintin Callahan, Kyle Reamer and Josh Scott are simultaneously running cross-country and soccer.  One helps the other in that regard. 


Congratulations to the 2012-2013 Greenville Wrestling team for making team state in the quarterfinalcs.  They took first place in districts, regionals and were one of the elite eight at state. 

Congratulations to Alec Ward, Mike Schmidt, Dakota Sherrick & Kyle Reamer for qualifying for state and Alec & Mike for placing in the top 8. 

Wrestling Past Achievements:  

2010-2011 first place in districts, regionals and Runner-up in the finals at state.  

Be certain to continue your training in the off-season.  This includes Track, Running road races on your own, soccer, Xtreme sports or other private training clubs, camps, etc..  St. Johns is a young team, and we need to stay in shape to be formidable competitors once again.  Here is to getting a team state championship next year.

2011 News: 


AYSO Sign-ups are complete and teams have formed.  Please support your team by volunteering to referee games.

2010 News: 


The 2010 Boys J.V. Soccer season has completed with a 14-4-2 record.  The varsity team won the district, but the matchups were not challenging and that was expected.  Regionals they faltered with top-ranked Northview.  Stay tuned for the latest updates regarding the soccer programs in our area, including High School (Boys & Grils) and AYSO. 


2009 News: 

Congratulations to the Greenville AYSO U-14 Boys Soccer team for a respectable fourth place showing in a field of 16 teams in the 2009 Coldwater Section 8 Soccer Tournament.  Details and photos below.  


Final Four Update (June 22, 08:35 A.M.):

Coldwater Penalty kick videos and limited photos are now on-line.  View and/or post your own by following this link .    Also, click on the "Albums" link at the left to view photos as well. 

Sunday was a hot and humid day.  The drinks were flowing non-stop.  The boys played hard under the sun Sunday morning.  We were matched up against an over-powering team from Kentwood.  Last fall, we played a similar Kentwood team in the Allegan tournament, and managed to tie them the first game, but failed to score against them in the championship game.  But, this was a different team this time around.  They added at least two new, rather large-sized boys that did not look Under 14 at all.  Despite all of the hard work from our players, we failed to get the ball on the offensive side of the field often enough.  We managed only two shots on goal, and was able to score on one of them.  We lost 1-7.  Regarding the players that looked too old, we made a formal request to have their birth dates evaluated, and they did manage to produce two "copies" of birth certificates.  The two boys in question were not related, were very good at handling the ball, ended up having the same exact birth date (1-2-1995).  Kind of fishy to me.  I can tell you that they do not look 14 or 15, but rather 16 to 18.  This added strength was too much for our defense to handle.  There was nothing more that we could do after our inquiry.  We had to look forward to the next game.

In the Consolation game, we were matched up with a much more evenly matched team from the Detroit area.  We were ahead 2-0 slightly before half time when we allowed a goal to make it 2-1.  However, late in the fourth period, we allowed them to score against us that tied the game.  With only a few minutes left in regulation time, we had a few more chances to score, but held onto the ball too long only to allow a defender to tackle the ball from us.  I believe that we were the better team, but our mistakes down the stretch allowed our opponent to take the game in the first and only overtime.

Despite the results on Sunday, I commend our team for advancing to Sunday to the Semi-finals.  Out of a field of 16 teams, we were the fourth best, and took home medals to prove it.  Some of our players will move onto High School soccer, while others will return to AYSO to improve their game.  Guys, thank you for allowing coach Rick and I to coach you during the regular and post-season.  It was fun, and when you were asked after we completed the tournament, you stated it was fun as well.  And, if you think about it, that is what the AYSO program is all about, isn't it?  Good luck to you and your future with soccer...the world's most popular sport.

Sincerely, coach Reamer.  

P.S.  Check back here a little later this week for pics and if space warrants it, a video of a free kick by one of our players.  Also, look for a forthcoming article within the Greenville Daily News of our accomplishment. 

Sweet 16 Soccer Update (June 21, 7:43 A.M.):

U14 Boys entered the field amongst 16 other teams. Only 4 teams could advance into Sunday. Guess what? We went undefeated to advance into Sunday in the final four! It was not a push over, and the boys played well the majority of the day. However, the three other teams that also advanced are undefeated as well. We have a big challenge ahead of us, with a guaranteed two-game day. Semi-final game at 10:30 A.M. Sunday.  See many of you there.

Whats Here? 

For Soccer or other sport news, including schedules, information or other news, please click here  .

Visit the bottom of this home page for soccer tournament lodging information for Hotels/Motels and camping accomodations or click here  . 


Please visit the Albums link at the left to see some of the sporting events in action.  You can even add your own album to share. Just please follow these basic guidelines regarding the photos:

1. Try to include photos that are positive in nature.

2. Attempt to include a good representation of all of the kids in your photo albums (not just your own child).

3.  Both boys and girls teams are represented in this site, so try to get pics for both.

4.  Any offensive or questionable materials will result in the entire photo album being removed from this site.  Your album will remain with Shutterfly however, so that you can exclude any objectionable material.

