G-Force Volleyball Club: Summer Sand VB Sessions

Sunday, April 17
G-Force 9 Week Summer Sand Instructional Volleyball Sessions 2016

2016 Summer Sand (9 weeks) Summer Sand Instructional Volleyball Program for youth (female and male; all levels) ages 8 to 17 from June 13 - August 11.


Highlights: 1. Our prices have stayed the same the last two summers. 2. Any v-ball player from any club and any non-club v-ball players are invited and encouraged to attend!!! 3. Registration is easy and fast! 4. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL & SAVE $25 JUST BY REGISTERING & PAYING BY May 01, 2016.  

Make up session(s) permitted. TBA from either site. You just show up.  No need to contact us. 

Sharpen your vb skills over the summer and register for SUMMER SAND INSTRUCTIONAL VOLLEYBALL!  Our popular 9 week program has 24 sessions to chose from starting on Mon., June 13 and concluding on Thurs., August 11. See way below for session times & days.  Register today!  Why wait?  Scroll down and obtain our registration form today!  You can still register and mail in your Summer Sand registration form/check to secure your spot and mail in your new USAV memberships card at a later date when it becomes available in late April or early May.  Some sessions could fill-up fast, so please don't wait.    ***    
What G-Force Summer Sand Instructional Volleyball Sessions offer unlike other sand or indoor camps/sessions. 1.) Excellent adult coaching vs. being taught by high school (helpers) players. 2.) 9 weeks (NOT 5 to 7 week programs with less time or hours by other groups and a much higher the $costs$), twice a week for 4 plus hours vs. 3 to 5 day camp which might costs a lot more money and give a lot less hours to improve upon your volleyball skills. 3.) A volleyball & t-shirt given to every player, along with evaluations & many volleyball handouts. 4.) 8 - 10 players (maximum) per 1 adult coach. 5.)  Players are allowed to make-up missed session(s) at any location/time/day for NO EXTRA FEE!  6.) No more than 14 to 16 players on a court and no players on the sidelines waiting to use the court! 7.) Many more touches on a volleyball at 36 plus hours of court-time vs. a few days of a summer camp or a 5 to 7 week program. 8.) 1 on 1 coaching at times, when needed. 9.) Private lessons available from any Site Director Coach. Please just ask them. 10.) Great value and service for your money. Try it...you'll like it! We could list more...but we think you can understand the value and service you are going to receive attending the G-Force Summer Sand Instructional Volleyball Sessions. We thank-you ALL for your patronage. Any questions, please email us at gforcevb@yahoo.com.  If you know anyone that might be interested in this awesome program please let them know and/or have them contact usThanks!   

SESSIONS: Mon./Wed., or Tues/Thurs., 8:15a. - 10:15a. = sessions 1,2,3 or 13,14,15. 10:30a. - 12:30p. = sessions 4,5,6 or 16,17,18. Please scroll way below for specific levels/sessions.    

 LOCATIONS:  G-Force VBC proudly announces our two locations for 2015 are at Loggers Park Sport Complex in Richfield and Konkel Park in Greenfield/Franklin areaLoggers Park is located a few minutes from Hwy. 45. around the Men. Falls, Slinger, Jackson, Hartford, and Germantown areas. Konkel Park is located in the Greenfield, Franklin, South Milwaukee areas.  For directions and addresses, click on our "Locations" tab. 

FEES: $275 per 9 week session.  (Early bird special subtract $25 if postmarked on or before May 01.) Please make checks payable to: G-Force VBC. Full payment is requested on or before JUNE 11th along with the registration form & a copy of your USAV/Badger Region membership card. You can still sign-up until June 25th.   Your cancelled/cleared check is your confirmation.   Note:  To 100% guarantee your spot or session you need to be paid in full.  

FEES ALSO INCLUDE: In addition to invaluable instruction, every participant will receive a new volleyball, t-shirt, two or three volleyball evaluations, many valuable volleyball handouts along with excellent coaching for a VERY affordable price. 

Note: No Sessions close due to heat.  Please bring plenty of water or else make-up your session at another time or site. We also practice in the rain but not with lightning taking place.  

