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Sunday, June 19

On behalf of G-Force Volleyball Club, welcome to our website! Communication is very important to us. In that light, please visit our site regularly for news & information. Also, check out G-Force News where you'll discover our club philosophy and history. ***Also please scroll down the whole page for more information. Thank-you!

G-Force VBC 2016 Updates:     

G-Force 9 WEEK Summer Sand Instructional Volleyball started on June 13 - Aug. 11. For boys & girls from any club or volleyball programs. Please visit our webpage called "Summer Sand VB Sessions". We can still take registrations. Practice times/days for both locations:  Times/days at Loggers Park: Mon. & Wed. from 8:15a. - 10:15a. Tues. & Thurs. from 8:15a. - 10:15a., 10:30a. - 12:30p. & 3p. - 5p. Konkal Park: Mon./Wed. & Tues./Thurs. from 8:15a. - 10:15a. & 10:30a. - 12:30p.

Any interested High School volleyball players or players going to high school who wishes to improve upon their current volleyball skills please contact us if interested an evening volleyball pre-tryout sessions during the week.  Please send us an email at; gforcevb@yahoo.com  Please let us know your current age, postion(s) trying out for and school attending.  Coaches will be Kevin H. & Tim J. & perhaps a few surprise coaches.  Looking at starting the end of June & ending prior to high school tryouts. Or call 1.262.391.3335 to leave your message.

Looking for a reliable, honest handyman??? Yard work, indoor work, painting, etc... For a free quote please call John O. at 414.469.4147.       

CONTACT us at gforcevb@yahoo.com for additional club or coaching info.Thanks                        G-Force VBC 2015-16 Club Season:

Tournament Results for the month of April 2016: G-Force 14's Select playing up at the 16's level took 2nd. place in the GOLD tournament Championships. Super job team!!!  G-Force 14's Green took 4th. place in the GOLD tournament Championships. Great job laides!!!  G-Force 15's Select playing up at the 16's age level took 3rd. place in the GOLD tournament Championships. Way to play hard team!!! G-Force 14's Green won the GOLD tournament Championships. Super excellent job players & coaches!!! G-Force 13's Select took 2nd. place in the GOLD tournament Championships. Awesome effort ladies & coaches!!! G-Force 15's Select won the GOLD tournament Championships. Excellent job ladies & coaches!!! Both G-Force 12-1's & 17-1's took 2nd place in the GOLD championships. Great job ladies & coaches!!!  G-Force 15's Select took 3rd. place in the GOLD tournament Championships. Keep up the great work ladies!!!  G-Force 14's Green took 4th. place in the GOLD championships.  Super effort team!!! 

OVERALL 2016 TOTALS:  12 1st. place GOLDS, 13 2nd. place GOLDS, 13 tied or took 3rd. or 4th. place in GOLDS, 2 5th. place in GOLD. Total G-FORCE GOLD TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIPS & COUNTING: 

NOTE: About 70% of our total G-Force teams played in the GOLD tournament championship playoffs this past club season of 2015. ***With new clubs starting or expanding one thing you can always count on is our G-Force teams will be very competitive and will WIN!  Some other local clubs can't tell you this with their teams.  If you are not a current member of G-Force VBC this season please read below on why you might consider G-Force VBC for next season! Our G-Force teams played up an age level or two 30 times this past club season. This is amazing!!!  If we were worried about just winning tournaments we would not do this. Other clubs/teams claim to want to play in or be in more challenging tournaments and want to play up an age level but once again this is all just talk....G-Force teams in the past have always been competitive and will continue too do this in the future.  Please consider our 9 week summer sand instructional volleyball sessions for this summer of 2016.  Great fun, affortable and awesome coaching!!!!!! Other vb clubs with similar programs will charge you much more $$$ with less time & less value!!! G-Force gives you the best prices as well as value!!! Please consider US!

***Diane Harrod, G-Force 13's Select Head Coach and former Head Coach of Germantown Varsity Volleyball girls' program was voted in by her peers in the WIAA HALL of FAME for her outstanding coaching abilities and what she has done overall as a volleyball head coach!!!! Excellent job Diane.... you are very derserving of this award!!!!!  May you and Bill continue to coach for G-Force VBC for another ten years or so!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

G-Force Coaching Opportunities: Interested in joining our quality coaching staff as either a head or asst. v-ball coach? Please send us your coaching experience info. to: gforcevb@yahoo.com Thanks  

DEAR PLAYERS & PARENTS: If you are receiving ongoing & unwanted communication (texts, voicemails, phone calls, emails, facebook messages, etc...) from any club, club director, and/or coach, please contact them informing him/her to no longer contact you and your child in any manner concerning their club. If they disregard your directive yet continue to contact/hassle you, then please alert the Badger Region Office at 414.507.1124. Once you tell them to stop all communications, they need to stop contacting you and your child. Any questions, please email me at gforcevb@yahoo.com and/or contact the Badger Region at 414.507.1124 and speak to Jen. It is sad we even have to post something like this        


The 2013-2014 G-Force 11's TEAM
at the Badger Region Championships.


G-FORCE NEWS & UPDATES: G-Force offers the following for any club player or interested volleyball player (male or female). (1) 9 week Summer Sand Instructional Volleyball Program; (2) Tune-ups prior to tryouts. Times will be posted in Sept.; (3) G-Force Butterflies progrom for youth players starting in Jan.; (4) Private or group volleyball lessons. Please email us for more info.; (5) We strive to provide all players with the best & most experienced coaching staff as we can find. If you are ever interested in a coaching position with us please email us your resume; (6) G-Force offers 8 or more club volleyball teams and might expand to a boys' team or two based upon interest; Many existing volleyball clubs and new clubs try to emulate what G-Force has to offer. G-Force takes much pride in what we do and what we provide for you. We always try to offer the best value and flexibility as we can along with a GREAT coaching staff. We never hide any info. from you like other vb clubs. Thanks for being part of the G-Force Family in whatever you decide to participate in. G-FORCE WORKS FOR YOU!!!


1.) Attn: G-Force parents and G-Force fans. We now have in all the new G-Force apparel. Please e-mail (gforcevb@yahoo.com) G-Force your request. Five colors of hoodies; black, gray, forest green, pink & bright yellow/green. G-Force jackets, hats, t-shirts, etc.. Thanks for your order!

2.) If you have any questions about G-Force, please email us at: gforcevb@yahoo.com

Practice Times/Dates now Posted:
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Always check your practice schedule a few days before your practice. Practice times are posted. Please check back for any new changes.
Tournament Info. Updates:

Any questions about G-Force VBC:
Please e-mail Tim Janzen/G-Force at: gforcevb@yahoo.com  Thank you!