Georgia Battle Cats - 99 are now Georgia Aftershock!: Letterman Hall of Fame 2013

Friday, September 6
Georgia Battle Cats are proud to annouce our:

2013 Letterman Hall of Fame

The Georgia Battle Cats are launching our 2013 Letterman Fund Raiser.  Our young ladies will be spending letters to special people in there lives to request that they join the Battle Cat Family as personal encouragers.  Remember, if a girl sends you a letter or email, she  considers you a special person in her life and wants to see your encouragement message on the Hall of Fame board. Did not get your letter yet?  Contact that special Battle Cat from our roster and let them know that you too want to on the Letterman Hall of fame!

The people  listed below responded to the call to encourage some special girls with their financial support for the Georgia Battle Cats in our Letterman Hall of Fame.  The Cats are grateful for the donations, but mostly for the kind words which raises our spirits and drives us to play better softball with Fun, Honor, and Might!  Thanks to all of you!

First Donor 2013 - Bob and Helen Conolty.  Thanks to the Conolty's!

Red Letters is to recognize our First donors for 2013!

(list sorted by donation amount, starting with largest, and then alphabetical)

Saturday, September 28
Lemoine 001
We earned our GBC on 9/28!

Encourager: Bob and Patricia Lemoine


Team Member to Encourage: Sara Lemoine # 8


Message: Sara, we wish you the best of success!  If there is anything MaMa and PaPa can do, just ask! We love you!  Go Cats!






Wednesday, September 18
James and Jane Mills
We earned our GBC on 9/18!

Encourager: James and E.Jane Mills


Team Member to Encourage: Kaylee Mills #21


Message: Good luck Kaylee.  We hope you, your dad, and teammates have a fun, successful year.  Much love to somone special to us! Love: Pa and GranE 


Thursday, October 10
We earned our GBC on 10/10!

Encourager: Alan and Dianne Cobb


Team Member to Encourage: Kaylee Mills # 21 



Message:  Best of everything in the coming season to Kaylee and her team!




Monday, September 16
Bob and Helen Conolty
We earned our GBC on 9/15!

Encourager:  Bob and Helen Conolty <<< First on the board for 2013!


Team Member to Encourage:  Kaylee Mills #21


Message: Kaylee good luck to you and your team in your season to come!  Go Battle Cats!



Thursday, October 10
Victory Hall 001
I earned my GBC on 10/9/2013

Encourager: Diana Pendergrass


Team Member to Encourage: Kaylee Mills # 21


Message: I am behind Kaylee! Go Team! Love, "Great" Aunt Anna