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Fort Fastpitch HS team to compete in EOY Windmill league toiurney in Watertown


High School Summer Varsity tourney roster

Amber Foester

Aly Gartland

Kaitlyn Hollman

Marin Koch

Katie Raatz

Morgan Hall

Kelsey Schnoeehr

Meghan Lanza

Autumn Harden

Courtney Jacobson

Lauren Pfiefer

Paige Weber

Fighting weather, both hot and wet, this summer, Fort Fastpitch's summer varsity team plays this weekend in the Windmill League EOY tournament in Watertown.

 First game is at 3:30 PM vs Pewaukee at Brandt-Quirk Park in Watertown.

Fort Faspitch has won GOLD the last two EOY tournaments it entered.  

This weekend we strive for the 'hat trick".

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