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Saturday, August 2
Week 4


Game 1: Little Bricks are looking very impressive this year as they continue their winning ways with a victory over Seth Boyden 24-13. Felix was led by Junior and Yasim with 6pts with Seth Boyden leading scorers being Aziz Cox with 9pts.

Game 2: Terrell Homes won by forfeit against Jose Rosario

 Game 3: Bradley Court defeated Baxter Terrace 33-17. Bradley Court was led by Nasheed Jackson with 12pts and Shahire Williamson with 8pts. Baxter Terrace was led Abdul Jahlil with 8pts.


Game 1: Riverside defeated Seth Boyden 43-38 with Riverside getting strong play from Jahad N. with 21pts and Jaquan with 10pts. Seth Boyden was led by Marvin with 7pts.

Game 2: Bradley Court is still undefeated from a year ago with GKV becoming the latest team to suffer a defeat of 43-32. Bradley Court got a steller performance from Larry with 21pts.  GKV was led by Jozell Moon with 11pts and Kris M.Court with 10pts.

Game 3: Broadway prove to be too much for Jose Rosario defeating them 45-18 with only five players.  Broadway was led by Brandon with 23pts and Marvin with 10pts. Jose Rosario was led by Robert with 3pts.

Game 4:Terrell Homes continue to struggle with a 31-19 lost to Pennington Court.  Pennington Court was led by Maurice with 11pts and two players with 6pts. Terrell was led by Akil with 4pts.

Game 5: Baxter wins by forfeit.

Game 6: New Hope stills look good as they defeated Felix Fuld 41-35 with New Hope leading scorer being Lareem Sanchez with 15pts and Joshua C. with 12pts.

Saturday, July 26
Week 3 Action


Game 1 Terrell Homes avenged their lost to Felix Fuld in a highly contested battle between these two teams winning 14-8. Terrell Homes was led by Kashawn Ellis with 6pts. Lil Bricks was led by Miel and Yasim with 4pts.

Game 2 Bradley Court wins by forfeit against Jose Rosario.

Game 3 Seth Boyden beat out Baxter Terrace 42-20. Seth was led by Aziz Cox with 20pts and AlJaquan Dunel with 9pts.


Game 1 Terrell Homes defeated Broadway Villa 46-20 The leading scorer for Terrell Homes was Eric Harnel with 18pts and Dayshawn Haywood with 14pts. Raquan Allen added 8pts in the victory. Broadway was led by Raymond Bone with 10pts with Sutan Paige and Yamin Maxey with 5pts.

Game 2 Bradley Court has won 13 straight games dating back to last year with their 45-11 defeat to Jose Rosario. Bradley was led by Malcom Ford with 15pts and Kyle Peterson with 12pts. Jose Rosario was led by Karim Ahmad with 4pts.

Game 3 The most hard faught game of the early day thus far with Baxter Terrace and New Hope Baptist Church with New Hope ina 40-34 victory. New Hope got heavy contributions from their entire team but was led by Laveen Sanchez with 13pts. Baxter was led by Keith M. with 16pts.

Game 4 Georgia King Villa defeated Pennington Court 36-24. GKV was led by Kris with 10pts. Pennington was led by Maurice Green with 14pts.

Game 5 Riverside lost 41-42 to Felix Fuld in a game that went down to the last shot. in overtime. Felix was led by Constatine Henderson with 10pts.  Riverside was led by Jahid W. with 17pts.

High School 

Game 1 Broadway prove to be too much for Terrell Homes with a 57-38 victory. Broadway was led by Shakeem Kirk (Shabazz) with 28pts and Kevin Bell sophmore (Center High) with 18pts. Terrell Homes was led by Kuwan McAdams with 16pts in the lost.

 Game 2 Bradley defeated Jose Rosario by forfeit.

Game 3 Baxter Terrace defeated Hyatt Court by forfeit.

Game 4 Georgia King Villa won by forfeit against Pennington Court.

Game 5 In a slow day Riverside and Felix Fuld brought life back to the High School court with a spectacular performance.  Felix Fuld pulled off a four point victory 48-44 in a game that slipped away from Riverside in the last few seconds of the game. Little Bricks was led by Amir with 9pts. Riverside was led by Malcom with 11pts and Hakem with 9pts.

Game 6 prove to be the game of the day with Seth Boyden facing undefeated Stephen Crane. Stephen Crane and Seth Boyden who was shorthanded with most of their players out of town exchanged leads throughout the game. Stephen Crane won by one on a controversy call down the stretch 47-46. Stephen Crane was led by Tennessee (Weequahic) with 20pts. Seth Boyden was led by Davon Gibson (University High) who put the team on his back with 40pts.



