Greater Largo Little League: Welcome




  AAA Tournament Scedule for Sunday Oct. 26 2014

12:00 o'clock games are:

Yellow Division: 

Clearwater Angels  vs. Largo Dodgers

Blue Division:

Tarpon Dragons vs. Largo Astros

2:00 o'clock games are:

Yellow Division: 

W. P. Tigers vs. Tarpon Mudhens  

Blue Division:

Largo Mariners vs. W. P. Rays

4:00 o'clock games are:

winner yellow 12:00 vs. winner yellow 2:00

winner blue 12:00 vs. winner blue 2:00 



































Field House: 600 Lake Avenue,Largo, FL 33770

Field Closings and Rain Outs

member of the Board makes decisions on field closings, due to weather, each day. Please do not assume that because it is raining at your house games or practices have been cancelled. Contact your team manager or a team parent to confirm field status. When possible, the league will place a message on our facebook page with field condition updates between 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.  Any other questions please refer to our contact listings. 

no smoking

Smoking is not permitted at the park at any time. Please keep your cigarettes, cigars and pipes outside the gates and fences at all times.


Dogs must remain on a leash at all times! Please pick up after your pet!