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Carbon Monoxide Concerns in Ice Rinks

Carbon Monoxide Concerns in Ice Rinks

 Response from Pat Ferrill, VP Rink Development Flyers SkateZone

I can respond to the question regarding air quality in ice arenas. As evidenced by the article links that Mr. Boynton has provided, there have been some incidents over the last few years around the country where carbon monoxide levels have reached dangerous levels inside ice rinks.

It has been found that such incidents are usually the result of faulty ice maintenance equipment (resurfacer or edger). Obviously, regular maintenance of this equipment ensures that the emissions from these machines will not reach dangerous levels. In addition to this, the newer dehumdification units (used inside ice rinks) are equipped to provide outside (fresh) air at any time, and especially in the event of a high reading of carbon monoxide levels inside the ice rink.

On top of that, we at Flyers Skate Zone monitor the air quality on a very regular basis to ensure that our air quality is safe. These newer dehumidification units are equipped with sensors that constantly monitor the level of carbon monoxide inside the ice rink and will automatically "flush" the rink with 100% outside air if there was ever a time when the carbon monoxide levels exceeded the level that is deemed unsafe.

Thus, in most cases of air quality incidents, it has been typically older ice rinks with older mechanical equipment and, in some cases, equipment that has not been maintained properly.

At all Flyers Skate Zones, we have leading-edge, technologically advanced equipment. In addition, we regularly monitor the air quality in each of our rinks. The safety of our players and spectators is of utmost importance and I can give you every assurance that the air in our rinks is safe.