Fox Valley Thunder Volleyball: Welcome

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Welcome to the Fox Valley Thunder Volleyball Club!  


Fox Valley Thunder is excited to begin a new season! We will be having a Parent/Player informational meeting at the end of September followed by tryouts for the 13's and 14's in the beginning of October and for the 15's-17's in middle of November.  We are currently working on dates, times and locations for all the above.  Please check the website often for updates.


We will once again be partnering with Valley Athletics and Big Impact Performance Training for our in season conditioning sessions. More details to follow.. 




 2014 Season Finishes

1st place = 5

2nd place = 6 

3rd place = 8

4th place = 1

5th place = 6 


Notable finishes: 

Badger League = 15-1's place 7/28

 16-1's place 3/27

   16-2's place 10/27 


Badger Championships= 13's place 17/38

14-1's place 29/71

15--1's place 11/51

15-2's place 13/51

16-1's place 2/49

16-2's place 5/49

17-1's place 2/24 


WI Juniors Winter Classic=  15-1's place 19/40

15-2's place 16/40

16-1's place 10/40 












Contact us 

Director: Cory Clark

Phone: 232-9622

Address:  P.O. Box 3963

Oshkosh, WI 54903