Fresno Senior Softball League: Draft Procedures




  CODE OF CONDUCT          

 In order to provide an atmosphere of fun and sportsmanship, certain regulations are necessary and must cover all whom are connected with the program.  Violations of these simple acts of good sportsmanship and common courtesy will not be permitted to destroy the program.           The Manager/Coach shall see that all players, coaches, etc., do not violate the following regulations. 

A.     Being intoxicated on the premises of a public facility during the staging of an athletic contest. 1)     Officials are required to immediately remove player (s) form the game, or if observed prior to the game, prevent person from playing.          

 EFFECT:  Two (2) game suspension up to one (1) year of suspension and/or probation of one (1) year. 

B.     Intimidation or aggressive action towards and official, spectator, or other players will not be allowed.          

 EFFECT: Three (3) game suspension up to one (1) year of suspension and/or probation of one (1) year. 

C.     A physical attack on an official, spectator, or other player will not be allowed.  Officials are required to immediately eject player and report such player to the Recreation Supervisor. 

EFFECT:  Three (3) game suspension to ten (10) years suspension and/or probation of one (1) to two (2) years.

 D.     No profane, obscene, derogatory, or racial remarks to an official, spectator, or any player, or speak in such a manner as to cause a disturbance, will be allowed.  Officials are required to immediately eject such a person from the game.         

  EFFECT:  Ejection from game and/or a two (2) game suspension to a one (1) year probation. 

E.     Participants shall abide by official’s decision.  Officials are required to immediately eject a player from further play and report such player to the Recreation Supervisor for failure to comply with decision.     Managers have the opportunity to speak with the Officials.          

EFFECT:  One (1) game suspension to one (1) year suspension and/or one (1) year probation. 

F.      No smoking while in the dugout or on the field of playG.     There shall be no unnecessary throwing of equipment, or any other objects.        

   EFFECT:  Ejection from the game and up to one (1) year suspension and/or one (1) year probation. 

H.     There will be no cause for defacement or destruction to any public facility or equipment.          

 EFFECT:  One (1) game suspension to one (1) year suspension and/or payment to replace damaged facility equipment.

 I.       There shall be no illegal players participating in any athletic contest.  
The following defines an illegal player: 

a)      Participants (managers, players, coaches, etc.) at no time shall falsify any player’s name on a team contract or scorecard to participate in the program or game (s).
 b)     Using a player on the Recreation Department’s Active Suspension list.      

     EFFECT:  Suspension will be one (1) year from the date that the infraction was discovered. 

J.  Any participant (manager, player, coach, etc.) ejected from two (2) athletic contests during the season shall   be suspended.          

 EFFECT:  One (1) year suspension, effective the date of the last ejection, and probation for one (1) year. 
a)      Any participant (manager, player, coach, etc..) ejected or removed from an athletic contest will leave within (3) minutes (officials time out).  The team manager will be responsible to remove the offender within the same three (3) minute period or forfeit the game.  The person (s) will be completely removed from the game facility and under no circumstance may come back.
b)     The right to appeal a Fresno Senior Softball League decision may be made in writing by participants (manager, player, coach, etc..) involved in the decision within (30) thirty days to the Board of Directors.
c)     The Board of Directors may also suspend a manager, player, coach, or team for incidents not specifically covered above. 


                    All players on a team shall properly wear uniforms that are like in color and style. Sleeves or straps of the uniform top may be adjusted with or without tie-ups,  to the comfort of the players, provided uniform numbers remain visible.  If because a player is late or comes straight from work, the blood rule a change is required and the uniform does not match, the player will not be penalized.  All protective equipment must be worn properly.

1-    NUMBERS:  An Arabic whole number (0-99) of contrasting color, or outlined in contrasting color, at lease six (6) inches high must be worn and visible on the back of all uniform shirts.  No player on the same team may wear identical numbers.
2-    LOGOS:   The jersey may have any logo that is not offensive on the back as long as the six-inch number is still visible.  The front of the shirt must contain the league-approved logo for the Fresno Senior Softball League.  
3- At the end of each session, the players are to turn in their jersey to the manager as soon as possible.  Should a player fail to do so, they will not be allowed to participate in a game the next session without turning in or paying for the jersey.  If there is any dispute over it, the Board will hear both sides and make the final decission as to the results.


