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Saturday, March 22

The Greater Greenville Hockey Association 2014 Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday April 22, 2014 at 6:30PM at the Pavilion. 

Presentations will be made to recap the 2013-2014 Season and to preview the plans forthe 2014-2015 Season. 

During the meeting, General Elections for GGHA Board members will be conducted and concluded.

The following positions are open for election this year: 

  • President (2 Years) 
  • Treasurer (2 Years)      
  •  Mini-Mite/Mite Division Coordinator (1 Year)        
  • House Coordinator (1 Year)      
  • Squirt Division Coordinator (1 Year)       
  •  Peewee Division Coordinator (1 Year)       
  •  Bantam Division Coordinator (1 Year)        
  • Midget Division Coordinator – 16U/18U (1 Year)
  • High School Division Coordinator (1 Year) 

Nomination form and instructions has been added here and posted to the "Handouts" page.


Handout: 2014 GGHA Board of Directors - Nomination Form

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Sunday, September 15

GGHA will be utilizing a web based schedule tool during the 2013-2014 season for all GGHA home ice programming.  The links below will direct you to the ice schedule calendar for your group.  The GGHA website Calendar will be used only for GGHA events and Board Meeting postings. 

Any questions should be directed to the GGHA Coordinator for your group...  

GGHA Program Schedule Links

Main Web page: http://app.youthhockey.com/GGHA

-Click on Teams to find a team specific look ahead schedule

-Click on Schedule or Upcoming Events to see complete schedule

Team Links:

6U http://app.youthhockey.com/widget/org/766/calendar?widget_id=1668

8U http://app.youthhockey.com/widget/org/766/calendar?widget_id=1669

SQ/PW House http://app.youthhockey.com/widget/org/766/calendar?widget_id=1670

SQ Travel http://app.youthhockey.com/widget/org/766/calendar?widget_id=1652

PW Travel http://app.youthhockey.com/widget/org/766/calendar?widget_id=1653

JV/BT House http://app.youthhockey.com/widget/org/766/calendar?widget_id=1810

U16 http://app.youthhockey.com/widget/org/766/calendar?widget_id=1665

HS-North http://app.youthhockey.com/widget/org/766/calendar?widget_id=1672

HS-South http://app.youthhockey.com/widget/org/766/calendar?widget_id=1673

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The GGHA Discipline, Grievance and Appeals Committee have developed an Incident Report Form. 

The form is to be used by any GGHA member to report an incident of unacceptable behavior.  An individual is considered to be displaying unacceptable behavior if they violate the applicable "Code of Conduct", including but not limited to verbally or physically harassing, and/or abusing a player, coach, manager, on-ice official, off-ice official, coordinator or spectator.

The form provides instruction for completion and submission, and describes the subsequent steps taken. The Incident Report Form is available in the "Handouts" section of the GGHA website.

"Codes of Conduct" for all involved in GGHA are contained in the GGHA Standard Operating Rules in the "Handout" Section of the GGHA website, and also on the USA Hockey website.

Please feel free to contact your Division Coordinator with any questions. 


Handout: GGHA Incident Report Form

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