Gloucester High School Football: GHS Football

team with sign

The primary role of the Gloucester High School Football Program is to be a co-curricular experience for every young man that participates. We believe the lessons learned through a well directed football program can be as valuable as those learned in academic settings. Hopefully, these lessons learned on the football field will help our players be more successful in other areas of their lives. 


Our mission is to take the student-athlete where he can not take himself. As coaches, we will be supportive and active in promoting academic and athletic achievement. We will exhibit an exemplary foundation of leadership and mentor our players to pursue the "habits of a champion."   The foundation of these habits is a positive attitude towards teammates, coaches, officials and opponents.

Our staff is pleased to have the privilege of working with today's youth. We are thankful to the parents who entrust us with their son(s), and we recognize the huge responsibility we have. Accordingly, our goal is to develop your son as a football player and as a responsible young person.

The Gloucester Football Program will stress that the process is more important than the result. That process is based on the principals of diligent preparation, hard work and doing one’s best.   When these three are developed you will be a winner, no matter what.

Finally, this football program depends on the effort of parents for its success. All parents can do something to help. The work each parent puts in will benefit numerous individuals now and in the future. We all are investing in tomorrow's leaders and families.


The second most important team at Gloucester. All young players, upon their arrival immediately begin to learn the fundamentals of the game, our system of play, self discipline, and responsibility.  The philosophy of the freshman program is to develop the basic fundamentals of football and the team concept. Players are required to be a student first and then a football player.  


The next level in the Gloucester Football program is the junior varsity team.  The junior varsity practices with the varsity players, which aids in their development as football players.  The philosophy at this level is to maximize playing time in the JV games, while learning the system and improving football fundamentals.  We have been fortunate that many of our JV's have been able to participate in varsity games as well. 


At the varsity level the objective is to produce, each year, a competitive football team.  To accomplish this, we strive to put our best student athletes on the field while requiring a high level of character.  

Gloucester High School Fight Song


Come, cadets and maidens come;
Wave your flags, and roll your drum
Hearty cheers renew
Sing the praise of Gloucester High
Every honor, glorify, And
ever serve her true.


Wake the echoes let them fly,
Fly o'er land and lea;
Gloucester, Gloucester every time,
Gloucester by the sea

Hear us shout, and hear us cry!
Out to win with "Do or die",
For our slogan every.
Battle o'er and duty done
School upheld and victory won,
We are cowards never


Bravely we'll fulfill our trust,
Win we will for win we must, For
honors sake contendingly;
Gloucester High shall never fall,
Quick we'll answer to her call,
still her fame defending.