Saturday, July 19

Game 1 Seth Boyden wins by forfeit..

Game 2 Bradley Court defeats Terrell Homes 24-18. Bradley was led by Sayyvone Williams with 8pts with Arthur Fisher and Kanem Williams with 6pts. Terrell was led by Keyshawn Ellis and Raekwon Porerfah with 6pts.

Game 3 Lil Bricks defeated BT 28-14. Lil bricks was led by Jr and Miel with 8pts. BT was led by James Olbert with 10pts.


Saturday, July 19
Week Two 12-14

Game 1 Seth Boyden defeated Felix Fuld 38-33 in classic game of this early season.. Seth was led by the Super Marvin with 18pts as he showcased his all around talent and point gaurd ability. Felix was led by Yusef White with 11pts and Troy Prunty with 10pts...

Game 2 New Hope won on forfeit

Game 3 Baxter Terrace defeated Riverside Villa 47 - 39. Johnathan lead all scores with 10pts and Al-Rashon Brown with 9pts.

Game 4 Bradley Court continue to dominate the league with their play defending their championship against Terrell Homes winning 37-21.  Bradley Court was led by Larry with 11pts. Terrell was led by Hakin Eley with 7pts.

Game 5 GKV defeated Jose Rosario 47 - 25. GKV had three players with 6pts to lead the way. Jose was led by Robert Coggins with 7pts.

Game 6 Pennington Court defeated Broadway 37-21. Pennington was led by Maurice Green with 13pts and Shahia Valentine with 10pts. Broadway was led by Marvin with 16pts.

Saturday, July 19
Highschool action

Game 1 Felix Fuld rebound from their last week lost to beat out Seth Boyden 41-35. Felix Fuld was led by Fuquan with 10pts. Seth Boyden was led by Sahid with 8pts.

Game 2 Stephen Crane a late addition came in to defeated Hyatt 45-27. Stephen Crane looking very impressive was led by Tyrell with 17pts and Reggie with 11ptz.  Hyatt Court was led by Hakeem with 6pts.

Game 3 Proved to be one of the games of best games of the day with Baxter Terrace defeating Riverside Villa in overtime 38-37. Baxter performing well without their star gaurd Kenneth Ortiz prove they are more than a one man team. Baxter was led by Farrod Mack with 13pts. Riverside was led by Malcom with 9pts.

Game 4 Bradley Court continued their high flying ways defeating Terrell Homes 40-17. Bradley was led by Cooley with 21pts. Terrell Homes was led by Rashon Allan with 6pts.

Game 5 GKV proved why they are defending champs beating out Jose Rosario 53-9. GKV was led by Smiddy with 13pts and James Clowers with 11pts. Jose Rosario was led by Khalil with 3pts.

Game 6 Broadway defeated Pennington Court 50 -40. Broadway was led by Allan Weathers with 20pts and Shakeem Kirk with 16pts. Pennington Court was led by Bilal Gordon with 20pts and Jihad Tutt with 14pts.

Saturday, July 12
Week one full of action in the 11-u

Game 1

Felix Fuld "Little Bricks" put on a show looking to rise to the top of the division with a 27-12 defeat of Terrell Homes. Felix Fuld was led by Amil with 14pts and Mikey with 6pts. Terrell Homes was led by Keyshawn with 5pts.

 Game 2

 Bradley Court showed there dominance with a great performance against last years runner up Seth Boyden defeating them 20-13.. Bradley Court was led by Jae'von Robinson with 7pts and Quawan Edwards with 6pts. Seth Boyden was led by Aziz Cox with 7pts..


Saturday, July 12
The 12-14 division did not disappoint anyone with their play..

Game 1

Baxter Terrace (BT) tried to rise back to the top of the ranks with an impressive win over Pennington Court 46-16. BT was led by Al-Rashon Brown with 12pts and Rahmon Barnes with 10pts. Pennington Court was led by Symir Brown with 10pts.

Game 2

Felix Fuld (little Bricks) won two years ago showed that they are fighting to seek the championship again with a close victory over in overtime against Terrell Homes 39-35. Little Bricks was led by Yusef White with 12pts and Derrick Prunty with 9pts. Terrell Homes (Riverview) was led by Eric Harrell with 12pts and Hakin Eley with 7pts.

Game 3

Riverside Villa came into the league last year and made it to the championship game they continued their showcase performance with an impressive victory over new comers to the league Jose Rosario introducing them to the league with a 50-36 victory. Riverside was led by Jihad Nicholson with 14pts and Shaquil Dansby with 9pts. Jose Rosario was led by Karim Ahmad and Shamer Banks with 14pts apiece.