A)    The Board of Directors will select the sign-up date, tryouts, and draft day.  These dates will be selected to allow adequate time for player selection.  A plan must be in place with date on getting information to returning players and for recruiting of new members.   
B)    Tryout—Two (2) dates and when possible have these two tryouts on different weeks and one on a Monday and the other on a Tuesday, with the last date being within six (6) days before the draft is to be held.  Revised June 17, 1999.
C)    Nearly as complete list must be made available at least two (2) days before and a complete list made available by the beginning of the draft.  Revised June 17, 1999.
D)    Managers, sponsors, and Board of Directors are the only league members allowed to participate in the draft.  Draft will be opened to the general membership, so long as they remain quite and do not interrupt the meeting.
E)     A list of the draft selections will be provided to each manager before the start of league play.  This will be used to select pick-up players.
F)     Three (3) minutes per pick, with the loss of the pick for missing the time limit. Added 7/22/99  

DRAFT SELECTION PROCESS                    

To be eligible for the draft: 
A)    Have paid fee and turned in a properly filed out player profile and have played in at least one (1) of the last two (2) sessions. 
B)    Have paid fee and turned in a properly filed out player profile and gone to a tryout. 
1)     Tryout is required for all new players or veteran players who have not played the previous
2)     The number of teams in the league for each season will be determined by the number of
           players signed up and paid on the night of the draft.  Each team will have at least ten (10)
           players but not more then eleven (11).  No one may sign up to play in the league after
           7:00 PM on the last night of tryouts.
3)     Managers/sponsors and special needs tied with them will be assigned a position in the draft
          based on their ability.  This will be done by a vote of an independent committee.  The
          committee to be appointed by the Board of Directors and consisting of three (3) person
          having no relationship with the managers, sponsors or others to be rated.  Committee
          members must have participated in the FSSL for two years and be knowledgeable of the
          game.  Committee will appoint a chairperson who will conduct the committee and present
          the results on the evening of the draft.  The assigned draft position for each person will be
          final and the committee is to keep their decision secret until presentation of the results.
4)     Order of draft will be by blind draw for position.  Drafting sequence will be first to last,
          then last to first, then first to last, etc.
5)     Should a scheduled tryout be rained out or canceled due to an act of God, and is unable to
          be rescheduled, then those player who have paid their fee and turned in a properly filled
          out player profile shall be drafted as follows:
a)   After the last complete round of the draft has been completed, all remaining players
                   and the non-tryout players will be listed in alphabetical order.
b)   All team names involved in the draft shall be placed in a hat.
c)   The first player listed will be placed on the first team drawn from the hat and so on
                   until all players are placed.  If there are more players then teams, the team names will
                   be replaced in a hat and continue until all players are placed.
d)   All non-tryout players will not be eligible to play as a pick up other then for a
                 #1 player for that session.

 SPECIAL NEEDS          

A)   A team may not have more than one (1) set of special needs players on its team, provided there are enough teams to accommodate all special needs players. 

      1)     BROTHERS --- No more then two (2) brothers may request to be drafted together on the
           same team.  The brothers will be drafted in consecutive order in the draft when possible
          unless they are tied to sponsor or manager then they will be placed as above.  This could
          be the next open position after the sponsor or a manager that have already been pre
2)     FATHER & SON --- No more then one (1) son may request to be drafted together with
           his father on the same team.  The father will be assigned his position in the draft by vote,
           same as the managers & sponsors.  In the event the father is drafted ahead of the son,
           then the son will take the next open position as with the brothers.
3)     TRAVEL PARTNERS --- Travel partners will be defined as individuals who live more
            that 30 miles from the ballpark.  Travel partners must travel together to the ballpark more
            than 75% of the time.  They may request to be drafted onto the same team & will be
            placed in consecutive order in the draft as with the brothers unless tied to sponsor or
4)     BUDDY RULE – In an effort to increase the league, any member may request that one (1)
            new player be drafted with him onto the same team.  NEW PLAYER is defined as a
            person who has NEVER played in the league before.  The players will be drafted onto the
            same team & will be placed in consecutive order in the draft as with the brothers unless
            tied to sponsor or manager.


In the event that the umpire assigned by the City Parks and Recreation Department fails to appear for a scheduled game by the scheduled game time, then the following policy shall take effect for the purpose of assigning a replacement umpire: 

1)   Volunteers will be sought from members of the FSSL present at the time who have no affiliations with the two opposing teams of the game in question
2)   Selection of the volunteer replacement umpire shall be by mutual agreement of the opposing managers.  Either of the managers has the right to reject a volunteer replacement umpire for cause.
3)   In the event that an acceptable replacement umpire is not available, then, upon mutual agreement of the opposing managers, a replacement umpire can be selected from one or both of the opposing teams.  This can be in whatever the managers mutually agree (i.e., Alternating umpires, catchers calling balls and strikes, etc.
4)   The primary purpose of this policy is to provide for a fair and impartial manner in replacing the City appointed umpire only in a “NO-SHOW” situation.  This will allow games to proceed in a timely manner, at their scheduled times.    No more than a ten (10) minute leeway in the starting time will be allowed under this policy.
5)   If the City appointed umpire arrives after the game is underway, then he shall immediately assume his duty as umpire-in-charge with the volunteer replacement umpire stepping aside.                                                             Adopted by the FSSL Board 9/25/1997

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