G-Force Volleyball Club: Coaches Bios

Tuesday, August 11
2014 - 15 G-Force Coaches Bios

Welcome to our 2015-16 G-Force Coaches Bios where you'll discover we have over 130 years of coaching experience! WOW! Our coaches lead teams (club and high school levels) to victory!  For example; Two season ago our G-Force 16's Select took 2nd. place at Nationals (USAV) and three seasons previous our G-Force 15's Select team WON the Minn. qualifier. The year before this our G-Force 14's Select 2012 team won Badger Championships. The Harrods (retired) lead Germantown HS. to another conference championsip in 2012 for three years in a row to win the North Shore Conference title. They are now retired from coaching for Germantown HS. teams for the 2013 season. It is hard to replace legends like the Harrods for coaching volleyball at Germantown HS.  Thanks for taking the time to read this valuable information. G-Force is always looking for new coaches. If you think you might like to become a volleyball coach some day and have what it takes (time, patience, coaching/teaching skills, dedication, passion and love of the sport) please send us your cover letter and resume. Thanks!  G-Force Works For You!         

G-Force 14's Select Head Coach Kevin Hedinger, Asst. Club Director of G-Force VBC  -   Current St. Mary's Head Volleyball coach for 5th. grade.  Volleyball coordinator at St. Boniface in Germantown, 1 year 14's Green Head Coach, 2 years as G-Force 13-2's or Green head coach (2010), G-Force Butterflies coach, 4 years as middle school girls volleyball coach, 3 years as middle school boys volleyball coach, 5 years as middle school girls basketball coach.  I really enjoy coaching youth sports, developing the players skills to give them a strong base to build on for the future, and teaching them the game of volleyball.  My approach is to create a positive, fun environment that allows the players to develop within a team.  Smiling and having fun are expected from all players as well as winning!  I believe that if you provide young players with this type of environment and expect a positive attitude, they are able to achieve more than they think is possible. A few words from Tim Janzen the G-Force CEO/President.  Coach Kevin did an outstanding job last season with the G-Force 13's Select team and his team had a lot of success.  They played up many times to play better competition. Kevin has asked to move up and be the 14's Select coach this season.  With Kevin's understanding of the game of volleyball and how he teaches his players gives his players and teams the ability to keep improving and to win matches.  Kevin has two daughters that also played volleyball for G-Force.  G-Force VBC is very happy to have Kevin on our coaching staff!  Thanks Kevin!  

G-Force 13's Select Head Coaches Diane & Bill Harrod - Where do I begin? - They have been coaching middle school & high school varsity volleyball and all levels, as well as, club volleyball for many years!  They both have won numerous awards such as: conference volleyball titles, club volleyball tournaments, WIAA championship, runner-up, WIAA state playoffs, coaches of the year award, Badger Region award winner for best husband/wife volleyball coaching.  Previous G-Force VBC club founders. A few words from Tim Janzen the G-Force CEO/President.  I could write pages of what these two have accomplished in the volleyball world and their winning volleyball match records, but they have requested me to keep this short and sweet - so I will try! Diane and Bill Harrod will always be welcomed to coach for G-Force VBC!  If your children are lucky enough to have had them as their volleyball coaches, they have been blessed!  I hope they can continue to coach volleyball as long as they would like! I hope I kept this short! I could say a lot more, but they are still my bosses indirectly!  Thanks Diane and Bill!!! I am forever grateful to both of you!!!  Keep coaching & keep winning!!!!!        

G-Force 14's Green  Head Coach John Ognenoff- Former G-Force Head coach & Asst. coach for four years.  Coached for other club volleyball teams. Over 26 years of coaching volleyball experience!  All three of of his daughters (Betsy, Caitlin & Jenna) in previous years played for G-Force VBC.  I coached girls and boys at the high school level (Shorewood) for 3 years.  I assisted at UWM for one season.  I coached grade school VB for boys and girls for 15+ years (grades 5 - 8) winning 5 city conference titles (2 boys and 3 girls).  A few words from Tim Janzen the G-Force CEO/President..  We are very happy that Coach John is back coaching for G-Force.  He brings a lot of coaching experience, passion, relates well to all of his former volleyball players and back in the day an excellent volleyball player & still plays today.  Three of his daughters played for G-Force and had a very positive time.  With new clubs and club teams forming we thought this would be a win-win situation bringing John back to G-Force and since all of his children are grown-up and out of the house.  We at G-Force are very excited to have John back with us coaching.  Thanks John!   

G-Force 15's Select  Head Coach Gillian Clark -  Former G-Force club player for 7 years, high school varsity player for 3 years, G-Force coach and Summer Sand coach the last seven years, college player where she was named mvp and awarded the sportsmanship award as a freshman and also was all region all conference and all american her freshman year as well as nationally ranked as the #1 hitter in the nation, and received all tournament team 8 times while she played.  She has coached one year of JV high school volleyball.  A few words from Tim Janzen the G-Force CEO/President..     Coach Gillian with her strong background of playing volleyball and the love of the game she brings to coaching is a great asset to us at G-Force.  She brings a lot of positive energy into all of her practices and at tournaments.  Coach Gillian will make her players the best volleyball players she can.  G-Force is very happy to have her on our coaching staff.  Thanks Gillian!       

