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Garden Village Juniors AFC
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Garden Village Juniors AFC
Clive Littlewood
01792 891826
10 Glyn Rhosyn
Swansea, Wales
  Carmarthenshire Junior League  

Chechout the Garden Village Under 15 & 16 CJFL Fixtures, Results and Tables

Thursday, August 23
Carmarthenshire Junior Football League Guide to Clubs
(1) Registration of Players
Registration Cards = must have a Passport Photo, stuck to it and filled in correctly on
both sides.
Registration Forms = to be filled in by the player himself.
Registration Secretary = Mr. Arthur. Jones [01554] 758719
Please phone before coming down with forms, if no reply, leave a large stamp
address envelope for return of forms.
(2} Monday or 7 Day's before Mid-Week game
Inform Referee of match arrangements, K. 0. Time,, etc.
Inform Opponents of match arrangements
(3) Saturday or Mid-Week game
Phone match result to Junior League Secretary within "ONE HOUR," of end of
game   (01554) 820350
If no official Referee officiating at game, post Team Sheet, to League Secretary, within
24 Hrs of completing game.
(4)Request for "Open Date"
Request to be received as soon as possible and no later than 6 Weeks, before requested
Once the monthly list has gone to the printers, no request will be granted.
(5)Squad Numbers
Clubs are advised to sign a minimum of "SIXTEEN^, players per team.
(6)"Kick 0f Time"
ALL Morning Games "MUST", start at 10-30a.m.
Under 12,13,14,15, = 35 min each way.    Under 16, = 40 min each way,
(7) Club Colours
Clubs not playing in registered colours will be charged with misconduct
(8) Numbered Shirts
ALL Players Must play in numbered shirts
(9) Goal Post
See Safety Note /// All Goal Post Must have nets
(10) Referees Match Fees
Match Fee = £ 7 per game & Expenses = 25p per mile
To be divided between the "two," teams
(11) Unplayed Games
League Secretary, Referee, and Opponents, to be informed immediately, this to be followed up by a written letter to the League Secretary ,re the reason for the unplayed game, within three days of the same.
(12) Players with spectacles
Players that have to use spectacles while playing, must use special sports spectacles,
these can be purchased under prescription. This is a F.LJF.A. Rule
(13) Club Referees'
Are sending players "off' and "cautioning" players, but not reporting the incident to the
West Wales Football Association, clubs found guilty of this practice could receive a
heavy fine. All "sending off" and "cautions" must be reported to the W.W.F.A.
(14) Correspondence
Letters or correspondence requiring a reply to either the Junior League Secretary or
any Officer of the League must enclose a stamped address envelope.
(15) Travelling Expenses [re Claims ]
Clubs claiming travelling expenses from opponents, re a postponed game, must submit
the claim within five days of the game to the Junior League Secretary, any claim
received after five days will not be considered.

Garden Village Juniors AFC
Garden Village Juniors AFC
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