Granite State Womens Soccer League: Rules & Regulations

Team Expectations

Balls: Home team (the first team listed on the schedule) must provide at least two game quality size 5 balls.
Uniforms: Each team must have matching jerseys with clearly legible numbers on the back. The home team is responsible for having an alternate color shirt if both teams have the same or similar color. Mesh pinnies are acceptable provided that numbers are visible. Adequate shin guards and cleats are required.
Jewelry etc.: Only simple, stoneless bands are permissible, as are piercings where the sun don’t shine. Nothing else. Nada. Zero. Zip. Leave it at home. Refs will check.
Referees: Refs will check each player on the roster for a picture identification, no jewelry or sharp hair accessories, matching uniforms, shin pads, non-screw-in cleats. Players must be listed on the official stamped roster in order to play. If you have comments or concerns about a ref please email Celia Phillips or call 603-315-1611.
7 player minimum: Teams with fewer than seven players will forfeit the game. You may decide to play anyway “for fun.”