Game 4

Also new comers to the league last year Georgia King Village picked up where they left off last year with a victory over Seth Boyden 38-24. Georgia King Village was led by Hakiem Paige with 8pts and Khalise Terell with 7pts. Seth Boyden was led by Joshua Tredwell with 8pts.

Game 5

Undefeated Champs Bradley court continue their unbeaten streak with a victory over new comers to the league New Hope Baptist Church 48-37. Bradley Court who has their same team from a year ago was led by Kyle Peterson with 16pts and Rashae Smith with 10pts. New Hope was led by Jaquan Kirkland with 16pts.


Saturday, July 12
High School continued with the pace!!!

Game 1 Baxter Terrace (BT) came to reclaim the top spot in which they held for three years straight in a forfeit win over Pennington Court.

Game 2 Terrell Homes (Riverview Court) improved from a year ago beating out Lil Bricks in a close game 36-29. Terrell Homes was led by Shaquan Haskins with 8pts Lil Bricks got all around play from their team with two players leading way with 8pts Amir and Fuquan..

Game 3 Riverside Villa (Grafton) welcome new comers Jose Rosario to the leaque with an impressive win 48-12. Riverside was led by Malcom with 15pts and Ryan with 10pts. Jose Rosario was led by James Martin with 6pts.

Game 4 Rematch between the top to teams of last year ending in different results. Seth Boyden avenged their championship lost to Georgia King Village (GKV) in a game that may see these same to teams meeting in the championship again. Seth won 57-52 with Avent with

Game 5 Bradley Court improved this year as well bringing out new comers to the league showcasing their dunking ability beating out Hyatt Court 38-28. Bradley Court was led by Earl Hale with 8pts and Hyatt was led by Quay with 8pts.


Friday, July 25
Battle of the Bricks is here!!!

We are going into our  third week  of the Battle  of the Bricks the basketball league that  brings different part of the City and Housing Developments together..  Be on the look out  for stats, pictures, and updates of the first two weeks shortly... Come check out the youth from the communities that many have forgotten about showcase their talent as well as  their  growth.. We have many  youth from these same  housing  developments that are entering their  first year ofcollege this coming September...


All Games are Located at Jesse Allen Park  in Newark NJ off of  Muhammad  Ali  and Irving Turner... 

Wednesday, February 20
My two daughers are Graduating this year

Two young ladies that have been with me and my organization for the past 6 years are in their final year of high school.. Aasa Harris and Nishirah Wilson have are finishing up thier final year coming a long way from our first meeting in Six Grade.. I am proud of them both..

 Nashirah Wilson is doing well in her final year of at St. Vicent Academy for her basketball team.. Averaging 15pts per game.. Congratulations and the hard work is paying off...

Thursday, August 23
It's Playoff time for the Battle of the Bricks this weekend


10 & UNDER 




































Friday, August 24



Team Supreme   6-1

Hyatt Court      5-2

Felix Fuld         4-3

Seth Boyden      3-4

West Side         


Bradley Court   

Baxter Terrace

Georgia King Village

Terrell Homes

Pennington Court



Seth Boyden        5-2

Stephen Crane     5-2

Felix Fuld

Grafton Ave

Broadway Village


Bradley Court      7-0



Saturday, August 18
Week 7


Game 1:   The Battle of the undefeated Team Supreme and Hyatt Court with Team Supreme remaining undefeated by winning 27-16. Team Supreme usually blows out teams had a tough match against Hyatt Court. Team Supreme was led by Re-Re with 11pts and Zaire with 9pts. Hyatt Court was led by

Game 2:   Terrell Homes won by forefeit against Georgia King Village.

Game 3:   In a thriller Baxter defeated Felix Fuld in an overtime game 22-19. Neither team was ready to get off the court but it came down to the last shot of the game. Baxter was led by Rahmon and Davon with 10pts. Felix Fuld was led by Mustafa with 9pts.

Game 4:   Bradley Court beat out Seth Boyden in a close game 23-22. Bradley Court was led by J. Robinson wit 6 and Quawan with 5pts. Seth Boyden was led by Nicole with 5pts.

Game 5:   Pennington Court wins by forefeit against West Side


Game 1:   Grafton defeats Broadway 40-33. Grafton was led by Tajris with 22pts and Jaquan with 10pts. Broadway was led by Brandon with 21pts and Dashawn with 12pts.

