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  Draft Rules  

Draft Rules
1-The Draft will begin with each team drawing a number from a hat. {decides draft order}
2-Each team is allowed 1 Head Coach and 2 Assistant coaches. That Team retains the coaches kids. {3 players}
2-Each team gets 1 first round draft pick.
3-prior to the biginning of 2nd round-any team with less than 5 players will be allowed to pick from the remaining pool of players until each team has at least 5 players. The coaches {3} kids are part of the 5 players.
4-2nd round-->will begin by reversing the order of selection{i.e. last pick to first pick} The order of selection will continue to reverse in each succeeding round.
5- once a team has 9 players on their roster tat team drops out of the draft until all teams have 9 players.
6- once each team has 9 players the draft resumes in regular order until all players have been drafted.

*** ALL PLAYERS THAT DO NOT SHOW UP FOR THE DRAFT WILL HAVE THEIR NAMES PUT INTO A HAT AND WILL BE DRAWN OUT OF A HAT. {no one can skip tryouts to sneak thru draft to stack a team}

*** Each leagues draft will be conducted by a seperate comissioner so their can be no manipulation of the draft!

Coaches Picks
Each team is entitled to a head coach and 2 assistant coaches. Each Coaches kid {3 in total} is automatically on the team.

If a player is designated a coach's choice and the player returns for the next season, the coach does not get another coach's pick regardless if the player's parent/guardian choses not to coach. if the coach's pick is either moving up or decides not to return then the coach will receive another coach's pick. if a coach assumes a team his son/daughter will become his coach's pick.

Tryouts - Coach's designation
Each assistant coach must be designated prior to tryouts by the head coach to the league president. if not, then a draft pick must be used to obtain that child. A head coach cannot go to tryouts, find the best player and then ask his Parent/Guardian to be an assitant coach. a Head Coach cannot protect any more than 3 players thru this process

Missing Tryouts!
any child missing tryouts cannot be picked in the draft by any head coach thru the normal draft process. Each child's name will be put into a hat and Pulled from the hat in order of the coach's draft pick number. Totally random! this will keep any coach from manipulating the draft by telling kids not to show up for tryouts.

Player requesting transfer
Any player requesting to transfer to another team will cost the recipient team their 1st round draft choice. This draft choice will become the property of the team losing the player + therefor get 2 first round draft picks.

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