Great Locations for girls and boys ages 9 - 17!  You pick the site/times. 

Richfield - Loggers Park Sport Complex  -  Tim Janzen -262.391.3335 (leave text)
Franklin/Greenfield - Konkel Park  - Trygve Smalley  - 414.940.0929


1. Download, print-out, complete and submit the 2016 G-Force Summer Sand Registration/Waiver Form today listed below: 

2. Send payment of $275 today (cashier's or personal check payable to G-Force VBC).

3. Submit a copy of your Badger Region/USAV Membership (via Webpoint) on or before the first session.  *** See below for details ***

4. Mail in the form and payment to G-Force VBC  6010 W. Port Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53223   *** Along with A.& B.

A. For all ages obtain your Badger Region/USAV Membership ($15 fee required) on-line prior to the first session/practice. See BAll current 2015-16 USAV members just need to mail in a copy of your USAV membership card with the above Summer Sand Registration form/check to G-Force VBC. You do not need to change your club affiliation. This must be done and a copy of your membership USAV membership card must be sent to us prior to your first practice/session starts or bring along a copy to your first session. 

B. Create your new account and register your child as a BADGER Junior Membership for G-Force (Club). Please refer to the Badger Region site for new and renewing members. Here is the link: http://badgervolleyball.org/register-with-badger-region-usav/  Please review and and choose the correct summer membership. The cost is $15 and you pay on-line via credit card. Any questions regarding on-line Webpoint registration, please contact the Badger Region & speak to, Jen, Deb or Colleen @ 1.414.443.1011. Note: This will not be available until May 1st. or later by USAV/Badger Region Office. This is the Badger Region USAV membership form. Once you register online, please print your USAV Membership Card and mail it with the above Summer Sand Registration or mail it later to us when you are able to process your new membership. G-Force VBC @ 6010 W. Port Ave. Milw., WI  53223

EXCHANGE Your New V-BALL:  G-Force volleyball players for Summer Sand are allowed to exchange your brand new volleyball for either the AVP yellow/white v-ball or the Mikasa VSL300 FIVB Game Ball. Both retail for about $70.00 each. Please bring a check or cash for $30.00. These two volleyballs are what the pros use. They are the best!

ALL ABOUT SUMMER SAND: Come learn the secrets about why G-Force VBC is one of the top volleyball clubs in the State of Wisconsin. Our coaching staff will share their knowledge about how to become a much better volleyball player!  Every participant will receive a new volleyball, t-shirt, two or three volleyball evaluations, many valuable volleyball handouts along with excellent coaching for a VERY affordable price.  Again this year, we will be having an "Elite" session for each group along with adding another morning session starting at 8:15a. or 10:30a. Note: The "Elite" group can be of any age.  It is a player who displays a high level of volleyball control and wants to work hard while attending her/his session

The G-Force Summer Sand is geared for continuous improvement by each athlete throughout the summer.  This includes an excellent coaching staff, many valuable handouts, two or three volleyball evaluations and of course having lots of fun.  Unlike other volleyball camps/programs where fun is the main objective (while learning may not be), we believe learning and improving upon all skills of volleyball is our goal. While we enjoy having fun, our emphasis is about improving upon all the aspects of volleyball and this is where our Summer Sand Program SHINES. The maximum number of players on a court will be 14 to 16.  We do not have other players waiting on the sidelines to use the volleyball court. Our coaching staff is very experienced, having coached high school or middle school and club volleyball, played volleyball at a very high level and many coaches are certified by the Badger Region. Our Head coaches will be able to improve upon every athlete's playing ability.  Our helper coaches will assist the Head Coach and they bring a high level of playing experience and enthusiasm to every one of our Summer Sand players.    

COACHES: Our certified Badger Region Head coaching staff will be: Trygve S.,  Jenny C., Jamie C., Jessica J., Gillian C., Amy P., Kim F., James C., Nikki, and Tim Janzen.  More coaches will be added.  Over 100 years of coaching experience at all levels!    
 Summer Camps

The 2016 Summer Sand Program will be run by some of our finest G-Force coaches & other coaches from other clubs held for 9 weeks from June 13 - August 11 at Loggers Park Sports Complex in Richfield and Konkel Park in Milwaukee/Greenfield/Franklin for a very affordable price. First come, first serve! Sign up today! Thank-you for your interest in our Summer Sand Instructional Volleyball Program! The full amount is due by June 11th. At this time all the sessions are still available. To guarantee your session please pay the full amount as soon as you can. 

