G-Force Volleyball Club: Qualifier Badger Info.

Qualifiers for IL. MIN. Indy. & Badger Champs

Windy City Qualifier Basic Information for Chicago, Ill., March 25-27, Fri. - Sun. 2016 ages 12 - 18: A = American, N = Nationals, O = Open., USA = USA Div., Ages: 12A & N, 13A & O, 14A, O & USA., 15A, O, & USA., 16A, O, USA., 17A, O & USA. 

To learn more, please call (331) 212-4000 or use our convenient Contact Page.

Chicago McCormick Place – Home of the 2016 USA Volleyball Windy City National Qualifier

2016 BADGER REGION CHAMPIONSHIPS:  O = Open Div., C = Club Div. 
Dates: March 11: 15O, 16C & O, 17C & O.

Dates: March 18: 12C & O, 13C & O, 14C & O, 15C. 

Location: Wisconsin Center (Downtown Milwaukee)

Hotels: Click here for Badger Region rates at selected hotels and to make reservations

All age groups to be played at the Wisconsin Center in Downtown Milwaukee.

2016 Qualifier Dates: These dates are in 2016. Note: Select teams will travel to either, Ill, MN. or IN and the tournament entry fee has or will be paid for by club dues. Any Non-Select team may go to an out-of-state qualifier but the players/parents will have to pay for this. Note: Payment Will Not Be Sent in until all the tournament entry fee has been collected for Non-Select G-Force teams that wish to go to any out of state qualifier or extra tournaments not paid for by club dues.

Event: Mizuno Northern Lights - Minneapolis, Minn. April 29 - May 01, 2016, Fri. - Sun.

Contact: Northern Lights Staff
Phone: (952) 808-0110 Fax: (952) 808-0111

Northern Lights Qualifier in Minneapolis MN: A = Amer., N = Nat., U = Usa, O = Open
April 29-May 01, Fri-Sat-Sun Ages: 12A & N, 13A & O, 14A, USA, O, 15A, USA, O, 16A, USA, O, 17A, USA, O

Aprox. cost per player is $35 - $55 for Select players for Coaches expenses.  Non-Select cost per player is $95 - $135 for entry fee & coaches expenses. Note: Players/parents will still have to pay for their own travel and hotel costs.    

Event: MidEast Qualifier 2016 Contact: Qualifier Staff  A = American Div, O= Open Div, N = National Div.
Phone: (317) 839-5222 Fax: (317) 839-5318

St Louis MO, March 11-12-13, Fri-Sat-Sun Ages: 12A & N, 13A & O, 14A, O & American Div., 15 American 

Indianapolis IN, March 18-19-20 Fri-Sat-Sun Ages: 15O,S,USA,16A, O, S, USA, 17A, O, S, & USA Div.

Aprox. cost per player is $35 - $55 for Select players for Coaches expenses.  Non-Select cost per player is $95 - $135 for entry fee & coaches expenses.  Note: Players/parents will still have to pay for their own travel and hotel costs.   



  • Teams must play in a qualifier in order to earn a bid to attend the National event.
  • Ages will play three days of competition.
  • New this year they will offer a Patriot's age Divsion where teams do not have to have earn a bid to play. Please view the website above for more info.

2014 AAU Girls Junior National Volleyball Championships-- June 16-24, 2014 in Orlando, FL.


The Open division is for elite teams and is the highest, most competitive division.  The Premier division is the next level designed for top teams that are in between the elite Open and Club divisions.  The Club division is the middle level of play and Classic is the lower level of play.

Subject to Change by AAU.

***More info. for Minn. can be found on www.midwestvolleyball.com  look for the square box (lower right-side) with Kaepa Northern Light Qualifier and click onto this.

Thank-you parents for helping out with hotel reservations.  Players/parents make sure you have your hotel room reserved as soon as possible.  Also any team wanting to practice that Thurs. night in Minn. may do so, but I need to reserve space.  Coaches please let me know if your team wants to practice a little bit on Thurs.  Note:  Usually players/parents will drive up after school/work to Minn. on Thursday.  Players that do not have school on Good Friday please check into the hotel early so your team can practice on Thurs. night.  Your Head Coach will contact you with more details.  It is a about a 5 to 5.5 hour drive to Minn. depending upon road conditions and travel speed.  Please don't speed and drive safe!   

  • All tournament entry fees [hotel/meal allowance for coach(s)] for non-select teams must be collected and paid in full prior to your team being entered. Approx. $100 to $110 per player depending upon how many players are going.  The Head Coaches for the Non-Select teams are taking care of this.  The Select team's club dues covers the cost for this tournament entry fee. 

  • Players/parents must pay for their own hotel & food expenses as well as for the coaches hotel and food expenses for any out-of-state qualifiers for any G-Force team including the Select teams.  This would also mean any out-of-state tournaments.    

  • The intent of going to a qualifier is to WIN a bid to attend Nationals.  Every player registered on the team should make every attempt to go if a bid is awarded.  For any team receiving a re-allocation bid must be voted upon by the team prior to the tournament, and if the Head Coach agrees to go.  The club dues DO NOT cover anything past late April or early May.  Additional fees will be collected if any team goes to Nationals or AAU.  All players are expected to attend.