Florida Youth Football League: About Us

Wednesday, December 28

Mission Statement: "It Takes a Village…"

Our organization will make every effort to insure that every child with the desire to participate gets the opportunity. We are committed to instilling Discipline, Sportsmanship, and Respect in our young participants. We will instill in our youth the challenge of competition, the joy of victory, and the reality of defeat.

Our scholar athlete recognition program will highlight the importance of academic achievement, and empasize the whole STUDENT/ATHLETE . These goals will be achieved through our dedicated volunteers, parents and sponsors of our great football and cheer programs and league.

Initial Objectives

We know that the day to day operations of running and maintaining a successful program is a huge task in itself. So aside from the details of mission statement, The Florida Youth Football League hopes to create a league that stimulates clubs' growth, progress, and development. By soliciting corporate sponsors and creating fruitful relationships with vendors and suppliers, we hope to create viable relationships which in turn create cost savings for “OUR” member clubs. This in turn increases the experience of the participating families within “OUR” programs. In efforts to maximize “OUR” buying potential and increase the value of “OUR” dollar these actions may prove to be paramount for “OUR” member clubs and families.

Board Structure

To insure the integrity of the league our desire is to create a Board structure that is totally inclusive, thus allowing the member clubs to govern and set the direction for this league. There will be an E-Board that will consist of at least A President, (2) Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer. (To date none of these seats have been field, and a general election will take place to fill these positions by the member clubs.) Every club will be represented on the Board and every club will have a total of one (1) vote. The E- Board will collectively vote and the majority of the E-Boards vote will represent ONLY one (1) vote, used to break ties by the Board only.


Staying true to the idea if inclusion, no By-Laws are set in place until a quorum of member clubs is established where by-laws will be created and voted on by member clubs. The template of the SFYFL, AYFL, Extreme, and Pop-Warner bylaws will be used to formulate our By-Laws.

Orange Bowl

We have been awarded a Charter to the National Youth Football League (NYFL) thus allowing us access to the Orange Bowl Alliance (OBA). Our member clubs will receive and be eligible for all the benefits afforded by the OBA. Member clubs will receive $2,500.00 for insurance purchase for being in the OBA; if you currently have insurance then the monies received can be used at the club’s discretion. Also, while being a member of the OBA you qualify to apply for Needs Grants from the OBA for up to $10,000.

What are the parameters of receiving a Charter from NYFL? We have play in the OBA Championship Series! We will have our own board, we will have our own by-laws, and we will have our own Playoffs and Super Bowl.


 • Platinum Artist FLO-RIDA

• Strong Arm Management (ww.imgstrongarmworld.com)

• More are in the works.

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