I am sure that with the above rules, that we all can enjoy a historical record of our young athletes.



Thursday, June 11
AYSO Soccer Tournament News

Check back often for news related to the latest on Soccer tournament information.

Schedule is now posted further below...  It is also quickly accessible through this downloadable and printable link ( ).

Practice schedule is as follows (ALL times are 6:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.):

Monday June 8, 2009 - Canceled due to Tornado warning

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 - Worked on communication, wall passes, shooting, moving the ball to the outside and introduced a new corner kick play called "Double Stack".

Thursday, June 11, 2009 - Worked on a new warm-up drill (kind of late in the season, but oh well), triangle drill for passing, trapping and defending.  Will expand the inner triangle next time, for the passers were most always near the triangle.  Also, reviewed three corner kick plays, as we will undoubtably get our chance at them at tournament.

Monday, June 15, 2009 - Open

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 - Open

Thursday, June 18, 2009 - Open


Friday, June 12
2009 Section 8 Coldwater Tournament Schedule Is Now Posted

The list of teams and our schedule is posted below.   We are Team "B03" and our team is highlighted in yellow.  Teams in our bracket are highlighted in green.  If you can make it down the night before, we'll be setting up the big yellow & white big tent.  We'll also be making an effort to watch the game at 6:00 P.M. Friday evening that will host two of the teams we'll be playing Saturday (we'll act as "spys").  As expected, all of these teams are new to us, and we don't have any idea what caliber these teams play at.  Regardless, lets walk into this tournament with confidence that we will do well, and by far...have lots of fun doing it!  -- Sincerely, Coach Reamer

All team members must be at the Creal Soccer Complex at 511 Marshall Road by 6:45 A.M. Saturday morning.  Earlier if you want to help set up Saturday a.m..  Many are camping or lodging Friday night to avoid having to get up early Saturday.  Google Maps states it is a 2 hour 20 minute drive from Greenville, so you should depart Greenville by 4:20 A.M. (Yikes!).  Change your mind about camping Friday night???  The Fairgrounds are offering a $15/night rate for tournament folks for FULL hook-up, and I've included that information on this site.

 2009 S8 U14 Boys Tournament Teams (16 of them) & Game Schedule 

U14 Boy's Division Overall Teams (lets keep an eye on the teams in green)


1 U14B01 G 283 Flushing Raiders Harold Whitcomb / Mike Boldt
1 U14B07 C 448 Cougars F.C. Bob Saelens / Cindy Richards
1 U14B10 D 1289 Dr. Christopher Carl Cartwright
1 U14B15 C 158 Green Thunder Christopher Orlando / Laura Nicol
2 U14B03 A 1471 Greenville Purple Clint Reamer / Rick Roy
2 U14B09 D 862 Ovid-Elsie Mauraders Jeremy Charvat
2 U14B14 E 1197 TR Riot Tim Gendron / Kaye Sanders
2 U14B16 C 158 Orange Menace Don Braspennincky
3 U14B02 C 158 Navy Blue Shirts Doug Damm / James VanWambeke
3 U14B05 C 708 CL United Michael O'Guin / Bob Harris
3 U14B08 C 673 River Soccer Ted Whittlesey
3 U14B12 J 767 Bulldogs Jim Hagene / Mike Stibrch
4 U14B04 D 1278 Imlay City- New Castle Terry Darnell / Nathan Janney
4 U14B06 C 158 Hawks Craig Lipscomb
4 U14B11 F 771 Eagles Teresa M Crook / John Princing
4 U14B13 D 610 BTN Chris Plensdorf / Jeff Kaiser

 All preliminary games will be played at Site #1 Creal Soccer Complex 

Friday, June 12
 18:00 2 B13 v B04
 18:00 3 B14 v B09
 18:00 6 EMPTY
 19:15 2 B05 v B12
 19:15 3 B15 v B10
 19:15 6 EMPTY
08:00 2 B01v B07
08:00 3 B16 v B03
09:15 2 B02 v B08
09:15 3 B11 v B06
09:15 6 EMPTY
10:30 2 B10 v B01
10:30 3 B09 v B16
12:00 2 B12 v B02
12:00 3 B04 v B11
12:00 4 B03 v B14
13:30   LUNCH
14:00 2 B07 v B15
14:00 3 B06 v B13
15:15 2 B08 v B05
15:15 3 B09 v B03
16:30 2 B15 v B01
16:30 3 B10 v B07
16:30 4 B16 v B14
18:00 2 B05 v B02
18:00 3 B04 v B06
18:00 6 EMPTY
19:15 2 B12 v B08
19:15 3 B13 v B11
19:15 6 EMPTY
15:00 SITE #1 FINALS

Only one top team in each bracket advances, so we have to try our best at each match-up. 


Thursday, June 11
Coldwater Tournament Information

See for all the information you'll need regarding the Coldwater Section 8 Tournament (not team specific information).

Greenville Area
Greenville Area
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