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Friday, October 13


Good Afternoon All

 The Freeport Little League will begin holding Early Baseball registration for the 2018 season online only

We the Board would like to offer you this opportunity for "Early Bird Registration" offering a 50% Discount on Registration Fees" for the 2018 season. This offer will expire on 12/31/2017.


Dear Parents, 

Last Tuesday the league held its general meeting for the month of October.This was an opportunity for any parent(s) of a registered child to express their interest to serve on the board for the 2018 Little League year. Lucky for us, we had 3 parents who volunteered and they are now our new board members. Their names are Jennifer LaScala-Gomez, Annemarie Duckworth and Douglas Patience. Leason Hoilett also joined the board in the capacity of Special Assistant to the President. 

With the board in place,it’s on to the business of Freeport Little League 2018. Last week the league sent a message about our “Early Bird Registration”. Register your child from now through December 31st and you get a 50% discount. Yes! That’s half price. Imagine signing your child up to play baseball and paying from $50 to $75, to me that’s an early Christmas present to yourself. Last year we had a total of 34 parents who took advantage of this offer. Hopefully by New Year’s Eve we’ll have enough kids registered that teams can formed early next year and team practices can begin in early spring. 

In the new year we are also going to focus on coach’s clinics as a tool to develop the managers and coaches so they in turn can develop the kids. The thinking on the board is that these clinics should be mandatory and we are prepared to replace managers and coaches who we feel are not doing the right thing for the kids. 

Again, in the new season just like every other season, fundraising is an important component of our little league program. We’re always looking for new sponsors and new fundraising ideas. Last season in what’s usually a big event” the Mets fundraiser”, we lost money. One reason cause was the date “Cinco De Mayo”(my fault),buta huge factor was the lack of effort by coaches and managers. In 2018 we need that event to be a success. 

Our big success in 2017 was our golf event where we had 101 golfers 

participate and about 150 people attend the dinner. Sadly, other than board members only 2 parents attended the dinner. Both brought their kids and both were from the same team. The event raised enough funds to pay all outstanding invoices. So we begin 2018 with a few dollars in the bank and hopefully with a success “early Bird Registration” we can to begin to order equipment and uniforms at 2017 prices. 


Thank You for your Support 





Handout: Minors Rule Book

2017 Season Survey
1) How Would you Rate FLL on a scale of 1-5 (1 being Poor and 5 being the best)
2) Do You Feel FLL is interested in your Opinion
3) List 3 Things that you would like to see Changed (added or subtracted) from the League
         write-in your own answer above
4) Are you aware that FLL holds general meetings on the 1st Tuesday of every Month at the Rec Center ?
5) Have You Ever Attended a General Meeting? Why or Why Not?
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Friday, October 13
Freeport Little League Board of Directors 2017

President- Mike Aviles

VP  – Jose B Pena

Purchasing Agent Jose B Pena 

Player Agent- Jose L. Pena

Social media- Jose L Pena 

Information Officer Jennifer LaScala-Gomez

Treasurer- Larry Hammond

Secretary- Diana Brown

Coaching Coordinator- Phil Prestamo

Clinic Coordinator- Chris Richardson 

Safety Officer/Special Events- AnnMarie Duckworth

Fundraising/Sponsor Chair - Douglas Patience

special Asst to President Leason Hoilet 

Division Representatives:

T-ball (4-5 yr olds) – 

(6-7 yr olds)- Jennifer LaScala-Gomez

8U – 

Minors- Dave Pinzon

Majors- David Rodriguez

Senior- Jose L Pena 

Friday, October 6


Handout: Little League Registration Form

Wednesday, March 2
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Handout: Medical Release Form

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