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Friday, July 14
G-Force VBC Philosophy

The philosophy is simple, build it and they will come.  G-Force Volleyball Club has been in operation since 1997, when Diane and Bill Harrod started it.  We train ugly, we practice hard, and play to win.  "Practice like you've never won, play like you've never lost" is how we do it.  Not only do we want to teach your daughters how to play volleyball, but become better people.  That starts with integrity, commitment, focus, drive, teamwork and a lot of heart.  We want them to learn what it feels like to accomplish goals, the work that needs to be put in to reach them, but also show them they can do more than they ever thought possible.  It's not about winning, although we do a lot, it's about the journey to get there.  The journey is the best part of the process of learning.  Teaching kids how to overcome and break through their fears is the most rewarding journey us coaches get to take every year.  


 Interested in Coaching with G-Force Volleyball Club?

Contact:  Jessica Jacklin, Co-Director, 14 Select Head Coach at 262-305-0225

     Kevin Hedinger, Co-Director, 16 Select Head Coach at 262-424-1761 



Our History: Why play for G-Force VBC?

Diane & Bill Harrod started The Generating Force Volleyball Club in 1997 with four teams. Now G-Force has 8 teams for the 2016 season and we're anticipating expanding this number next season. When G-Force was founded, Club Volleyball wasn't that popular, whereas currently, the Badger Region has well over 200 girl's clubs with new ones forming every year. During the past 16 seasons, since Tim Janzen has running G-Force VBC our G-Force teams have had 292 Gold Tournament Championship wins (2 in 2001, 6 in 2002, 13 in 2003, 17 in 2004, 21 in 2005, 23 in 2006 & 2007, 21 wins in 2008, record high of 35 wins in 2009 -10 , 33 GOLD Championship wins in 2011 28 Gold Tournament Championship wins in 2012 & 17 Gold Championship wins in 2013, 2014, 15 Gold Championships and last season 2015 12 Gold Championships wins along with some of our G-Force teams being in the top ten of the Badger Region age groups. Our G-Force 16's Select team a few seasons ago placed 2nd. at Nationals (USAV) and this was not the easy AAU.  Our teams do play up an age level or two during the club season. Our G-force teams played in the Gold playoffs many times last season.  We also have had G-Force teams that qualified and played at Nationals in the past and placed in the top five or higher in a qualifier at Indy or in Minn. ( Not AAU where lets' just say the competition is NOT THAT STRONG!)  Four seasons ago our G-Force 15's Select team WON the qualifier in Minn.  This all starts with having an excellent coaching staff along with having goals (short & long term) to strive for. Our coaching staff has well over 130 years of volleyball coaching experience in which many of our teams played in the GOLD division last season, as well as placing/finishing in the top three at many tournaments.  When looking to play club volleyball please ask the club director of any club on how well their teams performed at volleyball tournaments.  We don't hide anything here at G-Force VBC.  Playing for G-Force you will get the best value for your money!!!  Past and current G-Force members have become college players, captains, leaders, and positive role models on their respective school teams and also have become G-Force coaches as well.  Many of our G-Force players participate in a higher grade level at their high schools and have won conference awards for their outstanding volleyball playing abilities.  We encourage and teach our players to become all-around players and that volleyball is a lifetime sport.  Many High School and Middle School coaches love our players because they have the skills to play all-around, can play many positions, and display positive leadership abilities. Each new season for G-Force VBC brings new goals and expectations. We would like YOU to become part of this G-Force family!  If you decide not to play for G-Force VBC we hope that after you see our teams play during the season you might perhaps want to try-out for us again in fall or even sign-up for our 9 week Summer Sand Instructional Program.  We do offer volleyball tune-ups prior to club tryouts.  With your help and dedication, we will achieve these goals and continue to be one of Wisconsin's best volleyball clubs.  Thank-you always for your positive support!  G-FORCE WORKS FOR YOU!!!