Florida Gold Coast Volleyball: Handbook

Thursday, November 11
Registration Requirements and Form

Registration Requirements:

1.  USVBA Papers

2.  USVBA Membership Card

3.  Birth Certificate

4.  Medical Release Notarized

5.  Registration Fee which includes first month's dues. 

 Registration Form:

Athlete’s Name_______________________________________Age______ Parent’s___________________________________USVBA papers______ Address_____________________________________________card_____ Phone_____________________Cell_______________________B.C._____ e-mail____________________________________              Med. Rel._____ EVENT             COST         PAID            CHECK #         BALANCERegistration_____________________________________________________Uniform

Jan. Dues

Thursday, November 11
Tournament Schedule and Fees
Tournaments to Choose                      _____Jan. 8 or 9 local one day $35 (elite)

     _____  1/15-17 OVA/MLK in Orlando ages 15-18 : 3 Day approx. cost $285


     ______1/15-17 Miami-MLK Regional Ranking : 3 Day approx. cost $175 no hotel


     ______ 1/22-23 OVA /MLK part2 in Orlando 14 and under; approximate cost $260

                     _____1/22 or 23 Local one day $35 (club)

     _____  1/29-30 Daytona Beach: 2 Day approx. $220


    ______2/5-6 Gulf Coast Invitational in Clearwater: 2 Day approx. $250

                    _____ 2/5 or 6 Local one day $35 (elite)

    ______2/12-13 ASICS/OVA Invitational in Orlando: 2 Day approx. $225

                     _____2/12 or 13 Local one day $35 (club)

     _____   2/19-21 President’s Day Volleyfest in Orlando:  3 Day approx. cost $300

                     _____3/5 or 6 Local one day $35 (elite)

     _____ 3/12-3/14 or 3/18-20 Colorado Crossroads N.Q. in Denver: approx. cost $400 plus airfare

                     _____ 3/12 or 13 Local two day $35 (club)

     _____  3/19-20 Cloverleaf Invite in Ft. Lauderdale; 2 day tournament $120

                   3/18 is High Performance try-outs for District 4-Boys and Girls


     _____ 3/26-27 Disney Classic in Orlando; 2 Day approx. cost $225


    ______3/26-27 Regional Ranking in Tampa: 2 Day approx. $300


     _____ 3/18-20 or 4/8-10 JNQ Hoosier Mid East in Columbus, OH: approx. cost $400 plus airfare


     _____ 4/9 HP Try-outs in Ft. Lauderdale


    _____ 4/10-11 Ft. Laud. Invitational ages 12-18: approx. cost $100


     _____ 4/8-10 or 17-17 JNQ- Northern Lights in Minneapolis, MN; approx. cost $400 plus airfare


     _____ 4/9-10 Regional Bid Championships in Orlando; approx. cost $250

                            High Performance try-out on the 8th for Girls


     ______4/16-17 Ft. Lauderdale Invite 2 days; all ages; cost $120


     _____ 4/16-18 or 22-24 JNQ North East Qualifier in Baltimore, MD: approx. cost $400 plus airfare


    _____ 4/30-5/1 Palm Beach Classic in Palm Beach ages 12-18; approx. cost $120


    _____ 5/7-8 Regional Championships in Orlando ages 10-18; approx. cost $230


    6/25-7/4 USA Junior Olympics are in Atlanta, GA and boy’s June 29-July6 Minneapolis,MN

All Tournament costs include hotel, entry fee, coaches expenses, tolls, and gas : everything except food money for your child. Parent hotel rooms are their own responsibility unless the parent is driving for the team. We always stay at the Quality Suites in Orlando on Bronson Hwy 407-997-4197 or fax to 407-997-4193 and ask for Melissa in Group Sales. Each team chooses the tournaments they will attend and must COMMITT! 

NAME of Player___________________________________________


Parent Signature____________________________________________

Thursday, November 11
Refund Policy
There is no Refund except in a medical case situation and that is to the discretion of Lori Eaton.  When possible the finances will carry over to the next time the player can return.

Thursday, November 11
Practice Schedule
The practice schedule will be posted the beginning of each month under the calendar section of the website.

Thursday, November 11
Dispute Resolution Policy
Any player or parent with a concern must contact Lori Eaton.  Our registration and practice group are charged monthly.  At any time a player can be released from the club if so desired, provided they are payed up for the month.  The local team has made a committment and must follow through with that committment financially before a release is allowed.  The travel team must also follow through with their financial committment before  a release is allowed.

Thursday, November 11
Florida Gold Coast Agenda 

A. History-1984-present 2nd oldest Volleyball Club in the state; Article in Volley News in 2009


B. Registration I need a copy of the Form from online (www.usavfl.org) either new member or returning member, copy of the card, Notarized Form of medical release, Waiver Release of Liability and Copy of Birth Certificate. Registration will occur starting tonight if you have everything. You can also bring the registration here and put it in my mailbox. I am usually here until 4. Players cannot practice until registration goes through. Our website is:



C. The Teams:  Practice and camp like practice will occur until we decide we can or want to compete. Then, a travel team or two will be selected based on ability and finance.


D. Practice Schedule We try to practice 3 times per week. The gyms used this year will be Pine Crest Boca, Advent Lutheran, and Spanish River (possibly outside at Spanish River).


E. Tournament Commitment Form: This tells us what you are willing to commit to and go to as a team. Or just mark that you want to practice only.


F. Uniform Sheet: NOT NECESSARY unless you plan on playing in tournaments. The uniform package usually includes a bag, 3 uniform shirts, and 1 spandex.


G. Coaches for specific teams have not been determined so groups of coaches practice together until we decide who they have a connection with. Lori Eaton, Karen Adams, Devon Woolard, Jenna Hylkema, and other coaches or chosen high school seniors.


H. Cost: we charge one registration fee of $200 and a monthly fee for practices: $135 for 15’s and 14’s. The 13’s and 12’s are $130. Each tournament is a separate fee.

Multiple children= $10 off for the second child and $20 off the third child per month. These discounts are not on registration.


I. ALL papers must be turned in before a player can practice on December 5th which include registration proof, medical release notarized, birth certificate and release paper.


J.  There will be a mandatory clinic for all players from all South Florida Region for rules and refereeing at Spanish River in January.


K. Quitting or Changing Clubs: ALL bills to date must be paid and I must write a letter releasing you once you have registered with our club.


L. Andrea Hibben Scholarship Application: An essay explaining why you should get your dues for free for the season starting in Dec. This does not include registration fee.


M. Everyone will show up on December 5th at Spanish River (16-14 at 1:00) or Pine Crest in Boca (12-13 at 1:00) for the first practice and will get a schedule for the month. One week before the end of the month, a new schedule will be released and handed out as well as on our website.