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Friday, March 13
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Thursday, January 22
REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for 2015 Rec Baseball and Softball!!

Sunday, January 18
2015 REC BASEBALL & SOFTBALL REGISTRATION - Click Here for Information



In addition to our new and improved logo, the league has instituted some significant and exciting changes for the 2015 Spring season:

  • Coaches Bring 6.  For AAA and Pony in baseball, and for CCC and Majors in Softball, coaches will be permitted to “bring 6” players prior to the draft. This means they can identify 6 players who will be automatically assigned to their team for the season so long as those players register by March 15, 2015.  In these leagues, players will no longer automatically return to their prior year’s team unless selected by the coach as one of the “bring 6” players.  Children of the Head and Assistant Coaches are automatically included in this 6.  Head Coaches will not be required to bring 6, and those who do not will have the opportunity to make this up in the early rounds of the draft to enhance the opportunity for league parity.  All players not assigned to a team by the “bring 6” process will be requested to attend their league’s evaluations.
  • Discounts for Coaches.  Head Coaches will be entitled to a 50% discount on registration fees for any of their children playing on that same team. Coaches should register their children and pay as usual, and once coaches are confirmed and assigned, the league will issue appropriate refunds.

  • Discounts for League Commissioners.  Persons serving as a league Commissioner will be entitled to a further 50% discount on registration fees for any of their children playing in the league for which they serve as Commissioner.  Commissioners should register their children and pay as usual, and once Commissioiners are confirmed and assigned, the league will issue appropriate refunds.  
  • Multi-Player Family Discount.  Families will receive a $20 discount on registration fees for the second child registered, and a $40 discount for the third and each additional child registered.  
  • Jefferson Project.   The league is proud to announce significant upgrades are in process for the fields at Jefferson elementary.  This multi-phase project will include new and relocated fencing (including some tall "green monster" type fencing on field 1), new dugouts, and other overdue improvements.  First and foremost, these improvements are designed to enhance the experience at Jefferson for our recreational leagues who play there.  This project should also help us use those fields as a showcase for tournaments and other community-based opportunities, and we think it will tie in nicely with the Creekside development that has occurred just around the corner from those fields. 

The league hopes these changes will encourage Gahanna families to stay at home to play ball, will enhance the experience for our kids, and will encourage parents to get more involved in our community baseball and softball programs.  Please feel free to contact Bob Harris, Ron Kellogg, Ken Cover, or any other Board Member if you have any questions on how these changes will work or if you have any other questions concenring the GJLS program.

2015 GJLS Coaching Information

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GJLS is a nonprofit organization run and operated entirely volunteers. Board members, officers, commissioners and coaches are unpaid and generously donate their time and talents for the benfit of the kids in the program and the community at large.  

It is the goal of GJLS to teach the fundamentals of baseball and softball while emphasizing good sportsmanship in a competitive, but fun, environment.

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