GHSbasketball: Links

Hakeen Olaijuwon
Hakeem on learning his moves and the importance of studying the game.

Ray Allen Shooting Form
Ray Allen and Gilbert Arena talk shooting.

Kobe Bryant Perimeter Attack
Building up your perimeter game piece by piece.

Ray Allen Shooting Drills

Shot Blocking

Peninsula Pulse Article on Dave Voskuil
Article about former Gibraltar star Dave Voskuil.

Unbeatable: the 1968-69 Vikings
A look at the undefeated Vikings of 1968-69.

Advocate Article About return of Undefeated Team

Revisiting Vikes Greatest Year

Scott Venci's Countdown: Vikings Closing In
Venci talks about Vikings overcoming "culture of losing."

Hakeem's Top 10
Hakeem Olaijuwon's top 10 plays.

Another Dream Shake

Charles Barkley Highlights
In case you never saw him before he was a fat announcer.