Game 2:   Georgia King village defeated Terrell Homes in a great game 35-31. Georgia King was led by Kris with 18pts and Ahmad wit h 8pts.  Terrell was led by Erick with 12pts and Dashawn with 11pts.

Game 3:   Felix Fuld blows pass Baxter Terrace in a 40-22 victory. Felix Fuld was led by Elijah with 10 with Whajid, Idris, and Yusef all having 8pts. Baxter was led by Tyree with 8pts and Al-Rashon with 6pts.

Game 4:   Bradley Court ran pass Seth Boyden in a 40-27 victory. Bradley was led by Jahid and Kyle with 8pts and Malcom with 6pts. 

Saturday, August 11
Week 6 Games Cancelled
Due to the unfortunate tragedies of the all the deaths and the three college students this past week we are cancelling all games for the weekend. Everyone will be rewarded with a win.These streets are stealing the lives of our youth and of our people. We must come up with a solution that will stop the unnecessary violence and killings within this city.  We send our condolences to all the families affected by this tragedy. 


Saturday, August 4
Week 5


Game 1:   Georgia King beat Pennington Court 14-10. Georgia King was led by MJ with 7pts and Larry with 5pts. Pennington Court was led by Antonio with 5pts.

Game 2:   Hyatt Court won by forefiet against West Side.

Game 3:   Baxter Terrace came from behind to beat Bradley Court. Baxter was playing without two of their best players until half time then things started to look good for Baxter as they fought back, but it was a little bit too late losing 26-24. Baxter was led by Rahmon with 13pts and Khalil 4pts. Bradley was led by Qawil and Rashid with 6pts.

Game 4:   Seth Boyden defeated Felix Fuld 12-9 in a very close game. Seth who is the defending champs was led by Jarod with 5pts. Felix Fuld was led by Clark by 4pts.

Game 5:   Team Supreme steam rolled pass Terrell Homes 29-2. Team Supreme was led by Zee Zee with 17pts and Brandon with 6pts. Terrell was led by Robert with 2pts.


Game 1:   Georgia King defeated Pennington Court 43-26. Georgia King was led by Fuguan with 17pts and Kris with 10pts, Wahid and Maurice both had added 7pts in the victory. Pennington Court was led by Aliyyah with 18pts.

Game 2:   Stephen Crane beat Grafton Ave 29-25. Stephen Crane was led by Marquis with 20pts and Quddir with 4pts. Grafton Ave was led by Trajvis with 14pts.

Game 3    Bradley Court beat Baxter Terrace

Game 4:   Seth Boyden wins by forefiet against Felix Fuld

Game 5:   Broadway vs. Terrell Homes

Game 1:   Georgia King Village defeated Pennington Court 48-36. Georgia King was led by D. Smith with 20pts and D. Cruel with 10pts. Pennington Court was led by Q. Mann with 22pts.

Game 2:   Stephen Crane beat Grafton 63-45. Stephen Crane was led by J. Mixon with 25pts and T. Brown with 14pts. Grafton was led by H. Simmons with 15pts and J. Nickerson with 8pts.

Game 3:   Baxter Terrace beat Bradley Court 46-28. Baxter Terrace blew the game away in the second half after being tied with 18pts. Baxter was led by K. Ortiz with 17pts and F. Mack with 11pts. Bradley Court was led by S. Williams with 12pts

Game 4:   Seth Boyden defeated Felix Fuld in a dunk fest game by Seth Boyden.

Game 5:   Broadway defeated Terrell Homes 32-19. Broadway was led by S. Maxey with 10pts, K. Graham with 8pts and A. Thompson with 7pts. Terrell Homes was led by D. Hayward with 9pts.

Saturday, July 28
Week 4


Game 1:    Team Supreme beat defending champs Seth Boyden 32-20.  Team Supreme was led by Brandon with 12pts and Zee Zee with 10pts. Seth Boyden was led by Jarod with 9pts while Jaquan and Nicole both added 4pts.

Game 2:    Baxter Terrace defeated Terrell Homes 34-9. Baxter was led by Rahmon with 17pts and Davon with 11pts. Terrell Homes was led by Rasheed with 4pts and Brandon with 3pts.

Game 3:    West Side defeated Felix Fuld 29-15. West Side was led by Jihaad with 8pts and Nasir with 7pts.  Felix Fuld was led by Y. Smith with 8pts and Lawrence with 3pts.

Game 4:    Bradley Court defeated Pennington Court 29-6. Bradley was led by Jae’von with 8pts with Zahir and Quawan both adding 6pts. Pennington Court was led by Wylieesha with 4pts.

