G-Force Volleyball Club: Tune-ups V-Ball

Sunday, November 8
Volleyball Tune-ups VB 2015

G-Force VBC Player Tune-ups. Come one come all!  Bring a friend or two!  Please scroll down the page to see the dates & times for the volleyball tune-ups.  Also if you were a member of the Badger Region last season, your membership is good/current until Oct. 31. 

Tune-ups Registration/Waiver Form, click here:  http://www.eteamz.com/Gforcevb/files/Registration_form_volleyball_tune-ups[1].pdf

 Concussion Information Parent/Athlete Agreement Signature Sheet:


Aways check this webpage prior to leaving to make sure no changes have been made to the schedule. Once again you can bring along a friend or two. More times and locations will be posted so please continue to check back. KML = Kettle Moraine Lutheran HS. Registration/Waiver forms for tune-ups will be available & should be filled out & signed or we will have blank copies at the sign-in table. This wiaver form is good for all the tune-ups. You only need to fill it out one time. Note: These tune-ups are open to any boys or girls trying out for any volleyball club. You will be coached by our excellent G-Force coaching staff. You will be able to obtain a certain advantage over players who do not attend our tune-ups because you will be (have less of a learning curve) taught some of the same drills and skills we run in our G-Force tryouts. In addition, our coaching staff can tweak and make any corrections or adjusments in your volleyball techniques for personal improvements. You also might get some one on one coaching. Where at tryouts these are used for evaluation purposes and making offers to form our volleyball teams. We will also have some insightful volleyball handouts available at the sign-in table. If you have any questions please ask one of our G-Force coaches. Our goal is for everyone to be ready and prepared for their volleyball tryouts. If you need a copy of the wavier form please email us at gforcevb@yahoo.com and one will be sent to you. G-Force Works For YOU!       

Please check these dates and times for any changes prior to attending. Usually the second or last session has less players. Some players do two sessions in a row. We can cut you a deal!



Head Coaches:  Asst. coaches not listed.  FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.  Please keep checking back to see if anything has been added or changed.  Thanks!

Locations: Kettle Moraine Luth. = KML  Costs per  session, courts, Tune-up ages 14 and up: Girls or boys.
Sat. & Sun. Nov. 7 & 8 4:45p. - 6:45p. & 7p. - 9p.   TWO SESSIONS KML, $15.00 per session. 2 sessions. 
Mon. Nov. 09 7:45p. - 9:45p.   KML, $15.00 
Tues. Nov. 10

8p. & 10p. 


  KML, $15.00 
Wed.,Nov. 11 

7:45p - 9:45p.  

Thanks for attending our Tune-ups!

KML, $15.00 per session. 
  Club Tryouts 15's & older ages posted. PLEASE VIEW "TRYOUTS 2015"s ON G-FORCE WEB PAGE. THANKS! Tryout times will be posted the middle of Sept. 2015 for U14's teams and under. Thanks for your patience!!! Any questions please email us @ www.gforcevb@yahoo.com  Call 262.391.3335 after 8p. during the week or anytime after this.  Thanks! 
































Facility Abbreviation Key:

(KML) is Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School in Jackson (3399 Division Rd.Jackson, WI 53037)

(LW) is Living Word Lutrheran HS. ( 2230 Living Word Lane
Jackson, WI 53037)

DEAR PLAYERS & PARENTS: If you are receiving ongoing & unwanted communication (texts, voicemails, phone calls, emails, facebook messages, etc...) from any club, club director, and/or coach, please contact them informing him/her to no longer contact you and your child in any manner concerning their club. If they disregard your directive yet continue to contact/hassle you, then please alert the Badger Region Office at 414.507.1124. Once you tell them to stop all communications, they need to stop contacting with you and your child. Any questions, please email me at gforcevb@yahoo.com and/or contact the Badger Region at 414.507.1124 and speak to Jen. Thanks!

Thank-you for choosing to attend our tune-ups & trying out for G-Force VBC  & welcome to the G-Force Volleyball Family!  Moreover, thanks to the many outstanding players & loyal families who tried out for G-Force VBC.  We’re happy you participated & appreciate the many compliments we received about our well-run volleyball tune-ups & tryouts.  We're looking forward to another winning season and if you're playing elsewhere, good luck and we hope you will consider us again next season!  Any questions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all who will be attending our G-Force Tune-ups!  Thanks for your patronage!!!  Best of luck during your tryouts this season.  Please also remember that G-Force VBC offers Summer Sand volleyball now at two locations (Richfield & Franklin area) along with a great coaching staff!  Information has been posted on the G-Force website under "Summer VB Sessions".