What these volleyball sessions will teach and emphasize:

  • Strong fundamentals & proper techniques.
  • Basic fundamentals of volleyball.
  • Offense & defensive transitional drills along with proper footwork.
  • Blocking techniques.
  • Hitting techniques & strategies.  Seeing the whole court.
  • Work on improving ball handling skills with hands & forarms.
  • Discuss & apply plyometrics.
  • Discuss & apply team leadership & team bonding principles.
  • Two to three volleyball evaluations to be used as a guide for continuous improvement.  Beginning, middle & the end of the season.
  • Many valuable volleyball handouts.
  • A new outdoor volleyball that must be used during the session.
  • A volleyball t-shirt.
  • Work on speed & agility along with conditioning drills.
  • Playing in sand improves your overall endurance, increases your speed, agility, ball control, balance & coordination when you decide to play indoor volleyball again.
  • No more than 8 - 10 players to coach ratio per court.  We will also offer 1 on 1 coaching at times.  We have had 4 to 1 player to coach ratio per court!  
  • The coaching staff will tailor our drills to meet your needs and wants.  At times though they will be very challenging.
  • This nine week session offers much more touches on the ball for the price far less than a one week volleyball camp.
  • Teach new volleyball techinques.

June 13 - August 11  Mon./Wed. Session  OR Tues./Thurs. Session

We have 24 different sessions. See below. No afternoon sessions at Konkel Park.  Each session runs either on Mon. and Wed. or Tues. and Thurs. with its' own time.  Some players are signing up for two sessions and this would be double the price and we will cut you a deal on this if you are interested in doing two different sessions. Our coaching staff will also place players in a certain group or court based upon playing ability and ages.   When deciding which session to select, keep in mind we have four different start times on Mon./Wed. sessions and the same for Tues./Thurs. sessions.  You pick a session which best fits your schedule & players' age/ability.  We allow make-ups if you miss your session for no extra charge!  We have added this chart to help better explain the sessions: 

Monday/Wednesday Sessions            or Tuesday/Thursday Sessions:  Circle your session.


Age Groups/Sessions


Younger:  8 to 13 ages

Older: 13 - 17 ages


8:15a - 10:15a


10:30a - 12:30p


12:55p - 2:55p


3:00p - 5:00p

 Not at Konkal park Not at Konkal park  Not at Konkal park 

Session 1 - Ages: Elite Group - Monday & Weds. at 8:15a. - 10:15a.

Session 2 - Ages: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 - Mon. & Weds. at 8:15a. - 10:15a.

Session 3 - Ages: 14, 15, 16, 17 - Mon. & Weds. at 8:15a. - 10:15a. 

Session 4 - Ages: Elite Group - Mon. & Weds. at 10:30a. - 12:30p.

Session 5 - Ages: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 Mon. & Weds. at 10:30a. - 12:30p. 

Session 6 - Ages: 14, 15, 16, 17 - Mon. & Weds. at 10:30a. - 12:30p.   

Session 7 - Ages: Elite Group - Mon. & Weds. at 12:55p. - 2:55p.

Session 8 - Ages: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 Mon. & Weds. at 12:55p. - 2:55p. 

Session 9 - Ages: 14, 15, 16, 17 - Mon. & Weds. at 12:55a. - 2:55p.   

Session 10 - Ages: Elite Group - Mon. & Weds. at 3p. - 5p.

Session 11 - Ages: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 Mon. & Weds. at 3p. - 5p. 

Session 12 - Ages: 14, 15, 16, 17 - Mon. & Weds. at 3p. - 5p. 

Session 13 - Ages: Elite Group - Tues. & Thurs. at 8:15a. - 10:15a.

Session 14 - Ages: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 - Tues. & Thurs. at 8:15a. - 10:15a.

