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Short Season Facts

Wednesday, April 10
Short Season Facts

Many NJYHL midget levels elect to play short season or a modified short season. All AA midget levels are required to play short season.

Short season doesn't interfere with High School hockey. Short season allows players to play a league travel season and move to High School play after league season is completed.

Avoid High School and Club team policy conflicts, "If you go to your club and not here or vice-versa scenarios".

Short season allows player to focus on studies at this particularly important time in life rather than spending 3 nights of practice and 3 nights/days of games.

Most NJ teams play short season so it is very difficult to schedule meaningful games after November.  

Midget aged players are not as committed as when they were younger so it's tougher to get the roster numbers for games after league play ends in November. i.e., part time jobs, school activities, social events.

Short season is significantly less expensive for families and players.

Fewer injuries due to overuse and fatigue.