Game 5:    Hyatt Court beat Georgia King village in a high intensity basketball game 31-28. Hyatt Court was led by James with 14pts. Georgia King was led by Kaleem with 10pts and MJ with 8pts.


Game 1:    Broadway defeated Seth Boyden 41-37 in one of the most exciting games in this age bracket of the season. Broadway was led by Jaquil with 14pts, Brandon with 12pts and Dashawn with 11pts. Seth Boyden was led by Marvin with 15pts and Kason with 6pts.

Game 2:    Terrell Homes lose in a close game to Baxter Terrace 32-37. Baxter was led by Tyree with 18pts and Al with 6pts. Terrell Homes was led by Dashawn with 15pts and Devante with 8pts.

Game 3:    Felix Fuld beat Stephen Crane 59-34. Felix Fuld got a complete effort from the entire team with four players scoring in double digits. Felix Fuld was led by Tashawn with 15pts, Anthony with 14pts, Whajid with 13pts, and Elijah with 10pts. Stephen Crane was led by Quadir and Marquis with 10pts.

Game 4:    Bradley Court remains undefeated by beating Pennington Court 29-20. Bradley was led by Larry with 14pts and Kyle with 6pts. Pennington Court was led by Aliyyah with 5pts.

Game 5:    Georgia King Village defeated Grafton Ave 29-26. Georgia King was led by Kris with 16pts and Grafton was led by Tarjis with 11pts.


Game 1:    Seth Boyden continues to be undefeated by beating defending champs Broadway Village 55-44.  Seth Boyden was led by A. Holsten with 17pts and I. Williams with 11pts. Broadway was led by S. Kirk with 22pts and T. Howell with 8pts.

Game 2:    Baxter Terrace beat Terrell Homes 56-38 reclaiming their spot in the league. Baxter was led by K. Ortiz with 31pts and F. Mack with 13pts. Terrell Homes was led by Z. Thompson with 11pts with Y. Perry and B. Heyward both adding 9pts.

Game 3:    Felix Fuld defeated Stephen Crane in a close one that came down to the last few minutes 56-51. Felix Fuld was led by Lamar with 14pts with J. Perry adding 12pts and L. Parker contributing with 10pts. Stephen Crane was led by J. Mixon with 31pts and T. Brown with 14pts.

Game 4:    Bradley Court defeated Pennington Court in a great game 42-40. Pennington Court fighting back from a deficit in the last few minute to be down by one and missing the final wide open layup before time expired that would have sent the game into overtime. Bradley Court was led by S. Williams and E. Hale both adding 15pts each in the victory. Pennington Court was led by B. Gordon with 15pts and Q. Mann with 11pts.

Game 5:    Georgia King Village beat Grafton in an impressive victory 55-33. Georgia King in previous games have lose in close games by down the stretch. One player told me before the game that they will win this game and will not let this game slip through their fingers today and that they did. Georgia King was led by J. Clowers with 28pts and D. Smith with 14pts. Grafton was led by H. Simmons 15pts 


Saturday, July 21
Week 3


Game 1:   Team Supreme defeated West Side 48-21 with Zee-Zee with 32pts and Brandon with 10pts. West Side was led by Jahqad with 10pts and Gary with 5pts.

Game 2:   Seth Boyden lost to Hyatt Court 21-10. Hyatt Court was led by Omar with 7pts and Allen with 6pts. Seth Boyden was led by Jarod with 6pts and Searik with 3pts.

Game 3:   Baxter Terrace defeated Pennington Court 26-2 with Rahmon leading the way with 12pts and Davon with 5pts. Pennington Court was led by Antonio with 2pts.

Game 4:   Georgia King Village beat Bradley Court in an overtime game 21-15. This was a very excited game as intensity picked up in the second half. Georgia King was led by Ty with 8pts and MJ with 7pts. Bradley Court was led by Jae’von with 7pts and Quawan with 5pts

Game 5:   Felix Fuld defeated Terrell Homes 21-15 in another close and exciting game of the day. Felix Fuld was led by Junior 8pts and Gooch by 4pts. Terrell Homes was led by Qumeer with 8pts and Marquis with 4pts.


Game 1:   Stephen Crane defeated Broadway 38-16 with Quadeer with 12pts and Marquis with 10pts. Broadway was led by Dashawn with 10pts.

Game 2:   Baxter Terrace defeated Pennington Court 38-6 with Baxter being led by Javoun with 12pts and Al with 10pts. Pennington Court was led by Kevin with 4pts.