Session 15 - Ages: 14, 15, 16, 17 - Tues. & Thurs. at 8:15a. - 10:15a. 
Session 16 - Ages: Elite Group - Tues. & Thurs. at 10:30a. - 12:30p.

Session 17 - Ages: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 Tue. & Thurs. at 10:30a. - 12:30p. 

Session 18 - Ages: 14, 15, 16, 17 - Tues. & Thurs. at 10:30a. - 12:30p.     

Session 19 - Ages: Elite Group - Tues. & Thurs. at 12:55p. - 2:55p.

Session 20 - Ages: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 Tue. & Thurs. at 12:55p. - 2:55p. 

Session 21 - Ages: 14, 15, 16, 17 - Tues. & Thurs. at 12:55p. - 2:55p.   

Session 22 - Ages: Elite Group - Tues. & Thurs. at 3p. - 5pm

Session 23 - Ages: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 - Tues. & Thurs. at 3p. - 5pm.  

Session 24 - Ages: 14, 15, 16, 17 - Tues. & Thurs. at 3p. - 5pm.

Sessions 1 - 24 are basic skill volleyball clinics where players will be working on proper volleyball skills and new techniques. We intend to run our sessions at medium to high intensity. Our 9-week program will allow the players to get many touches on the volleyball then an average 3, 4 or 5 day volleyball camp would provide while doing this 4 plus hours per week over the summer months also other 7 week volleyball programs who charge much more $$$ and do far less than us!  We also will be playing games/matches. Two to three volleyball evaluations will also be given. The fee is $275.00 per session. Cash & team discounts are available. The breakdown of price per hour is around $7.75 (per hour).  This is about what you would pay a babysitter per hour? A t-shirt is provided along with a brand new outdoor volleyball (retail price around $30.00) that must be used during these sessions. For more information please call any site director above or call 262.391.3335.  Thanks!  G-Force works for you!!! 


Q.) I noticed this season you require a summer sand player to also join and be a member of the USAV Badger Region which costs $15.  This is done on Webpoint . This will not be available by the Badger Region until May 01.  Any current Badger Region 2015 - 16 member is not required to do this because their current membership is still good.  You also require us to send a copy of the exsisting or new membership card to G-Force VBC prior to the first session/practice starts.  Why is this USAV/Badger Region membership being required?

A.) This has been done for insurance purposes.   

Q.) If I register my daughter or son in the elite group what does this mean?

A.) This is for the player who already has excellent volleyball control skills and would like to continue to improve upon those skills with other players who also have similar abilities.  But our coaching staff will divide up the players upon their own skill levels and players could be moved up or down a court during the season if the coaching staff feels this would benefit their group.  Just because a parent feels that their child should be signed-up as an elite player (perhaps the player does not want this) does not always mean they will be in this group.  Our coaching staff strives to teach and instruct all of our players the best as they can.  If any player feels that THEY would like to be challenged more they should request this from their head summer sand court coach.        

Q.)  I play on another volleyball club and some of my friend don't play club volleyball.  Is it also okay if my teammates and I register for this 9 week summer sand program?  

A.)  For Sure!!!  We accept non-club players who want to improve upon their current volleyball skills.  We hire coaches from other volleyball clubs to be on our summer sand coaching staff.  We have had many players from different volleyball clubs attend our summer sand program because they want to improve upon their current volleyball skills.  They love our coaching staff and what is being taught as well as meeting new friends or maintaining the frienships they have made during their club, youth volleyball program, grade school, middle school or high school season.          

Q.) Is attending a three - five day volleyball camp and spending a couple of hundred dollars ($250 - $500) worth it over the summer months?

A.) It all depends upon who is running it. What is the ratio of players to a certified coach? Is this all the volleyball player will attend during the summer leading up to the high school tryouts or club tryouts? Is this being taught by players who have never coached before?  Our 9 week program offers many touches on the volleyball with a great coaching staff.  Some other programs only run 7 weeks and charge well over $300.00 or more as well as others who only run 4 days for a total of ten hours and charge $100 per player and you only receive verbal instructions and nothing else compared to what the G-Force Summer Sand Sessions offer you.  We give everyone a GREAT VALUE & SERVICE for you what you have to pay. Our price stayed the same again this year.  While other programs keep increasing their prices.      

