G-Force Volleyball Club: Club Dues

Club Fees & Amenities 2015-2016 Club Season

G-Force 2015-16 Club Dues (See below for details and additions **) Our club dues have slightly increased this club season.

Team Name  1st Payment (Due on or before Dec. 1 or by your first practice OR as soon as you can make your payment.)  Thanks! 2nd Payment  (Due on or before Feb. 2)  Total Amount **
 17's  $500 for Non Select, $600 for Select

$500 or $600 

$1,000 or $1,200 
 16's Select  $600  $600  $1,200 
 16's Green  NA  NA  NA
 15's Select  $600  $600  $1,200 
 15's Green  $500  $500  $1,000
 14's Select  $600  $600  $1,200 
 14's Green  $500  $500  $1,000
 13's Select  $600  $600  $1,200 
 13's Green TBD NA  NA  NA 
 12-1's  $500  $500  $1,000
 12's Green  NA  NA  NA
 11-1's  $375  $375  $750

 1st Payment of Club Dues:  

The first payment of club fees are due by Dec. 01 OR as soon as you accept your offer to play for any G-Force team or at your first practiceTo avoid a late fee please pay by Dec. 10. You can bring your check to any practice and give it to your Head coach, or Tim Janzen. 1st. payment due is:  $375 for 11's ($750 total), $500 ($1,000 total) for non-Select players and $600 ($1,200 total) for Select players.  You may also pay in full if you wish.  Please include on the memo line of the check your daughter's first name and team name.  You can also mail the payment to:  G-Force VBC, 6010 W. Port Ave., Milw., WI  53223 Thanks!     


Please submit your 1st. payment once you have accepted your offer to play for a G-Force team or your first practice or anytime prior to Dec. 01, parent/player gathering OR mail your payment (check or money order) to: G-Force VBC, 6010 W. Port Ave., Milwaukee, WI  53223.   Please write your daughter's name along with her team name on the memo section of the check/money order.  Thank you!

To avoid incurring a late fee, please pay on time OR make payment arrangements with Tim Janzen in person!    

G-Force VBC is a non-profit organization. Fund-raising programs will be optional to help off-set the costs of the club dues. The club dues are $750 for 11's/10's team, $1,000 for non-select members ages 12's to 16's (not for Select players) for the entire season with NO hidden costs. All members will include two jerseys, a hooded sweatshirt, or liner jacket, a practice t-shirt, gym rental fees, coach's stipend, Coach's training, equipment costs, in-state tournament fees and administration costs. The 11's team will be guaranteed six to seven one day tournaments. Non-Select teams are guaranteed 10 (one-day) tournaments for the season paid by G-Force VBC/club dues. Select teams are guaranteed 13 (one-day) tournaments. Two-day tournaments could count as two or even three tournaments depending upon the total cost, ie., Badger Championships cost about $375.00 for a two-day tournament. On an average a one-day v-ball tournament costs around $175.00. Any tournaments after ten ( one play date ) could be an additional costs. Anything paid for by G-Force VBC after the ten one-day tournaments would be a bonus. This season G-Force will be offering Select teams currently at the 13's 14's, 15's & 16's age groups. The club dues for Select teams will be $1,200 for the season and would include the above, in addition, have 1 paid out-of-state qualifier & up to ten (one-day tournaments = 13 one day play dates) an extra jersey, extra practices, and longer practices at times. If the Select teams or any G-Force team would like to participate in more tournaments the parent/players would have to pay extra for this. This would be an added costs. The Select teams would also play a more challenging tournament schedule and play up one age group or two during the season. G-Force tries to keep the costs down whenever possible.  **Extra expenses for any G-Force team could involve any out-of-state tournaments, overnight hotel costs/meals, coaches hotel and food expenses for any out-of-state tournaments. Depending upon the strength of our teams, we could attend a qualifier (Select teams could be attending two qualifiers; one in-state & one out of state) and win a bid, and/or perhaps accept a relocation bid to participate at nationals.  **Note: Any G-Force team going to nationals ( USAV or AAU ) would have to help pay for all of this. Once the regular club season is over this is where the club dues end. Going to Nationals or AAU would be an extended season with extra costs. It is expected that every team member will participate going to Nationals or AAU if they qualify or accept a bid or want to register. ***Note: Any G-Force team that wishes to attend the in-state qualifer &/or wins or accepts a qualifier bid, G-Force must receive a check by every player/parent of this G-Force team in the amount of $200 prior to this tournament taking place. This would help cover the tournament entry and some extra practices. *** More expenses could be added. This would include; tournament entry fee, extra warm-up tournament(s), extra practices, traveling expenses which could be air, coach or train expenses, coaches fees & expenses, & admin. costs, etc. The club dues will be paid in two payments this season. One payment of $375 for 11's, $500.00 for Non-select players or $600.00 for Select players (AS SOON AS YOUR DAUGHTER MAKES ONE OF OUR TEAMS) or as soon as you accept your offer OR bring your check to the uniform/jersey sizing during the first week of Dec. The date will be posted soon. You can mail the check to: G-Force VBC, 6010 W. Port Ave., Milwaukee, WI  53223. The remainder of the club dues is on Feb. 02 of 2014. $375 for 11's, $500.00 for non-Select players, and $600.00 for Select players.  You can also pay your club dues in full if you wish or as soon as you can.  G-Force works for you!  Thanks!!! 

***To avoid incurring a late fee, and/or less playing time (for any player) at tournaments please pay on time OR make payment arrangements with Tim Janzen in person or email or with a call.  Any bad written checks you will be assesst the finance charges we incur. Any questions with any of this please email us:  www.gforcevb@yahoo.com  

Note: Any player who has not yet paid their club dues in full or have not made payment arrangements with Tim Janzen will NOT be allowed to participate/play in any tournaments.  (Players can still attend all tournaments & all practices.) Club dues/fees are past due. THANK YOU to the vast majority who are current with their club dues!