Game 3:   Seth Boyden beat Grafton Ave 43-33. Seth was led by Marvin with 15pts with Kason and Shaquan both adding 6pts. Grafton was led by Jahald with 15pts and Tajaris with 11pts.

Game 4:   Bradley Court continues to run through this division on and undefeated streak beating out Georgia King Village 32-18. Bradley Court was led by Larry with 12pts and Rashae with 7pts. Georgia King was led by Kris with 8pts.

Game 5:   Felix Fuld defeated Terrell Homes 48-32. Felix Fuld was led by Tashawn with 16pts and Whajid with 15pts with Idris adding 9pts and Yusef adding 8pts. Terrell Homes was led by Dashawn with 13pts with Devante and Alsameen both adding 6pts.


Game 1   Stephen Crane upset Broadway in a 42-40 defeat in a close game that came down to the last shot. Stephen Crane was led by J. Mixon with 22pts and T. \Brown with 7pts. Broadway was led by S. Kirk with 16pts and A. Weathers with 15pts, J. Green adding 10pts in the defeat.

Game 2:   Baxter Terrace blew past Pennington Court with a 44-28 defeat. Baxter was led by T. White with 14pts and K. King with 10pts. Pennington was led by J. Bell with 16pts.

Game 3:   Seth Boyden game in to make a statement that this is their year to win it all in this division beating out Grafton 50-15. Seth was led by I. Williams and A. Holsten with 10pts, K. Prunty added 8pts in the victory. Grafton was led by Sharif Barber, R. Lighten, and O. Cheatham all with 4pts.

Game 4:   Georgia King Village lost another close game to Bradley Court 59-56. Bradley Court was led by S. Williams with 25pts with E. Hale adding 11pts and H. Neblett adding 9pts. Georgia King was led by D. Smelly with 18pts, D. Smith with 17pts and J. Clowers with 14pts.

Game 5:   Felix Fuld defeated Terrell Homes 45-18. Felix Fuld was led by J. Perry with 14pts and K. Robinson with 11pts. Terrell Homes was led by S. Hoskins with 8pts and D. Heyward wit 6pts.

Thursday, July 19
College Workshop
We had our first College workshop series for the 14-16 year old at Rutgers University where speakers were brought in to talk about Why go to College, how to choose a major, Financial Aid, College Life, Scholarships, and a host of other topics our youth wanted to talk about.. Our youth were heavily engaged in these topics and was ready for their voice to be heard.

Footage of the college tour and the workshop series will be posted

Monday, July 16
College Tour
We had our first Annual Battle of the Bricks College tour for the 8-13 year olds bringing them on Rutgers University campus for a Tour. The youth were able to visit the Paul Robeson Center, the Dormitory, the library, computer labs, and the Gymnasium the Golden Dome. They were also able to meet with a few College players, have breakfast an dlunch. A guess speaker came in to welcome them and talk to them about college.. The youth really was happy to be on a Higher Learning environment.

We must give our youth opportunities and better choices to choose from in order for them so succeed in life. We all have talent, but we have to expose our youth to more way more. This is what we plan to do with the Battle of the Bricks help the youth that everyone seem to have forgotten.

Saturday, July 14
Week 2
Game 1: Hyatt Court beat Felix Fuld 23-12. Hyatt Court was led by Rashawn with 8 points and Nasir with 6 points. Tameer added 3 points and Omar helped out with 2 points in the Victory. Felix Fuld was led by Lawerence with 5 points and Smith with 4 points.

Game 2: Bradley Court beat Terrell Homes 29-5. Bradley Court was led by Quawan Edwards with 14 points and Zahir Hill with 6 points. Jabar Hughes and Rahshid Jackson added 4 points. Terrell Homes was led by O. Davis with 4 points and Marguis Napier with 1 point.

Game 3: Team Supreme beat West Side 51-23. Team Supreme was led by Zee Zee with 32 points and Brandon with 10 points, Asad added 4 points and Re Re added 3 points. West Side was led by Jahaad with 8 points and Gary with 5 points with Justin added 4 points.

Game 4: Baxter Terrace beat out Georgia King Village 23-14. Baxter was led by Rahmon 15 points and Davon with 7 points. Georgia King was led by yusef and Nasir with 5 points, Ty and Lamar both added 2 points in the contest.

Game 1: Grafton Ave lost to Felix Fuld 50-19. Felix Fuld was led by W. Harris with 26 points and E. Evans with 14 points, Y. White and Fuquan both added 6 points. Grafton was led by Jahaid with 11 points and Hanif with 4 points.

