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Saturday, March 28


March 20, 2015  

Dear Little League Parents,

                    You are receiving this letter because you have a child registered to play in the Major’s (11-12) Division this spring. As of today we have about 48 kids registered, enough kids to field 4 teams. Other leagues in the district are having the same experience which is an increase in the Minor’s division and decrease in the Major’s. In our recent meetings the district league presidents have been exploring the idea of inter-league play just as is being done in both the Junior and Senior Division. To be honest I am in favor of inter-league play. I think it gives our kids both the travel ball experience without the travel ball cost and an opportunity to play against kids who they will face in Williamsport Tournament play.

                            This letter is both to inform you and to request your feedback either to me directly or through a board member. Nothing has been decided yet so there is still time to reach the minimum 60 kids to field 6 teams. We have a board meeting scheduled for Thursday evening and this will be one of the topics discussed. Player evaluations are scheduled for Saturday March 21st so we can talk about this idea at the field.

                            As league president I feel my primary responsibility is to give the kids of Freeport a good little league experience. I think that this is a step in that direction. I look forward to hearing from you


Mike Aviles, President

  Usted está recibiendo esta carta porque usted tiene un niño registrado para jugar en la División del Mayor (11-12) esta primavera. A partir de hoy tenemos cerca de 48 niños inscritos, niños suficientes para llenar 4 equipos. Otras ligas de el distrito están teniendo la misma experiencia que es un aumento de la división del Menor y la disminución de la Mayor. En nuestras últimas reuniones de los miembros de la liga de el distrito han estado explorando la idea del juego inter-liga, igual que se está haciendo en la División Junior y Senior. Yo estoy a favor del juego inter-liga. Creo que le da a nuestros hijos la experiencia y la oportunidad de jugar contra niños que van a enfrentar en el Torneo de Williamsport.

  Esta carta es tanto para informarle a usted y solicitar su colaboración, ya sea a mí directamente oa través de un miembro del consejo. Nada se ha decidido, todavía hay tiempo para alcanzar el mínimo de 60 niños de campo de 6 equipos. Tenemos una reunión de la junta programada para el jueves por la noche y este será uno de los temas tratados. Evaluaciones de los jugadores están programadas para el sábado 21 de marzo, y podemos hablar de esta idea en el campo.

                            Como presidente de la liga siento que mi responsabilidad principal es dar a los niños de Freeport una  buena experiencia. Creo que este es un paso en esa dirección. Espero escuchar de usted             

Mike Aviles 


Parents we have METS Tickets for sale. they are selling fast please take advantage .



There's no glass ceiling in Little League. Although almost all the Managers and Coaches are men; that doesn't mean there's no place for you. Freeport Little League is interested in beginning clinics on how to do the scorebook and other baseball stuff .Knowing this puts you in the dugout as an active member of the team your child is playing on. Like every other sport baseball has its own language and strategy and we want to teach you. This is an opportunity to grow in the sport with your child. We're interested in your opinion. Let us know and we'll begin planning the clinics so that by opening day you can be in the dugout.  


All Parents You May Now Register Early and Online via this website Under ONLINE REGISTRATION  at your own Convenience. Take Full Advantage of this new website and New League See you soon.
Padres se Puedes Registrar Ahora para la Nueva Temporada del Little League. Por Favor de Registrar usando ONLINE REGISTRATION. Aprovecha La Nueva Pagina y la Neuva Liga 


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Handout: Minors Rule Book

2015 Season Survey
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2) Do You Feel FLL is interested in your Opinion
3) List 3 Things that you would like to see Changed (added or subtracted) from the League
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4) Are you aware that FLL holds general meetings on the 1st Tuesday of every Month at the Rec Center ?
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Thursday, January 22
Freeport Little League Board of Directors 2015

President-Mike Aviles  

Special Assitant to President Norberto Rodriguez    

VP Senior Div. Baseball-Ray Carrasco

VP Junior Div. Baseball-Chris Richardson

Information Officer/Players Agent-Jose L. Peña

Treasurer-Larry Hammond

Secretary-Diana Brown

Coaching Coordinator-Phil Prestamo

Equipment Manager-Jacinto Diaz (JD)

Purchasing Agent-Jose B Peña   

Safety Officer-Saul Rodriguez

Division Representatives

T-Ball (4-5 yr. olds)- Tara Kimlingen

Rookies-(6-7 yr. olds)-Marina Philippe

A-(8-9 yr. olds)-Jose Luis Nunez 

AA-(9-10 yr. olds)-Nick Iacono

Majors-(12-13 yr. olds)-David Rodriguez

Senior Division (13-18 yr. olds)-Ray Carrasco/Jose B Peña

Sunday, March 22



The league currently has $31k 


Total registrants:

48 T-ball

68   Rookies

18  8 yr olds 

54  9/10 yr olds

48 11/12 yr olds 

20  Juniors

16  Seniors


Being that there are not enough 8U players, the Board members discussed taking the top six 8 year olds and moving them up to play with the 9/10 year olds.

The remaining twelve 8U players will be teamed with the 6 & 7 year olds (Rookies).


Regarding the majors, if there are only four teams, they will possibly play inter-league.  If there are enough registrants in that age group to make six teams, they will play in house. 


Uniforms will be ordered this weekend.


* Evaluations are this weekend.  Due to inclement weather, Saturday’s evaluations for majors/minors will be held at Dodd Jr. HS at 9:45 am.

* Drafts will be next Thursday, March 26th , location/time TBD.

* Coaches’ clinic scheduled for 8 pm on Friday, March 27 at Bayview. 




Mets tickets are available and Mike is waiting on additional tickets.

There is no confirmed date for the Yankees game yet. 



The team fee was reduced from $650 to $550 


Equipment will be handed out on April 4th at 12pm. 


Opening Day, April 25th

Banners need to go up and new tables and tents need to be purchased prior to opening day


April 18th is the tentative date for pitch, hit &run. 


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