Fox Valley Thunder Volleyball: Fundraising

Fundraising Opportunity

 Players have the opportunity to sell Spirit Cups, Travel Cups and Popcorn featuring NFL, MLB, Major Colleges and Armed Forces.  All funds raised go directly to the player and their fees.  


How it works: 

Players sell the cups/popcorn through a flyer and for each item sold they will receive $6.00. 

The fundraiser will begin now and run through November 30.  This will allow delivery for the holidays.

 Players must turn in their forms along with the money at practice on or before the November 30th date.


The 13's and 14's can begin selling now!  The older age levels can begin selling as soon as they accept a position with Fox Valley Thunder!


To view the products go to


Please contact the Director, Cory Clark, if you are interested in selling and need a form.