Game 2: Bradley Court beat Terrell Homes 41-27. Bradley was led by Larry with 18 points and Kyle with 8 points. Sadat and Aaron both added 4 points in the victory. Terrell Homes was led by Dashawn with 8 points with Erick and Akil both adding 4 points.

Game 3: Seth Boyden beat Stephen Crane 35-29. Seth Boyden was led by Marvin with 13 points with Kason with 10 points, Daquan added 6 points. Stephen Crane was led by Marquis with 15 points and Tyshawn with 6 points.

Game 4: Baxter Terrace beat Georgia King 27-25. Baxter was led by Ray with 11 points and tyree with 10 points with Javoun adding 4 points. Georgia King was led by Fuguan with 8 points and Todd with 6 points.

Game 5: Broadway won by forfeit to Pennington Court.

Game 1: Grafton Ave beat Felix Fuld 30-16. Felix Fuld was led by Grafton was led by Hakeem Simmons with 10 points and Sharif Barber with 8 points with Omar Cheatham with 4 points. Aakon McKinnone and Joe Nickerson added 3 points. Felix Fuld was led by D. Gilbert with 5 points and T. Jones and M. Slade with 4 points.

Game 2: Bradley Court continues on their win streak beating Grafton Ave 40-20. Bradley Court was led by B. Sessoms with 11 points and Q. Tate with 8 points, they also got contributions from R. Grahm with 7 points and E. Hale with 5 points. Grafton was led by Z. Thompson with 9 points and H. Ely with 5 points.

Game 3: Seth Boyden who is looking real good this year beat out Stephen Crane who is also looking good this year 40-21. Seth was led by I. Williams and S. Dorch both with 12 points. Stephen Crane was led by G.Mitchell, T. Brown, and R. Caldwell all with 5 points.

Game 4: Broadway won by forfeit against Pennington Court.

Game 5: Baxter Terrace beat Georgia King Village in the best game of the year thus far 56-51 in two overtimes. Baxter showed grate poise down the stretch as they were led by K. Ortiz who deciding to come back and play this year for his hood leading all scores with 28 points and F. Tape with 14 points also getting contributions from F. Mack with 6 points. Georgia King Village was led by Dajohn Smelly with 20 points and James Clowers with 12 points with help from Dwayne Smith with 9 points.

Saturday, July 7
1st week of basketball
On July 7th was the first week of basketball for the 10 housing developments and other local teams that were not filled by the housing complex, Baxter Terace, Bradley Court, Broadway Village, Felix Fuld, Grafton Ave, Georgia King Village, Pennington Court, Seth Boyden, Stephen Crane, Terrel Holmes, and Team Supreme.

Game 1: Pennington Court beat the defending champs Seth Boyden 27-13. Pennington was led by Isiah with 10pts and Wylieesha with 8pts, they also got four points each from Keith and Antonio. Seth was led by Shariek with 5points and Nicole with 4points, they got contributions from Jaquan and Al-Shamar both with 2points.

Game 2: The two new teams this year which are outside housing Team Supreme beat Georgia King Village 30-6. Team Supreme was led by Brandon with 11points and Zee Zee with 8points, they got contributions from ReRe with 5points, Kevin with 3points and Asad with 2points. Georgia King Village was led by Yusef with 4pts and Nyle with 2points.

Game 3: Felix Fuld beat Bradley Court in a good and close game as things picked up in the second half 12-11. Felix Fuld was led by Mustafa with 6points and got contribution from Yasin and Bishop both with 2points. Bradley was led by Quawan with 5points with contributions from Ishmil, Jabar, and Jae'von all with two points.

Game 1: Pennington Court could not stop the new and improved Seth Boyden team losing 49-43 in a close hard faught game. Seth Boyden was led by Shaquan and Kason with 12 points. They got heavy contributions from Gerald with 10 points and super Marvin with 9 points. Dwayne, Lashawne, and David all added two point in the victory. Pennington Court was led by Aliyyah with 16 points and Jacqui with 9 points. They also got contribuitions from Marquis with 7 points, Samir with 5 points while Nash and Qway each added 2 points in the lost.

Game 2: Broadway Village defeated New comers to the league Georgia King Village 41-31. Broadway was led by Kevin (K.J) with 10 points and Yamin with 5 points. Catiyah and Sutah both added 4 points, Kwasi added 3 points with Nigee adding 2 points in the victory. Georgia King was led by Fuquan and Cris with 11 points while Todd added points. The other Fuguan and Ahmad both added 4 points while Wahid added 2 points in the lost.

