Georgia Battle Cats - 99 are now Georgia Aftershock!: Basic Team Information

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Who Are the GA Battle Cats - 99 ?

To find out about our coach, what type of team we are, and see the answers to frequently asked questions, please read the following files:

Mills Teams' Principles and PledgesMills Teams' Principles and Pledges

Mills Team FAQMills Team FAQ

Mad Parent Syndrome - 3P ViolationMad Parent Syndrome - 3P Violation

Helpful Information Selection

It gets difficult sometimes to know what equipment to select, what team to pick, or you just want to know what those who have been in travel for a while think. This section is for you!

Bat SelectionBat Selection

Cleat SelectionCleat Selection

Top 12 Things to Avoid when LookingTop 12 Things to Avoid when Looking

More Handouts: