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Wednesday, August 13

On behalf of G-Force Volleyball Club, welcome to our website! Communication is very important to us. In that light, please visit our site regularly for news & information. Also, check out G-Force News where you'll discover our club philosophy and history. ***Also please scroll down the whole page for more information. Thank-you! For additional info. about our G-Force 16's Select team please tab onto this: http://www.hometeamsonline.com/teams/default.asp?u=GFORCEVBALL&s=htosports&p=home

G-Force tune-ups have been posted.  Please bring a friend or two along to our affordable & excellent coaching for all who attend. Please tab onto "Tune-ups V-Ball".  For girls or boys 14 years and younger.      

Interested in being a head or asst. v-ball coach for G-Force VBC please send us your coaching experience info. to: gforcevb@yahoo.com  Thanks! 

Last week of Summer Sand is Aug. 11 thru Aug 14.  Best of luck to all players with their high school, middle school &/or club tryouts!  See ya next summer!  Please make sure to check out G-Force tune-ups on our webpage called "Tune-ups V-ball" starting in the middle of Sept.  They are very affordable and very well coached.  Bring a friend or two. Thanks!

G-Force 16's Select USAV American Div. runner up champions!!! 20-25, 25-22, 12-15 in the finals. Quarter finals in the gold: 25-20, 24-26, 15-4.  G-Force 16's just won the semi's match; 25-23 & 25-16. Super fantastic job coaches and players this season!!! Way to play tough!  2nd. place out of 48 teams at Nationals.  Not AAU!!!  

See below the success our G-Force teams had last club seson. We have no problems telling you how our teams did. Excellent coaching, leadership, players and parents is what G-Force is ALL about! All of our G-Force teams had winning match records last season!

Tournament Results of May 17: G-Force 16's Select 4th. place overall in Chicago Power League out of 166 teams! Super excellent job team & coaches! G-Force 15's Select playing up at the 16's age level took 2nd. place in the GOLD tournament Championships. Awesome job players & coaches! G-Force 13's Select won their 7th. GOLD tournament Championships of the season. Fantastic job ladies & coaches!!! G-Force 13 Green took 2nd. place in the GOLD tournament Championships. Excellent job players & coaches. G-Force 14's Select playing up at the 15's age level took 2nd. place in the GOLD tournament Championships. Super job ladies & coaches. G-Force 13's Select on Sunday tied for 3rd. place playing up at the 14's level in the GOLD tournament Championships. Super job! G-Force 14's Green playing up at the 15's age level tied for 5th. place in the GOLD tournament Championships. Great job players & coaches. Indy Qualifier Results: G-Force 16's Select took 4th. place over all (8-2 matches) in the USA division out of 109 teams. G-Force 15's tied for 73rd. place (4-3 matches) out of 155 teams in the USA division. G-Force 13's Select tied for 35th. place out of 100 teams. G-Force 14's Select tied for 39th. place out of 116 teams. Way to play hard and tough all G-Force teams!!! Badger Region Championships Results: G-Force 16's Select in the Open Div. took for 5th. in the GOLD tournament Championships out of 20 teams. G-Force 11-1's took 2nd. place (9th. place over all) in the Silver out of 27 teams. G-Force 14's Select in the Open Div. tied for 8th. place out of 20 teams. G-Force 14's Green in the Club Div. tied for 21 place out of 71 teams. G-Force 15's Select in the Open Div. took 11th. place out of 15 teams. G-Force 13's Green in the Club Div. took 15th. place out of 38 teams. G-Force 12's in the Club Div. tied for 19th. place out of 31 teams. Keep bringing home the GOLD G-Force teams!!! Our 8 G-Force teams played in over 47 GOLD tournament Championships playoffs this club season. Super great job teams & coaches! Overall totals: 17 1st. place GOLDS, 16 2nd. place GOLDS, 12 tied or took 3rd. in GOLDS, 4 5th. place in GOLD.


The 2013-2014 G-Force 11's TEAM
at the Badger Region Championships.




G-FORCE NEWS & UPDATES: G-Force offers the following for any club player or interested volleyball player (male or female). (1) 9 week Summer Sand Instructional Volleyball Program; (2) Tune-ups prior to tryouts. Times will be posted in Sept.; (3) G-Force Butterflies progrom for youth players starting in Jan.; (4) Private or group volleyball lessons. Please email us for more info.; (5) We strive to provide all players with the best & most experienced coaching staff as we can find. If you are ever interested in a coaching position with us please email us your resume; (6) G-Force offers 8 or more club volleyball teams and might expand to a boys' team or two based upon interest; Many existing volleyball clubs and new clubs try to emulate what G-Force has to offer. G-Force takes much pride in what we do and what we provide for you. We always try to offer the best value and flexibility as we can along with a GREAT coaching staff. We never hide any info. from you like other vb clubs. Thanks for being part of the G-Force Family in whatever you decide to participate in. G-FORCE WORKS FOR YOU!!!


1.) Attn: G-Force parents and G-Force fans. We now have in all the new G-Force apparel. Please e-mail (gforcevb@yahoo.com) G-Force your request. Five colors of hoodies; black, gray, forest green, pink & bright yellow/green. G-Force jackets, hats, t-shirts, etc.. Thanks for your order!

2.) If you have any questions about G-Force, please email us at: gforcevb@yahoo.com

Practice Times/Dates now Posted:
Tab onto the "Practice Info" webpage.
Always check your practice schedule a few days before your practice. Practice times are posted. Please check back for any new changes.
Tournament Info. Updates:

Any questions about G-Force VBC:
Please e-mail Tim Janzen/G-Force at: gforcevb@yahoo.com or call Asst. Club Director, Alex Uhan @ 414-403-6405. Thank you!