Guilderland Basketball Club for Girls, Inc.: All About GBC-Girls

*** GBC-Girls Inc. Policies ***
Besides our mission statement, listed below are GBC-Girl's policies covering the most commonly asked questions. These policies are final with all disputes referred to the board of directors.

*** Mission Statement ***
GBC-Girls Inc. is a not for profit organization, established to provide girls residing in the Guilderland Central School District, the forum to play basketball.
Our program's goals are:
1) Provide girls in grades 4th through 8th, an opportunity to learn & play competitive basketball,
2) Develop both individual & team skills needed to compete at the high school level,
3) Promote & foster sportsmanship and positive character traits for today's young woman.

1) Number of teams & leagues we participate in
When GBC was originally organized in 1992, we had one team which joined towns like Clifton Park and Colonie to participate in the newly formed Capital District Girls Basketball League. The C.D.G.B.L was created as an alternative to the local CYO leagues. Since then, our program has grown to it's present size which last year sponsored 7 teams in 2 different leagues.   
1a) Capital District Girls Basketball League
The C.D.G.B.L. only allows member towns to enter five teams ((two biddy and two Junior and one third/fourth grade))into their league. Today, this is the most competitive league in our area with the girls playing local towns such as: North & South Colonie, Clifton Park, Bethlehem, Saratoga, East Greenbush, Averill Park, Albany, Amsterdam, Burnt Hills, Niskayuna, Mohonasen.
1b) Troy CYO
Each year brings different situations and if possible we will sponsor additional biddy and/or junior teams into the Troy CYO league. This decision is made after tryouts in September and is based on: sufficient gym facilities, skill level of remaining players and availabilty of coaches. The composition of teams entered in this league are CYO Church teams, smaller towns and additional teams from Clifton Park, East Greenbush and Guilderland to name a few.
1c) Senior Division
In 2012 GBC participated in a Senior League comprise of girls in 9th, 10th and 11th grade. In 2013 this league was absorbed by the Capital District League. GBC is allowed one team team in this division.
1d) Third/Fourth grade team
In 2012 the CDGBL added the 3/4 grade division to their program. At this time not all CDGBL have teams at this level. Therefore the 3/4 grade team will complete their schedule with teams outside the league.

2) Tryouts, Player Selection
2a) Tryouts process
Tryouts are scheduled in mid-September and conducted over two days. Junior teams are selected on an "A" and "B" basis with the top 10 players, regardless of whether or not they are 7th or 8th grade, placed on Junior A and the next top 10 placed on Junior B. Consideration is also given to balancing the teams by positions. The Biddy level is also selected on an "A" and "B" basis with the top 10 players regardless of whether or not they are 4th, 5th or 6th grade placed on the Biddy A team and the next top 10 placed on the Biddy B team. Consideration is also given to balancing the teams by positions. Third/Fourth grade teams will be selected in a similar manner. Due to the sensitivity of this process which sometimes involves cuts, no selections will be announced until the next day or so after final tryouts. At that point in the process, each selected player will be informed of her assigned team. Rosters are posted on our web site soon after.
2b) Selection Process
2c) Team size
We limit the maximum number of players on a team to 10, or maybe 11. The minimum is 7 or 8.   Due to these roster limitations and limited gym facilities, we may not have enough teams for all player candidates. Third/Fourth grade teams are allowed to carry a larger roster.
2d) Player committment
Players are expected to committ or decline a postion on a team AT THE TIME THEY ARE NOTIFIED. Failure to accept a roster spot at that time will be considered a declination and that roster will be offered to another player. Should a player accepted a position and withdraw after registration, a refund will NOT be given.

3) Cost to participate
3a) Registration Our full registration fee is $200.00 (exclusive of uniform costs) and is due on the registration night after tryouts. Registrations help offset the costs of running this program which are but not limited to: insurance, gym rentals, equipment, league fees, Officials fees, Tournament fees and camps.
3b)Uniforms Players can use last year's if it still fits. If not, the uniforms (which the girls get to keep) vary in cost from year to year, but can be estimated at $60.00. We keep the uniform design the same from season to season, which allows a player to use her same uniform in the next season.

4) Policy regarding playing time
All players should play in every game, however the amount of playing time is solely left up to the coach's judgement. GBC-Girls coaches are fair and over the course of a season, all girls will be given meaningful playing time. In rationing playing time, we have asked the coaches to consider the following:
> 4a) Age level: We still consider the early stage (4th, 5th & 6th grade), both an introduction to the sport and the foundation for establishing basic skills. Coaches are encouraged to play girls as much as possible at the younger levels. However, all playing time is dependent on the factors listed below. Starting with the Junior (A & B) divisions however, the level of competition increases and so does our desire to have the players compete at the highest level they can achieve.
> 4b) Level of competition: Stronger players, in skill or athleticism, may get more playing time when facing strong opponents at all levels. On the flip-side, weaker competition will allow other players more opportunity to compete and develop. For these reasons, our teams try to play a broad range of opponents over the course of a season.
> 4c) Player commitment: Players must do their part by attending practices, working hard to learn the game and improving their skills. It is a coaches descretion whether or not to give a girl playing time who has not attended practices the week before a game. ALL PLAYERS ARE EXPECTED TO MAKE GBC THEIR SPORT PRIORITY DURING THE SEASON. Players non attendance at practice due to participation in another sport or activity may result in limited playing time.
> 4d) League vs. non-league: More emphasis on winning may be placed upon league games (12 or so), from which a team's record directly determines its seeding in the division's playoff brackets. Including non-league games, a team could play up to 30 games in a season, providing great opportunity for all the girls.
> 4e) Attitude: Players should listen to their coaches and display a positive team attitude while cheering their team on at all times. In the CDGBL, a player will be suspended for the season after receiving 3 technical fouls. In addition it is the coaches descretion whether or not to play a player who has exhibited poor attitude at practices or during a game.
> 4f} Practice: All players must have a minmum of 7 practices before playing in a teams first game.

Summation: GBC's Board of Directors, will not regulate playing time and empowers each coach to make game decisions regarding this matter.

5) Practices / Commitment
Players are asked to commit to and attend 2 practices a week, which usually start at 6:pm ending at 7:30 or 8:00 pm. If you play a school sport you need to discuss your schedule with your coach at the first practice and prior to the start of our season. Practices are teaching sessions held to develop individual and team skills. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure both you & your daughter are committed to the program and her teammates.

6) Sportsmanship
Conduct during the season
GBC coaches, players, parents and any guests shall maintain a high level of sportsmanship and fellowship towards all involved, including opposing teams and referees. This is youth basketball and conduct unbecoming a young lady or anyone else for that matter, is not acceptable. GBC-Girl's Board of Directors reserves the right to remove anyone acting in an unsportslike manner from our program, or from the gym site at which a game is being held.

7) Start of Season & Places We Play
After tryouts, practices start in October. The Capital District Girls Basketball League starts in early November, ending in late February. The Troy CYO starts in December. Regardless of what league we are in, all home games are played at Guilderland Elementary or Guilderland High School while practices are held at FMS.

8) Alternatives to GBC-Girls
This area has several CYO programs sponsored by local churches (Christ the King, St. Madeleine Sophie and St. Lucy) in addition to a program at the YMCA.

9) 2nd through 4th grade Town Program
The Town of Guilderland has a youth program for girls 2nd through 4th grade which is held on Saturday mornings. This usually starts in November, but for further information contact the Guilderland Park & Recreation department at town hall.

10) Additional questions?
Please contact Mary Schmitz at