G-Force Volleyball Club: Select HS PreTryouts (PTO)

Tuesday, July 31
Select HS. PreTryOuts (PTO)

Please check back next season 2013 for these PTO's.  Cancelled for this season.

Players please enter by KML's main office doors.  Look for the nets that are set-up in the gym.  The gym is located straight back and to your right from the main office doors.

Seeking Elite JV or Varsity girl's high school players for the 2011-2012 school year!   

Help increase your chance of making your volleyball high school team, along with improving your vb skills so sign up today!  Read below for more information! 

ALL ABOUT High School PreTry Outs (PTO): Something new for varsity or elite JV girls'.  Aug. 08., Mon. - Thurs., Aug. 11. G-Force Select (pre-tryouts) for your high school player(s) or team(s). We are looking for volleyball players who want to be challenged as well as those who want to fine tune their volleyball skills prior to their high school tryouts. Our coaches will tweak and offer advice on how you might be able to take the place of a player on your team who thinks they already have their position locked in without doing anything extra this summer. Please remember we will only have 12 plus hours to work with you, but in reality, our coaches will also be able to fine tune your volleyball skills the week before your tryouts. Our goal is for you to make your high school team either at the JV level or Varsity level.  This will be first come, first serve.  Positions will be posted way below on who has been registered.  If you might be interested in this PLEASE send us an email with the high school you will be attending along with your fall grade and your #1 position you will be trying out for.  Please send us last year's high school level you played at, ie...Freshman, Soph., Junior, etc.  www.gforcevb@yahoo.com Thanks! 

See below for the registration form or one can be emailed to you upon your request. 

We will only have 8 to 9 players per side of the net.  We will have up to four nets available if needed.  

Players who have paid.  Dated: 07/23/11

Setters 3   Can take up to 8 players or so.

Middles 3  Can take up to 8 players or so. 

Leftside hitters3  Can take up to 8 players or so.

Rightside hitters3  Can take up to 8 players or so.

Liberos/DS's3  Can take up to 8 players or so.

We will also contact your high school coach(s) (if you would like) for them to come watch this volleyball training.  They will not be allowed to speak with you about your volleyball if they decide to come visit us.

WHEN: Monday-Thurs, August 8 - 11.  

TIMES:  Mon., Tues., & Wed. 12:30p. - 3:30p.; Thurs. 9a. - 12p. 

PRACTICE SCHEDLE (Tentative): Mon. - Weds.: 5 - 10 minutes warm-up, ball contol, 15 - 45 minutes drills to improve skills, 30 - 45 minutes positional skills, one on one instruction if needed, 15 - 30 min. error correction(s), 30 - 45 minutes teams playing against each other.  Thurs.: warm-up, teams playing each other, queen of court, etc...  Lots of playing, split teams up, etc...  We can't put down everything.......due to others often use our ideals, etc..  We will also have some classroom instruction if needed, etc...  Plenty of other things we will cover in this 12 plus hours of training prior to your week of tryouts.  Doors open 20 - 30 minutes prior to practice.  Note: The above is subject to change.  

LOCATION:  Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School in Jackson, WI.   For directions and addresses, click on our "Locations" tab. 

FEES: $90 for 12 plus hours of instruction.   Please make checks payable to: G-Force VBC or Tim Janzen.  First come first serve!  Your deposited check will be your confirmation.  No Refunds unless someone replaces you. 

FEES ALSO INCLUDE: In addition to invaluable instruction, every participant will receive a new t-shirt and excellent coaching for a very affordable price. 

COACHES: Our coaching staff has many years of playing experience at a very high level as well as coaching all levels of volleyball. They have taught teams that have won conference as well as many club volleyball tournaments.  Other coaches who run similar programs do not have this type of coaching experience.  More coaches will be added if needed.  Over 35 years of coaching experience at all levels!    
ANY QUESTIONS?:   Please email Tim Janzen/G-Force at: gforcevb@yahoo.com  

REGISTRATION/WAIVER  FORM: Cut and paste the form below.  Simply print and complete.  Thank you!


2011 G-Force VBC HS. PreTryOuts (PTO) for August 8, 9, 10, & 11

  Instruction will be held in Jackson at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School.  Fee only $90.
G-Force PTO Registration & Waiver Form
Player’s name: __________________________________________Current age: ______ Fall School Grade: _______
Address: ___________________________________________ City: _________________________ Zip: _________
Parent’s name: ___________________________ Home #: (____)_______________Cell #: (____)_______________
Emergency contact name:_____________________________ Emergency contact phone #: (____)_______________
Doctor’s Name & Phone: __________________________ Primary Ins. Comp. for participant:___________________
Policy #: _________________ Medical Conditions?  _________________ Recent Injuries/Limitations: _____________________________________________________________
Parent E-mail address (required): ____________________ Player E-mail address (optional): ____________________________
Please circle the position(s) player will be trying out for in high school: Setter, Middle hitter, Left-side hitter,
            Right-side hitter, DS &/or Libero.
2010–11 Club Team Name & position played: ____________________________________________
2010 High School & level played: ______________________________________________________
Please circle your preferred T-Shirt size: Adult  S  M  L  XL;   Youth  S,  M,  L
G-Force Waiver for 2011 HS. PreTryOuts (PTO) Program (Please read and sign below):
I give my child (children) permission to participate in the G-Force PTO’s at Kettle Moraine Lutheran HS. or Living Word HS. in Jackson, WI. By signing this form I agree to the following terms and conditions: I am fully aware that participating in these volleyball sessions and camps can be dangerous and that minor or major injuries can occur. I accept the possibility of general risk & also the risk of catastrophic injury, paralysis, & even death.
I, my executors, or other representatives recognize the risks involved in the sport of volleyball do hereby waive and release all rights and claims for damages that my child or I may have against G-Force Volleyball Club, Tim Janzen, it’s coaching staff, Kettle Moraine Lutheran HS or Living Word HS., it’s owners, administrators and staff if hurt as a result of participating in and or observing in these volleyball sessions and camps.
I certify the participant has full medical insurance with the company listed above and is a current and active member. I also certify to the best of my knowledge that the participant named heron is physically fit to engage in the activities described. Any limitations should be written and given to the volleyball coaches.
If, during the course of the activities, my child (children) should become ill or sustain an injury, I hereby authorize you to obtain emergency medical/dental care. The participant/legal parent or guardian will assume full financial responsibility for the bills incurred. A waiver must be signed and be completely filled out prior to anyone participating in this instruction.
Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________________  Date: _______________
Player/Participant Signature: ____________________________________    Date: _______________
Fees: The cost is $90.00.  You must pay in full prior to Monday August 8th.  Checks payable to: G-Force VBC or Tim Janzen. Please mail to: G-Force VBC, 6010 West Port Ave., Milwaukee WI 53223.  No refunds unless another player registers for your playing position.  
For additional information:  Visit  the G-Force website www.eteamz.com/gforcevb and  look at the web page called Select HS. PreTryOuts (PTO).  If you have questions,  please e-mail: gforcevb@yahoo.com &/or call 1.262.391.3335 during the week after 8p. or anytime on the weekends.  Looking forward to helping all our players’ to reach their highest goals! 

Thank you!  G-Force works for you!