18U WORTH Firecracker Red Hots: Welcome

Last Red Hots Picture 8-8-10
The WORTH Firecracker Red Hots Played Their Last Game As A RED HOT 8-8-10
Sunday, November 20
2010 NSA 18U State Champions

The WORTH Firecracker Red Hots are a competitive travel team based out of Leominster, MA. Our primary practice field is the Monahan Complex in Dracut.

Firecracker Philosophy - It is our mission as coaches and parents to provide our young athletes with one of the greatest sports experiences they could ever imagine. We believe that all players should strive for academic excellence in the classroom, get actively involved in their community, learn and focus on developing strong fundamental athletic skills, understand the true meaning of playing within a team concept and have fun doing it. High expectations + lofty goals = a wonderful, memorable and life long experience. It is also the expectation that all players, parents and coaches will represent the Firecracker Organization in a positive and well respected manner.


23U Looney Tunes Softball Team Formed for 2011

Former 18U WORTH Firecracker Red Hots coaches George Roy, Peter Ferraro and Rick Mahoney will be coaching the 23U Looney Tunes for the 2011 softball season. The team is expecting to play 3 tournaments including the 23U NSA Father's Day Tournament, the 23U MA NSA State Tournament and the 23U NSA Nationals all in Leominster, MA. A new ETeamz 23U Looney Tunes website will be up the week of January 23rd with the roster and college/high school  links for updates on their season.

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18U  WORTH  Firecracker Red Hots - 2010   

The WORTH Firecracker Red Hots Announce The Team Is Retiring The Name.
 The WORTH Firecracker Red Hots Team has just played it 8th and final season as a team. Many of the players will be together as a 23U team in 2011 but under a different name. Over the past 8 years since starting as a 1st year 12U team, the Red Hots have amassed 365 wins, 112 losses, 25 tournament championships, 3 MA State titles and finished in the top 25 four times at various Nationals (5th, 13th, 17th & 25th). We have all been a part of many exciting games like the 2-1 win over the Georgia State Champions the Georgia Heat in 2007 at the FAST Nationals, the 5-4 win over the Virginia State Champions the VA Shooting Stars in 2005 at the NSA Nationals, the 2010 All-American Showcase Tournament when the players were attacked by millions of Mayflies and the 1st MA State Tournament championship with a win over the New England Firebirds 10-3 in Swansea. We have had some terrrific players play for the Red Hots over the years. Each one of them made their own contribution to the history both on and off the field. We truly appreciate those contributions.
Thank you Coaches
Thank you Staff
Thank you Players.
...It's been a ball
WORTH Firecracker Red Hots from 2003-2010 now in

 7-2-10 The Slapper

The Slapper - NSA States vs Lady Rebels 7-2-10

 Fall Brawl Chels-2009Fall Brawl Taz-2009

Firecracker Red Hots Stopping the Steal and Starting a Steal  (Photos Courest of Dan Banks)

