G-Force Volleyball Club: Coaches/Teams

2015 - 2016 G-Force VBC Tentative Coaching Staff

2015-2016 tentative Coaching Staff & Teams  Over 135 years of volleyball coaching experience. Note: Coaches subject to change if necessaryAnyone interested in being a Head or Asst. coach email G-Force or please call 1.262.391.3335 or 262.424.1761. You may also call the Head coach below for an Asst. Coaching position. 

G-Force 17's team: Head Coach Gillian Clark (262.510.5121-cell; irishanj104@gmail.com) Asst., Coach Jake B., Helper Coach Becca W. 

G-Force 16's Select:  Head Coach  Brett Volk (414.305.8842-cell; bvolk26@gmail.com 

G-Force 15's Select:   Head Coach Gillian Clark (262.510.5121-cell; irishanjl0419@gmail.com) & Asst. Coach Jake B.,  Helper Coach Becca W. 

G-Force 15's Green:  Head Coach Tim Janzen (262.391.3335) www.gforcev@yahoo.com 

Force 13's Select:  Head Coaches Diane & Bill Harrod (262.628.9515-home; bndharrod@charter.net )

G-Force 14's Green:  Head Coach John Ognenoff (414.463.4147-cell; jlvolleyball@yahoo.com

G-Force 14's Select:  Head Coach Kevin Hedinger (262.424.1761-cell;  khedinger@sbcglobal.net    

G-Force 12-1's:  Co-Head Coach Tim Janzen, (262.391.3335)  gforcevb@yahoo.com  Asst. Coach: Jessica 

12's & under  (Instructional/Youth) Butterflies: Head Coach Tim Janzen (262.391.3335-cell; gforcevb@yahoo.com), Kevin Hedinger,  Becca Wardon, Gabbi D.

Parents/Players: You may contact your Head Coach at the phone numbers and email addresses listed below. Players and parents please make sure to forward your email addresses to your Head Coach and Club Director once you accept your offer to play on your G-Force team as well as making G-Force VBC your club team on webpoint. Thanks!

G-Force Coaching Staff information.: This 2014-15 season G-Force has at least 8 coaches who have been Head Coaches at the High School level.  These are not Asst. helper coaches or high school/college players with no coaching experience. A few have also coached at the College level.  Five of these coaches have won their High School Conferences, as well as many tournaments, and a couple of them have won many Conference titles along with a WIAA State Championship and runner-up (Harrods, G-Force 14's Select coaches). Many of our coaches have played at a very high competitive level or collegiate level.   Also some of our coaches have won All Conference, Coaches of the year awards, and many other awards. This is one of the many reasons on why you might want to consider playing for G-Force VBC. G-Force has well over 125 years of volleyball coaching experience. For the 2014-15 club season:  The success was very evident in our 15 Gold Tournament Championship wins last season and with 280 Gold Tournament Championship wins the last 14 club seasons.  Our G-Force teams played up an age group or two 30 times last season with our eight G-Force teams. We like to challenge our players/teams when we can even though we might see our overall tournament championship wins slightly decrease.  We promised our players and parents that our teams will play up an age level or two more this past club season than last season. 13 times vs 30 times. That was a big increase which caused our overall championships to decrease by 2.  But all of our G-Force teams were very competitive.