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winter clinics
Saturday, March 18


Play ball

Please be advised the Clinics for Rookies Division ONLY will be moved to  Wednesday Nights 3/15/17 at 6:00-7:30pm.   Tball and 8u Divisions will remain on Friday evenings It will be the  same time same place.


: Bayview Ave School Friday    Tball 4-5yr old: 8U: 7:30-9pm

Wednesday Rookies: 6-7 yr old 6:7:30pm 

     Dodd JHS: Friday

  Minors 9-10yr old 6-7:30pm and Majors 11-12yr old 7:30 -9pm  

Any child that is not registered for this season cannot participate in the winter clinics until they are registered ! .  

 In 2017 Freeport Little League will be celebrating its 65th Birthday. We are inviting anyone who played little league baseball or softball in Freeport to share their story with us. If you have pictures we would also like to also post them on our website and facebook page.      After 65 years Freeport Little league is an institution. The values of teamwork, discipline, respect and dedication which were taught in 1952 by the league are justas important today.The game of baseball is still a team sport and although today’s kids are bigger, faster and stronger the game is the same and kids are still kids. They still look to adults for leadership and guidance and every year we have exceptional volunteers who step up to the plate.        Today Little league faces a challenge to its continual relevance because of the growth of travel baseball programs. While travel baseball is a good experience for manynothing beats the sheer joy of playing the game for fun and maybe learning something while you’re at it.                                    


                                          Opening day is April 22,2017 I’ll see you on the field.  




F R E E P O R T   L I T T L E   L E A G U E

P.O. Box 6061 Freeport, N.Y.11520 

    2017 Baseball and Softball Registration 

                                  Boys and Girls Age 4 - 16 as of Dec. 31, 2017                                       

 Late Registration Fee: $25

Last Registration Date is Friday March 24, 2017  

      * Evaluations will be on 3/25/17, and drafts will take place on 3/30/17  

             REGISTER ON-LINE @

*First time registrants can register on- line but must provide proof of age such as an original birth certificate or passport prior to opening day.   Little League Policy: Anyone not registered prior to evaluation March 25, 2017 will not be permitted to play.         * If finances prevent you from registering your child please contact the league during    registration period

  REGISTRATION FEE PER PLAYER T-Ball 4-5 Years Old  Rookie 6-7 Years Old $100.00

Baseball 8-10 Years Old  $110.00

Baseball 11-12 Years Old $125.00

Baseball 13-16 Years Old $150.00

Baseball 17-18 years Old  $200.00

Girl’s Softball 7-12 Years Old $100.00 Girl’s Softball 13-16 Years Old $100.00

Freeport Little League has adopted a $300 cap on family registration. Sign up 3 or more children pay one fee. All children must reside in same address to be eligible. Proof of address for children must be furnished e.g .report card,                                                                        VOLUNTEERS Freeport Little League is a volunteer based organization and we are always looking for more help.  We hold General Meetings the first Tuesday of EVERY MONTH at 8:00 PM at the Recreation Center.  


     Registration Age Chart for 2017 Little League Baseball         

     Month and Year of Birth            AGE             Division          

     Sept.,2012 thru Aug.,2013         4                    T- Ball      

     Sept.,2011 thru Aug.,2012         5                    T-Ball    

     Sept.,2010 thru Aug.,2011         6                   Rookies  

     Sept.,2009 thru Aug.,2010         7                   Rookies         

     Sept.,2008 thru Aug.,2009         8                      8U    

     Sept.,2007 thru Aug.,2008         9                   Minors     

     Sept.,2006 thru Aug.,2007        10                  Minors  

     May,2005 thru Aug.,2006          11                  Majors   

     May,2004 thru April,2005          12                  Majors      

     May,2003 thru April,2004          13                  Juniors  

     May,2002 thru April,2003          14                  Juniors

     May,2001 thru April,2002          15                  Seniors     

     May,2000 thru April,2001          16                  Seniors  

Note: Parents may request that their child play in a higher division(play up).The league will evaluate the player and make the determination if the child has the skills to play safely and compete in the higher division and will not weaken the division he or she is supposed to play in.  

Handout: Minors Rule Book

2017 Season Survey
1) How Would you Rate FLL on a scale of 1-5 (1 being Poor and 5 being the best)
2) Do You Feel FLL is interested in your Opinion
3) List 3 Things that you would like to see Changed (added or subtracted) from the League
         write-in your own answer above
4) Are you aware that FLL holds general meetings on the 1st Tuesday of every Month at the Rec Center ?
5) Have You Ever Attended a General Meeting? Why or Why Not?
         write-in your own answer above

Tuesday, October 25
Freeport Little League Board of Directors 2016

President- Mike Aviles

VP Senior Div. – Jose B Pena

VP Junior Div. – Chris Richardson

Information Officer/Player Agent- Jose L. Pena

Treasurer- Larry Hammond

Secretary- Diana Brown

Purchasing Agent/ Equipment Manager- Jose B. Pena

Coaching Coordinator- Phil Prestamo

Safety Officer- Nicole Richardson

Fundraising - Mike Aviles

Special Events - Phil Prestamo

Division Representatives:

T-ball (4-5 yr olds) – Tara Kimlingen Rookies

(6-7 yr olds)- Michele Velasquez

8U – Chris Richardson

Minors- Dave Pinzon

Majors- David Rodriguez

Sunday, January 1


Handout: Little League Registration Form

Wednesday, March 2
Freeport Little League Facebook

Sunday, March 22

Saturday, February 20
Medical Release Form

Handout: Medical Release Form

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