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Days quote:    MANAGERS PRAYER :  Dear Lord, please help me - - -  To accept human beings as they are - not yearn for perfect creatures;  To recognize ability - and encourage it;  To understand shortcomings - and make allowance for them; To work patiently for improvement - and not expect too much too quickly; To appreciate what people do right - not just criticize what they do wrong; To be slow to anger and hard to discourage; To have the hide of an elephant and the patience of JOB; In short, Lord, please help me be a better coach.  John Luther


Year 2019 information: 

WELCOME! To the Fresno Senior Softball League Web site. The FSSL has been in operation and playing on Elmer Stokes Field located at Quigley Park (Dakota & Fruit) since the spring of 1993. We are starting our twenty-seventh (27th) season.   It was 27 years ago we started with 6 teams in the 50 division with 70 members and has grown to where we now offer 4 divisions, 50's, 58's, 63’s and a new 68+.  Currently the 50's play Monday & Tuesday, 58's play Wednesday, 63's Thursday and the 68's will play Thursday mornings.  We currently have more then 300 members in the 4 divisions of play, with a total of 28 teams in the 2015 Spring League.   FSSL offers 3 seasons of ball.   There is a spring league, fall league & winter league.  The spring league runs from early March until mid July, with teams playing a 14-16 game schedule in all divisions, with all  teams making the playoffs.   The fall season runs from the first of August until the end of October.    In the fall, all teams also  make the end of the year tournament. While the winter league starts the first of November and finishes the week before Christmas and usually has 4 teams, playing a 12 game season. Each season, the league conducts a draft of players, with only the sponsor and manager being retained on the prior team. 
The FSSL is a non profit organization run by a board of directors whom are elected by the members of the association. The board consist of a President, Vice-President and 1st Vice-President, 3 managers  and player reps. The presidency is by succession. The members elect a First Vice President who in the following year will move to Vice President, then in the third year he becomes the President.
    The other officers are elected by the members of the board of directors from within the board, who then oversee the organization.
    The league plays by a unique set of rules, some of which are:
    1- Fair ball reaching the outfielder, the batter can't be thrown out at first by an outfielder.  Only by an                    infielder.
    2- We only allow 2 courtesy runners per inning in the 50’s and 58’s with a runner only being allowed to ru n once per game in the 50's, but a player can run once per inning in the 58's.  63’s have unlimited courtesy runners. 
    3-Base runners can overrun any base as long as they come back to tag that base before advancing to the
       next base.

    4-All bases are a force out, and no tag need be made if the runner runs  pass the base on either side                  without touching the base. 
    5-We have a handicap rule in which a person can have a runners from home plate for them. They can
       have the previous batter, not on base, run from home for them.

    6-All infielders must remain on the dirt portion of the infield, and all outfielders must remain behind the 180' line.
    The league has enjoyed great success with this format. We hold a draft each year for each league. The only people that remain on the team from league to league are the sponsor & managers and brother if applicable. 
   We have a group of individuals which we label as special needs. That means that if they wish or need to play together on the same team, they will have that chance. Each team is allowed only one set of players with special needs. These include: 
Father & son, Brothers, Husband & Wufe, and travel partners  (travel partners are people who live more then 30 miles away and travel together more than 75%  of the time).
   The league also has the buddy rule, which allows for a person who has never played in the league to come aboard and play with a friend on the same team for the first league, this is also considered a special needs groups.
      In 2011 the Association contracted with the City of Fresno to take over and maintain the ball field at Quigley Park. This has made it possible for the league to run more programs and maintain the field properly  as we now mow, drag and chalk the field.
     In the  year (2013) the City replaced all of the lights and placed them on new poles, with state of the art lighting from Musco.  In the year (2014) we replaced the scoreboard in center field.  In the winter of (2016) they opened up the back stop, put two light poles in the outfield as well as reseeding the outfield.  The FSSL has extended the out of play fence down both foul lines, level the outfield and constructed a safe place to enclose the porta potty. With these changes it has make Elmer Stokes field one of the nicer fields in the valley.
      At anytime during your tour of the website, just click on a team name for more information about that team. In the standing section if you click on the team, it will give you the team by team results for that team. Tour the site and please leave your comments on the guestbook. We are always interested in improving our league and web site, so if you have a comment or suggestion please email to
Thank you
Ike Pursell


Wednesday, January 6
Fresno Sr Softball Picnic and Championship Games

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