Granite State Womens Soccer League: Registration


1. Team roster completed on spreadsheet
2. Players born outside the U.S.: USSF international clearance form
3. Youth players:
-–Permission to play amateur soccer form
-–USYSA membership form. Please submit THREE copies.
-–Photocopy of current youth player pass or new printed pass with photo submitted to be stamped and laminated. A picture (PASSPORT SIZE PHOTOS) of your youth player must be attached to the “player pass card stock” that you have been mailed(Once I receive your contact info on April 25th). Please be aware – this will take time for you to acquire pictures from your youth –ASK FOR THIS FROM YOUR YOUTH IMMEDIATELY.
Photos and Paperwork should be mailed to:  Celia Phillips, 497 Silver Street, Apt. 206 Manchester, NH 03103.
4. Adult Players
-–Adult player form
-–Adult player pass*

Rosters spreadsheet to be submitted via email to, and by MAY 23, 2008 International clearance forms and youth paperwork to Celia Phillips 497 Silver Street, Apt. 206 Manchester, NH 03301 by MAY 23, 2008

*Player pass cards for adults are optional, but players must show the ref a photo ID (such as a driver’s license) at each game.  If you have players that would like a pass card, please submit a passport sized photo by May 23rd to either (digital pics) or Celia Phillips, 497 Silver Street, Apartment 206 , Manchester , NH 03103   Include player name and team name.

New this year, we are asking Team Managers to read over and sign the code of ethics form. It is attached.
Some teams this past year have asked for more competitive play some less. We are considering dividing the league into Open B (Competitive) and Open C (Recreational ). If we get a pretty close fit down the middle we will set up the play where B plays B and C plays C. Keep in mind this will only work if it equals itself out. Let's give it a shot! Please indicate in your team spreadsheet.

DROP/ADD: ***New procedure***
New this year teams is the opportunity for an official drop add period. Only teams sending in their roster by the indicated deadline, May 23rd, are eligible for Drop/Add. No exceptions. Drop / Add a player will only last thru the 2 day after the fourth league game.

International Clearance Form
Injury Report Form
Youth Membership Form
Youth Permission To Play
2008 Roster Spreadsheet
Adult Player Form
GSWSL Code of Ethics


per team fees
$100 NHSA
$110 forfeiture bond**
$30 per game ref fee
$5 per game ref assignor fee
$75 per game field fee
Plus $20 per player

Our treasurer, Amy will calculate what your team owes based on the number of players on your roster.  She will provide each manager with an invoice after the May 23rd roster deadline.  A breakdown of the fees will be available on our website and below. All Payment is required by the start of the first game.

**Any team that forfeits a game will lose their bond. Further forfeits may be subject to additional fines by discretion of the board. The board also reserves the right to forgive bonds in extenuating circumstances.

April 25th               Team Contact Info
May 23rd               Rosters and all relevant forms in
June 11th              Final Payment Due