Q.) Would attending a one week volleyball camp be more advantageous than attending a bi-weekly summer camp over a nine week period consisting of about 36 hours for around $7.75 per hour. 

A). Do real athletes just train one week out of the entire summer or do they train on a weekly basics? The athletes that train properly will be ready for whatever challenges they may face.  The more you practice and being taught by excellent coaches will enable you to continue to improve upon your current volleyball skills.  Hopefully this will result in making the team, and/or club team you wish to play on as well as getting more playing time.    

Q.) Why practice in the sand vs. always playing indoor volleyball?

A.)  According to the volleyball experts (Karch Kiraly & others) playing in the sand with all the elements; sun, heat, uneven playing surface and mother nature will make you a much stronger and faster volleyball player when you play indoors' again.  You can always take the outdoor volleyball player and put them indoors with-out missing a beat but try putting an indoor volleyball outside in the sand with the wind blowing and they can't adjust as fast.  Why do you think college programs are starting to endorse doubles volleyball and giving college scholarships for this sport?  So please don't believe other indoor programs which preach staying indoors to practice volleyball just because you play your matches there will improve upon your game vs. practicing outdoors.  What they don't want you to know or understand is the full benefits your body and mind will achieve when playing out in the sand, in addition, playing in the sand is much eaiser on your body (joints) than playing indoors.  Less pounding & strain on your joints!  Ask the greatest male volleyball player of all-time (Karch Kiraly) who strongly suggest every volleyball player to practice in the sand to make them both mentally and physically stronger for when they return to the indoors.  You want to disagree with the best outdoor player to have ever played beach sand doubles volleyball and one of the best to ever have played indoor volleyball with all of his Olympic GOLD medals?  I don't!!!            

Q.) We have spent hundreds of dollars on a week camp which was not nearly as long as the 36 hours G-Force offers  and attended another camp because we were not happy with the first one so why do you think the G-Force Summer VB Camps will benefit us more?

A). Is it better to touch a volleyball for a couple of days during a summer camp where coaches (player coaches that have never really coached volleyball before but are allowed to give instructions to participants) give instructions only for the participants to later forget most of this information vs. attending a 9 week session, two days a week for 4 plus hours (36 hours total) and given proper instructions by certified coaches who have coached college volleyball, high school, or in other words at all levels along with up to TWO orTHREE volleyball evaluations, a T-SHIRT,  NEW VOLLEYBALL and many valuable volleyball handouts for each participant?  These summer sand sessions brings you great value and service for what you have to pay comparied to a three or four day volleyball camp or 6 to 7 week other volleyball programs.  Also if you happen to miss your session(s) you can make it up at any location or other day or time with no addtional costs.  Other programs will not allow you too do this.  You just show-up to make-up your missed time due to your vacation or being sick, etc.. G-Force tries to make this a win-win (great value) situation for everyone who attends.   

 Wisconsin does offer many fine volleyball camps throughout the state!

PLAYERS PLEASE BRING: ***sun glasses, suntan lotion, chapstick, visor or cap, aqua/nike socks or a pair of old socks, chilled water bottles, towel, wear light color clothing, your new volleyball, a smile and a positive work attitude! There will be an outside water hose available.***  

EXCHANGE YOUR VOLLEYBALL:  G-Force volleyball players for Summer Sand you are allowed to exchange your brand new volleyball for either the AVP yellow/white volleyball or the Mikasa VSL300 FIVB Game Ball.  Both retails for about $70.00 each.  Please bring a check or cash for $30.00.  These two volleyballs are what the pros use. They are the best!!! You can also place your order with Tim Janzen at Loggers Park or Trygve at Greenfield/Konkel Park @ $40.00 each if you want to purchase one without trading in your other volleyball. 

ANY QUESTIONS?:   Please email Tim Janzen/G-Force at: gforcevb@yahoo.com  

THANK YOU!!!  G-Force Works For You!

SIGN-UP for G-Force Summer Sand Today!!!