GGHA Mission Statement

What is the activity?  

The Purposes of GREATER GREENVILLE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION may be stated in the Articles of Incorporation of GREATER GREENVILLE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION, as the same may be amended from time to time by the Membership and in GREATER GREENVILLE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION's By-Laws, as the Board of Directors amends the same from time to time. The purpose for which GREATER GREENVILLE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION is organized and operated includes, but is not limited to:

     a. Provide a program of physical education, instruction, and competition for the membership of Upstate South Carolina and surrounding areas of South Carolina.

     b. Provide qualified coaching at all levels.

     c. Provide the opportunity for the membership to develop their physical skills and participate to their maximum potential.

     d. Promote a concept of team play through active participation by all members of a team.

     e. Foster and teach a spirit of sportsmanship and fair play, where competition transcends winning or losing.

     f. Create an environment where each participant, regardless of age is treated with dignity and respect in a non-abusive manner. Discrimination because of race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, or religion is contrary to the principles of GREATER GREENVILLE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION and shall not be allowed to be practiced.

     g. To do and to be empowered to do all things and to possess all rights granted to non-profit corporations chartered in South Carolina as may be permitted under South Carolina General Statute, and other state statutes, as the same may be amended from time to time. h. To develop, implement, and maintain a Screening and Abuse Policy, and other such policies as required by necessary governing/affiliate association, USA Hockey, which assures GREATER GREENVILLE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION participants that its coaches and administrators comply with principles and standards of conduct established by GREATER GREENVILLE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION.

Who conducts the activity?

Provided by qualified coaching at all levels.

When & where is the activity conducted?

Activities are conducted at local sports facilities through the Greenville, South Carolina area during the approved hours of operation.

How does the activity further your exempt purposes?

The purpose of GREATER GREENVILLE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION is to organize, administer, and operate youth ice hockey programs. GREATER GREENVILLE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION’s governing value shall be “FUN SPORTS DEVELOPMENT FOR KIDS” and shall endeavor to instill in each participant a love, appreciation, and knowledge of the sports, the ideals of fair play and sportsmanship, the development of leadership skills, and commitment to community service. GREATER GREENVILLE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION shall further endeavor to adhere to the policies of governing association, USA Hockey, as set forth in the associations guide. GREATER GREENVILLE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION shall attempt to exemplify the principles and philosophies of affiliated associations and, through EXCELLENCE IN COACHING, develop the finest youth players possible. Further, GREENVILLE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION shall seek to provide a FUN environment for players of all ages, levels of skill and commitment, with equal opportunity for all.

What percentage of your total time is allocated to the activity?

The allocation of time for the operation of GREATER GREENVILLE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION is approximately 10% administrative and 90% operations of activities. All administrative and coaching time is voluntary.

How is the activity funded?

The activities are funded through the collection of membership dues and through contributions/donations.

List any alternative names under which you operate?

GREATER GREENVILLE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION operates as a facilitator for the sport of ice hockey. House and Competitive teams are operated as Greenville Jr. Road Warriors, through an agreement with the East Coast Hockey League, Greenville North & Greenville South competitive High School teams participating in the South Carolina Scholastic Hockey League.