 Bri n Sheri

Always Good to Get the Win

2010 NSA States Champions-Fun

The Red Hots Started as 12U NSA State Champs and ended as 18U NSA State Champs

2010 18u All American Champs

18U WORTH Firecracker Red Hots 2009 - 2010 Tournament Schedule  

2009 - 2010 Tournament Results - 44 Wins - 9 Losses - 1 Tie


Sept. 18 - 20, 2009                               Fall Brawl Tournament - Dracut, MA  - 2nd Place
                                                             Pool Play
                                                                  Saturday vs New England Hornets - W 4-2
                                                                  Saturday vs Mass Destruction - W 9-4
                                                                  Saturday vs Lady Rebels - W 10-4
                                                             Single Elimination
                                                                   Quarter Finals - Sunday vs Central MA Thunder W 5-3
                                                                   Semi-Finals - Sunday vs Lady Rebels W 5-4
                                                                   Finals - Sunday vs New England Phoenix Gold - L 8-0
June 18 - 20, 2010                               Southern Maine Flame Tournament - Scarborough, ME - 2nd Place
                                                             Pool Play
                                                                   Saturday vs Frozen Ropes Blue  -W 10-1
                                                                   Saturday vs ME Riptide - W 11-3
                                                                   Saturday vs Southern Maine Flame Red - W 5-0 
                                                             Single Elimination
                                                                   Quarter Finals - Sunday vs ME Riptide - W 8-3
                                                                   Semi-Finals - Sunday vs Southern Maine Flame Red - W 7-0
                                                                   Finals - Sunday vs Frozen Ropes White - L 10-1  
Red Hots Make the Finals in the Southern Maine Flame Tournament - What a perfect weekend for a softball tournament and better yet in Maine. The Firecracker Red Hots went undefeated through the Saturday Pool Play and went in to the single elimination rounds on Sunday ranked #1. The Red Hots continued their winning ways beating the Maine Riptide 8 to 3 and the Southern Maine Flame Red 7-0 leading up to the final game against the very strong Frozen Ropes White Team where the Firecracker lost 10-1 on some incredible hitting on the part of the FRW including 2 huge homeruns. The team stayed at the Waves Resort at Old Orchard Beach and also took in the rides at the Old Orcahrd Park on Friday and Saturday night. It was a great weekend had by all. Pictures to come and a great way to start off the season. Our hats off to the organizers of the Maine tournament Tim Hannan and Steve Martin. We highly recommend their tournament
June 25 - 27, 2010                               NSA Polar Crush College Showcase Tournament - Devens, MA*
                                                              5 Game Guarantee
                                                                   Friday vs Bay State Thunder - W 4-1
                                                                   Friday vs Upper Deck Fury - W 16-2
                                                                   Saturday vs Ct Rapids Elite  - W 6-3
                                                                   Saturday vs Frozen Ropes Blue - W 9-2
                                                                   Saturday vs NWS Elite - W 8-2     
July 2 - 4, 2010                                    NSA 18U States Tournament - Leominster/Dracut, MA - State Champions
                                                              Winners/Losers Bracket Play
                                                                    Friday vs Lady Rebels - W 8-3
                                                                    Saturday vs New England Firebirds - W 7-2
                                                                    Quarter Finals - Sunday vs NH GatorsW 12-7
                                                                    Semi-Finals - Sunday vs Northeast Hurricanes - W 5-3
                                                                    Finals - Sunday vs Drifters Elite - W 6-4
July 9 - 11, 2010                                  CT Tradition College Showcase Tournament - Wallingford, CT
                                                              Pool Play
                                                                    Friday vs NWS Elite - W 4-3
                                                                    Saturday vs Tradition South - L 2-1
                                                                    Saturday vs LI Mustangs - W 13-3
                                                              Single Elimination - Silver Bracket                                                                         
                                                                    Quarter Finals - Sunday vs XTreme Chaos - W 10-0
                                                                    Semi-Finals - Sunday vs CT Elimination Red - L 5-1                                                   
July 16 - 18, 2010                                All American College Showcase Tournament - Lowell, MA - All American Champions
                                                              Pool Play
                                                                    Friday vs Reading Rockets - W 10-2
                                                                    Friday vs NH Diamond Gems - T 3-3
                                                                    Friday vs NE Hurricanes Red - W 2-1
                                                                    Saturday vs Mass Inferno - W 6-0
                                                                    Saturday vs Mass Attack 16 - W 12-1
                                                               Single Elimination
                                                                    Sunday vs Mass Mayhem - W 5-0
                                                                    Sunday vs Upper Deck Fury - W 8-0
                                                                    Quarter Finals - Sunday vs Frozen Ropes White - W 4-0
                                                                    Semi-Finals - Sunday vs RI Thunder Elite - W 10-3
                                                                    Finals - Sunday vs NH Gators - W 6-4 
What a long but rewarding day Sunady was. The Red Hots got to the fields at 10:15 AM, played 5 straight games and ended up leaving exactly 12 hours later at 10:15 PM. The day will be remembered for a long time as one of the more demanding and interesting days of competition for this team. Normally knocking off the #1 seed would a good day in itself but following that win up with a win over a very good RI Thunder made the day a day of accomplishments. The championship game against the NH Gators was almost surreal. The Red Hots went up 2 to 0 followed by the Gators going up 4 to 2 followed by the Red Hots scoring 4 runs in the bottom half of the inning to go up 6-4 where the score remained. And while this very entertainign game was going on, millions of Mayflies descended upon the field making it almost impossible to play. Pictures looked like it was snowing. The air started to thin out by the 6th inning but only because all these millions of Mayflies had begun to drop and cover the infield & outfield. Quite disgusting yet it made for a very unique championship game. Note: Parents were writing the next day that they were finding Mayflies in their daughter's uniform still! 
                                                                    Red Hots finish #1 out of 54 teams. Champions get jackets!
Its Bugging me
The NH Gators Took Some Grounders During The Game But Caught A Lot More Flies Then They Expected! 
July 23 - 25, 2010                                NSA 23U Nationals - Leominster, MA
                                                               Pool Play
                                                                     Friday vs Pandemonium L 4-3
                                                                     Friday vs New Hampshire Rhythm Cancelled due to heavy rains
                                                                     Saturday - Seedings based on single game from pool play / Double Elimination rounds begin Saturday afternoon
                                                               Double Elimination Rounds
                                                                     Saturday vs Firebirds L 9-0
                                                                     Saturday vs Pandemonium W 3-2 (9 innings)
                                                                     Sunday vs Central MA Bad Apples L 4-2
                                                                     ( Play Flat = Play Less)
July 30 - August 1, 2010                     NSA Summer Slam College Showcase Tournament - Dracut, MA - 2nd Place
                                                               Pool Play
                                                                     Saturday vs Central MA Thunder - W 7-3
                                                                     Saturday vs RI Shamrocks - W 4-0
                                                                     Saturday vs Mass Pressure - L 5-3
                                                                     Saturday vs Mass Raptors - W 13-1
                                                               Single Elimination Round
                                                                     Sunday vs Smackdown - W 11-1
                                                                     Quarter Finals - Sunday vs Middlesex Crossfire - W 8-6
                                                                     Semi-Finals - Sunday vs Concord Raiders Blue - W 6-2
                                                                     Finals - Sunday vs Mass Pressure - L 5-4
August 6 - 8, 2010                               New England's Finest Showcase Tournament - Plainville, MA
                                                               Pool Play
                                                                      Thursday vs MA Galaxy - W 5-1
                                                                      Friday vs CT Rapids Elite - W 5-0
                                                                      Saturday vs Hudson Valley Express Sergio - W 13-1
                                                                      Saturday vs Stratford Breakers - W 8-1
                                                                      Sunday vs Mass Destruction - W 4-2