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The Greater Greenville Hockey Association organizes, administers and operates youth ice hockey programs in the Greater Greenville, SC area. GGHA's govering mission is to create "fun sports development for kids" and endeavors to instill in each participant a love, appreciation and knowledge of the sport; the ideals of fairplay and sportsmanship;the development of leadership skills; and a commitment to community service. GGHA strives, through excellence in coaching, to develop the finest youth players possible.And further, GGHA seeks to provide a fun environment for players of all ages, levels of skill and commitment, with equal opportunity for all.


Summer Showdown
Tuesday, June 21
1st Annual 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 Summer Showdown (Click to register)

   GGHA Presents 1st Annual 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 Summer Showdown

   This 4-week session will be held at the Pavilion from July 12-August 3

   $75 per player. Online Registration only. Registration now open. 

   This promises to be a fun way to continue your hockey season as players participate in fast-paced, high-energy games.

   Age Levels for Registration

  • Birth Years 2005-2007: Tuesday Nights 6:30-7:30 pm, July 12-August 2 (Half Ice 3-on-3)
  • Birth Years 2001-1998: Tuesday Nights 7:45-8:45 pm, July 12-August 2 (Full Ice 4-on-4)
  • Birth Years 2008-2011: Wednesday Nights 6:30-7:30 pm, July 13-August 3 (Half Ice 4-on-4)
  • Birth Years 2002-2004: Wednesday Nights 7:45-8:45 pm, July 13-August 3 (Full Ice 4-on-4)


   Benefits of 3-on-3 on Small Ice Surface:

     3-on-3 is a “skills” based game, played in tight spaces at a fast pace. Players quickly improve “skills” to adapt to this fast pace.

  • Less space = less time = quicker decisions
  • 3-on-3 hockey increases puck handling, team play, transition from offense to defense, defense to offense; positioning; time on the ice, plus many more benefits
  • Goalies are always in play, more shots, and more movement which helps conditioning, awareness and positioning
  • Players that are not “goal scorers” get the opportunity to touch the puck more and gain confidence
  • Players us to playing offense get to play and appreciate the defensive side of the game and defensive players get to be more creative on the offensive side of the game
  • A great way to get ready for the upcoming season.

   Space is limited to first 24 players & 4 goalies, age 13 and above; and the first 32 players & 4 goalies, Age 12 and under.

   Registration will close for each level when the maximum number of players is reached.

   (GGHA reserves the right to move players based on skill or group size. Each team will have two goalies which will play    half of each game) 



  • Puck out of play will result in a face-off at center
  • Following goals or saves, offensive team must clear the zone. Whistle will indicate goal / save
  • On a save instance, goaltender can play puck or give to teammate
  • Goal tenders are not to be hacked at, etc, if puck is under goalie or saved, even if whistle has not been blown
  • Minor penalties will result in a penalty shot
  • There is NO body checking in any division
  • NO shooting puck after whistle
  • Other rules may be added later


   Remember kids, this is for fun, so we don't want to see any abuse of players, officials, etc.

   GGHA reserves the right to suspend any child from further play if they do not abide by the essence of fair-play

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