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Wednesday, April 5
Florida Maniacs

 This site is dedicated to the Florida Manaics. This team was one of a kind. The chemistry on and off the field was second to none.  Coach Tom Taylor molded a group of young ladies into team that will never be forgotten. The Maniacs have seperated but their accomplishments on and off the field will be remembered as one of the best young teams during the time they had together. Thanks for the memories.........................

Internet Safety and Confidentiality - The Florida Maniacs are committed to the Safety and Confidentiality of all the players and parents involved in this organization. Personal information is contained on this site for the benefit of college recruiting and player scouting. Use of this information inconsistent with the mission of the Twilight Maniacs is unethical and may be violation of local, state, and federal laws (COPPA). Further, any person wishing to contact a player on any team roster should first contact the team manager. DIRECT PLAYER CONTACT WITHOUT THE MANAGER'S PERMISSION IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!


Wednesday, January 3
Maniac Record 2002-2006

.800 winning percentage