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Tuesday, June 4
GGHA OnLine Registration

GGHA is pleased to announce that going forward OnLine registration will be in use for all GGHA Programming. 

The OnLine registration process eliminates the need for most of the paper forms that were required in the past.  The OnLine registration system will also process all payments and billings.

The OnLine registration process is simple to use, and allows members to create a personalized account for each player, or family, for those with multiple players.

The OnLine registration system requires the entry of a valid current USA Hockey Registration number for each player registered.  The OnLine registration system, in cooperation with USA Hockey validates the number.  If the USA Hockey registration number is not valid, or current, you will not be able to procede with the OnLine registration process.

For "New User" registrants, the OnLine registration process follows the following steps:

  1. Obtain a player USA Hockey registration confirmation number(visit USA Hockey website to complete the USA Hockey Player registration) 
  2. Go to the OnLine Registration page of the GGHA website
  3. At the OnLine Registration page of the GGHA website, locate the program you want to register for.
  4. Select the "Link" for the program you want to register for.
  5. Once directed to the OnLine Registration page, select "New User"(first time user only). 
  6. Enter USA Hockey number to begin the process.
  7. Select the payment option from the available options.
  8. When requested, complete the player & parent/guardian information, insurance information and consent to treat, review payment plan then select "Checkout".
  9. At the "checkout" page, complete the Online Account Setup - email and password.  Complete Billing and Payment information - EBT/Credit Card, and acknowledge Waiver of Liability, Code of Conduct and Team Rules(if applicable) 
  10. Upon completion of the registration process you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your payment, and a separate e-mail confirming the creation of your personalized account.

For "Returning Users" simply login with your user ID and Password, and follow the instructions.  All of your personized data entered previously will be available to you to modify and change for future registrations.

We hope that you will find the OnLine registration process to be simple and convenient to use.

Contact any GGHA Executive board member, or Division Coordinator with any questions you may have.