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Greene County Officials Association

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Get Directions to GCOAXenia Local Weather
Fax: 937-286-1704
380 Georgia Drive
Xenia, Ohio

Tuesday, February 4
Welcome to the Greene County Officials Assoc. site for Ohio

The Greene County Officials Association web-site is still operation under Jess Bowman,  Mr Bowman

was forced to resign as Secretary by Henry Zaborniak but, Mr. Zaborniak was froced to resign by the OHSAA. 

Mr. Bowman started working for Greene County in 1970 at Warner Middle School in Xenia.Ohio

The softball official did not show up and Mr. Bowman was asked to work the game. Mr Ken Fox

showed up after the game and asked Mr Bowman to join Greene County. 

Mr Bowman only worked Junior High sports for Greene County until his Children were out of school. 



  Please or call








Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions by emailing Phone GCOA-374-1971
Also, let us know what you
would like to see on this site!


2011-2012 Officiers

Here are your Current 2011-2012 Officers

President - Robert Juliano
Vice President - Donnie Evege
Football Interpreter - Joe Dues
Basketball Interpreter - Robin Holznecht
Baseball Interpreter--Mark Rogers
Softball Interpreter--Lee Stamper
Volleyball Interpreter - Sterling Kaimimoku
Wrestling Interpreter--Dave Parr                                              Sargant of Arms - Eric Boone
Secretary/Treasurer - Jess Bowman
Assigner - Dave Parr


Robert Juliano----Volleyball--Baseball
Dave Parr-----All
Steve Short-------Football---Basketball
Lee Stamper------Softball
Danny Tipton-----Volleyball
Jess Bowman---All

Classes to become an Official

 Football and Volleyball classes will start about the middle of July 2011 The classes will be held at the Beavercreek Board of Education on 3040 Kemp Road in Beavercreek. For more information call 286-1704-.  You can also check        with Bob Juliano E-Mail 902-4494 Steve    Remember, If you or someone you know is interested in
becoming a High School Official, please contact
the GCOA at 286-1704. If you are connected to the
answering machine, please leave your name and telephone
number and someone will get back with you.

 Also, If you have any old uniforms, give them to the class instructors

to give to new officials.

Wednesday, April 20
Updating Information

We would like your help in updating the information on
this website. If you are a member, please make sure
that we have your name listed under the GCOA Members
section. If you would like to have your email
address listed on this site, just send an email to and request that your email address
be added to the site beside your name. This is a great
way to contact other members.

If you have special news or would like something
listed on the site, you may email us at

Phone Number - 286-1704

Our Association Phone number is 286-1704 If you have any questions about anytging from rules
to fellow officials to coaches, schools, please feel
free to contack us at 286-1704.

Also, you must call 286-1704 every day you have a game
because if you don't call and you show up you will not
get paid if there is a cancellation or rain-out.

Greene County Officials Association
Greene County Officials Association
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