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2015 Golf Outing
Monday, September 28





Dear Little League Parents, 


As mandated in the by-laws of the Freeport Little League, the league must elect a new board of directors in its November meeting for the next year. All current board positions are open to nomination to any parent who has a child currently registered in Little League or serving as a member of the current board. If you are interested in serving as a board member for 2016 you must attend the general meeting scheduled for October 7, 2015 in the Recreation Center at 8pm to express your interest. The election for the new board will be held in the general meeting on Thursday November 10th again in the Rec. Center at 8pm.The election will be for only those board positions being challenged. 

The board will begin working on the 2016 agenda immediately after the election results. 




Mike Aviles, President 




Dear Friends, On behalf of the entire Freeport Little League family we want to thank you for your support of our 63rd Anniversary and our Yearly Golf outing. We depend so much on our sponsors to help us keep the league afloat and your support of this year’s outing will go a long way to helping us realize our goals as a league. We want the league to be a source of many good things for the children of our community and their families including the many life lessons that can come from team sports. Your support has helped us to make that possible and we want you to know that it is greatly appreciated. Gratefully yours,

Mike Aviles – league president

Phil Prestamo – event coordinator



2015 2016 Baseball and Softball Registration Boys and Girls Age 4 - 18 as of December 31, 2016 ON-LINE REGISTRATION ONLY @ *First time registrants can register on-line but must provide proof of age such as an original birth certificate or passport prior to opening day.


T-Ball 4-5 Years Old Rookie 6-7 Years Old $75.00

Baseball 8-10 Years Old $85.00

Baseball 11-12 Years Old $100.00

Baseball 13-16 Years Old $125.00

Baseball 17-18 years Old $200.00

Girl’s Softball 11-12 Years Old $ 50.00

Girl’s Softball 13-14 Years Old $ 50.00

Freeport Little League has a $300 cap on family registration. Sign up 3 or more children pay one fee. All children must reside in same address to be eligible. Proof of address for children must be furnished e.g .report card, During Early Bird Special family cap will be lowered to $ 225.00.

VOLUNTEERS Freeport Little League is a volunteer based organization and we are always looking for more help. We hold General Meetings the first Tuesday of EVERY MONTH at 8:00 PM at the Recreation Center. Next General Meeting will be held Tuesday September 8th, 2015







Congratulations to the 2015 MAJORS CHAMPIONS LT.BLUE Great Work 


Congratulations to the 2015 Minors CHAMPIONS Orange Great Work  









Chicago Bulls Theme

Handout: Minors Rule Book

2015 Season Survey
1) How Would you Rate FLL on a scale of 1-5 (1 being Poor and 5 being the best)
2) Do You Feel FLL is interested in your Opinion
3) List 3 Things that you would like to see Changed (added or subtracted) from the League
         write-in your own answer above
4) Are you aware that FLL holds general meetings on the 1st Tuesday of every Month at the Rec Center ?
5) Have You Ever Attended a General Meeting? Why or Why Not?
         write-in your own answer above

Thursday, January 22
Freeport Little League Board of Directors 2015

President-Mike Aviles  

Special Assitant to President Norberto Rodriguez    

VP Senior Div. Baseball-Ray Carrasco

VP Junior Div. Baseball-Chris Richardson

Information Officer/Players Agent-Jose L. Peña

Treasurer-Larry Hammond

Secretary-Diana Brown

Coaching Coordinator-Phil Prestamo

Equipment Manager-Jacinto Diaz (JD)

Purchasing Agent-Jose B Peña   

Safety Officer-Saul Rodriguez

Division Representatives

T-Ball (4-5 yr. olds)- Tara Kimlingen

Rookies-(6-7 yr. olds)-Marina Philippe

A-(8-9 yr. olds)-Jose Luis Nunez 

AA-(9-10 yr. olds)-Nick Iacono

Majors-(12-13 yr. olds)-David Rodriguez

Senior Division (13-18 yr. olds)-Ray Carrasco/Jose B Peña

Saturday, August 29

Please fill out the attached registration form and return via email with Online transaction number to us so we are able to update our records with your childs registration info. 




Handout: Registration Form

Sunday, March 22

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