G-Force 16's Select  Head Coach Brett Volk -  Coach Volk has coached for G-Force the last four years. He has also worked the G-Force Summer Sand the last three years.  His teams are always competitive and the players really enjoy playing for him.  More info. will soon be added.    

G-Force 11-1's Co-Head Coach Jeff Warden. I have been coaching youth volleyball for over 10 years at  St.Anthony's in Menomonee Falls. I have been the head coach for both boys and girls in grades 5th through 8th at both A and B levels in the Milwaukee Metro League.  I really enjoy hearing from players that have gone on to play H.S. volleyball and how they are doing. G-Force has been a big part of our family over the past 9 years.  Both of our daughters (Rebecca and Rachael) played for G-Force from 14s through 18s. Rebecca has also started coaching with G-Force summer sand and currently she is an assistant coach for G-Force 15’s Select team the past few seasons.  I also have 6 years of experience as a head coach with G-Force.  I have coached ages 14 through 18. I am currently coaching a 5th grade boys team with my wife Susan. I'm really looking forward to coaching again this year with G-Force and helping all my players improve upon their current volleyball skills.  Coaching youth children is a joy especially when they finally display the proper skill(s) that I am teaching.  They smile and are happy because of their new success.  I will challenge them often so then they will continue to improve upon their volleyball skills for the whole entire club season.  Then hopefully they will attend the G-Force 9 week Summer Sand Instructional program which starts in June.  A Few words from Tim Janzen/CEO President of G-Force VBC. Coach Wardon and his wife Susan bring a lot of volleyball coaching experience for youth volleyball players.  They are always willing too do those little extra things to keep their players improving upon their current volleyball skills.  They both communicate very well with all of their players and parents.   We are very happy to have both Jeff & Susan Warden back coaching at G-Force VBC!  

CEO/President of G-Force VBC & 12-1's Head Coach Tim Janzen I need to thank a few people who believed in me and gave me my start in volleyball.  My sister Tami (Phy Ed. teacher at Badger MS.) who allowed me to help her practice with her volleyball team years ago. John and Marilyn Lynch who hired me to ref volleyball matches and then passed my name to the Harrods. Diane & Bill Harrod who hired me to coach club volleyball and eventually gave me their volleyball club called G-Force VBC!  It would be a mistake not to mention how I started to play volleyball. It was over thirty years ago when I was the King of "jungle" volleyball.  I was the best at throwing, double contacts, spinning, kicking the volleyball and running into the net at the opposing player(s), etc...  In a few words....I knew nothing about playing volleyball until I met Dave and Rob Biskobing.  I then started to play doubles or two against two.  I was terrible! When my skills started to improve Dave B. picked me up as his doubles' partner.  For some of you that knew Dave he was only 5'- 6", great hands, great jumper and blocker, very fast and his passes were always on target and a very smart player. He was the best!  Due to his tragic death I will always think about him while playing and coaching volleyball! I still remember the outdoor volleyball doubles' game when we were down 0 - 14 (side-out scoring) and we came back to win 16 - 14.  Dave carried me!  I have coached volleyball at all levels and age groups and my teams have won conferences & many tournaments. I coached three different conference championships at three different high schools. Currently, I am retired from coaching middle school & high school volleyball.....but if the right job would come along I would consider coming out of retirement.  I love the coaching aspect and seeing my players and overall team(s) improving throughout the season.  I have mellowed a little bit over the years, but my teams that I coach are always competitive and this, in part, why I dedicate so much of my time and life running G-Force VBC.  I have played with and against some of the best volleyball players in the world:  Karch Kiraly, Missy May-Treanor, Kerri Walsch, and Pat Powers all of whom have won Gold Olympic medals.  I have assisted Pat Powers two years in his yearly camp in Wisconsin.  I have attended numerous volleyball camps hosted by Women's Head Coach Pete Waite from UWM-Madison as well as local colleges.  The best thing about volleyball is you can never stop learning something new.  When the day comes in which I no longer have the drive, passion, desire, and the love for teaching volleyball, I will retire and let someone else run G-Force VBC.  Whoever has been involved with G-Force VBC (past, present and future) I thank-you for being part of the G-Force family!  Without you, G-Force would not exist! Thanks to you all!!! God Bless!  
Coaches Biography Info.: G-Force is starting to add info. about our "Coaches Bio" web page.  Please review this page and you will see what the G-Force Coaching staff has to offer our club players and parents.   Anyone looking to be a Head Coach or an Asst. coach for G-Force VBC please call Tim Janzen at 1.262.391.3335.   Note: Asst. coaches could also be High School seniors.