Gateway to Opportuniny Youth Flag Football: Welcome

Thursday, May 8

    Flag Football

Gateway to Opportunity is dedicated to providing youth with the highest quality education and team experience through sports participation.   Participants are treated with respect through the opportunity to experience growth in the areas of interpersonal relationships, teamwork, sportsmanship, fair play, and skill development.   The goal is to create a positive environment that fosters results-oriented self-confidence and self-esteem through sports activities. Introduce children who have no prior involvement in sports, to engaging in more physical, athletic competition.  In addition, children who are currently athletic may sharpen their skills and learn new tactics for individual and team success. This program will also help improve teamwork, self-esteem, setting goals and achieving them. Gateway to Opportunity Youth Foundation is a non-profit, Tax-exempt organization. All donations are tax deductible.  

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 Program Outline

G.T.O. will offer many advantages to children who participate in the program.  While we appreciate the value of sports and the scholarship Opportunities that they bring, G.T.O. also values education and will expect each child to maintain a 2.0 (C) G.P.A. 

 Tutoring: G.T.O. values education just as it does sports. We are looking to partner with the local schools they attend to provide assistance in any area that our children may require attention.  We here at G.T.O. understand that we play a role in helping your child achieve academic success. 

College Preparation Examinations (ACT/SAT): We are going to offer classes taught by licensed teachers to help prepare our juniors and seniors for college, as well as for taking and passing the ACT (American College Testing) and/or the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) exams.   

College Tours: We will offer the chance for our juniors and seniors to visit various colleges and universities, and engage in athletic workouts while on campus.  This will enable them to showcase their individual talents and assist them with gaining athletic and/or academic scholarship.  

 SPONSORED BY The National Football League (N.F.L) Tennessee Cobble Inc.    

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