FWU Reign 92: Welcome

Reign 92 Purple
WA State Premier Girls Soccer
Now that out final league season is over and our participation in the state cup has come to a close I would like to that all the girls for a great season. We started off the year losing a long time coach and a little unsure that we would have enough returing players to continue. We ended up with a team that was stronger than those of at least the two prior years. Now many of the girls look forward to playing in college. Good luck and thanks for a fun ride. Watching you all play has been a blast. 

Great Job in High School Soccer Playoffs ladies!
It was fun to watch and track your team's progress
We had Girls on 7 High School teams make it into league playoffs
and 5 High School teams that moved on to States

Spring State League

2010 CAP Score Finals 


Please Visit our other website http://www.fwureign92.com/ for our tournament list,
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For Information About the Team Please Contact:

Jeff Williams Senior1512@gmail.com  Team Manager
Tom Moore tmoore@highline.edu  Head Coach 
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