Game 3: Baxter Terrace lost a close game to Stephen Crane 31-30. With a chance to tie the game at the line Baxter missed one of two free throws in the closing seconds. Stephen Crane was led by Marguis with 10 points and Tariq with 7 points. Hakim and Chris added 4 points in the contest. Baxter was led by Quasan with 10 points and Javoun with 6 points. Al-Rashon added 4 points with Rahmon and Davon both adding 3 points. They also got contributions from Keith and Stephon with 2 points.

Game 4: In a rematch of last years championship game Bradley Court avenges their lost by beating Felix Fuld (Little Bricks) 37-31. Bradley was led by Larry and Kyle with 6 points while Tykee sank 5 points. Nook and Malcom both added 2 points in the win. Felix Fuld was led by Tashawn with 15 points and Elijah with 6 points. Whajid added 2 points in the contest.

Game 5: In our last game of the day Terrell Homes beat new comers Riverside Court (Grafton Ave) in a close game 40-33. Terrell Homes were led Dashawn with 17 points and Devante with 9 points. Erick added 8 points and Naywaun contributed with 2 points. Grafton was led by Hakeem with 12 points and Jahaid with 8 points. Nickerson added 7 points and Hakim brought in 2 points in a loosing effort.

Game 1: In game one of Pennington Court forfeited to Seth Boyden who improve to 1-0

Game 2: The defending Champs Broadway Village welcome new comers Georgia King with a impressive win 37-18. Broadway was led by Allen Weathers with 13 points and T. Howell with 6 points. Broadway also got help from K. Bell and S. Maxey with 4 points. Georgia King was led by Aaron Terrell with 6 points.

Game 3: Stephen Crane beat Baxter Terrace 33-22 with a new and improve team from last year. Stephen Crane was led by G. Mitchell 12 points and T. Brown with 11 points. Baxter Terrace was led by T. White with 5 points and K. King with 4 points.

Game 4: Bradley Court beat Felix Fuld 37-27 to improve to 1-0. Bradley Court was led by R. Grahm, B. Sessoms, and S. Williams with 8 points, H. Neblett added 5 points and Q. Little added 4 points. Felix Fuld was led by T. Jones with 7 points and M. Bowers with 6 points, they also got contribution from D. Gilbert with 4 points.

Game 5: New comers Grafton Ave. beat Terrell Homes 35-31 in a close and intense game. Grafton was led by R. Lighten with 13 points and H. Simmons with 8 points. They also got contribution from O. Cheatham with 4 points. Terrell Homes was led by S. Hoskins with 16 points and H. Eley with 4 points.

Saturday, July 7
Battleof the bricks started
The 5th Annual Battle of the Bricks started two weeks ago with a bang... This year with the support of the Housing Authority, The Newark Department of Recreation, and Rutgers University we are able to add different components to the league. This year we are able to have college tours and college workshops for the youth. We had our first college tour with the 13-u and the 10-u on the 20th of this month we had our first college workshop for the 14-16 age group this past Thursday allowing our youth to hear from the Financial Aid office about how to apply for financial aid and what money is available to them. We also will have other workshop that will talk about choosing a major, why go to college, how to stay in college, college life and other topics regarding college. We will have various speakers that will have a two way dialog between the youth and the speakers.

We also had a youth Town Hall meeting before the league started where 100 housing authority youth were able to speak on the issues in the community to the Housing Director Keith Kinard where he vowed to listen to them and help make changes in the community. He also, asked the youth to form a youth council that will meet with him for monthly meetings. The youth have a lot to talk about we just have to listen.

Wednesday, April 4
Battle of the Bricks
We are gearing up for this years Battle of the Bricks where different housing developments will begin another season to represent their "Hood"... The league will begin on June 30, 2007 you won't want to miss it this year where Broadway Townhouse, Felix Fuld, and Seth Boyden will try to repeat their championship performance from last year...

Here are pictures from Previous Battle of the Bricks

Thursday, September 21
Nashirah and Didi plays Volley Ball
Yesterday was the first game for Nashirah and Didi of St. Vincent High School as they both played well in their Volley Ball game... I was truly impress with their performance... Good luck throughout the season...

Thursday, August 31
11-13 Division keep playoff hot!!!
As the High school games was going on the 11-13 wanted to prove that they are a force to be reckon with as well displaying their talent alongside their big brothers.

In Game 1 - Felix Fuld was matched up against Seth Boyden coming in with confidence since Felix Fuld beat out Seth Boyden in the regular season. Felix Fuld showed everyone that the same thing that happened in the regular season will happen in the playoffs as they had a 17-6 lead at the half. Seth Boyden rallied back closing in on their mark, but Felix was too much beating Seth by ten points 42-32. Felix was led by W. Harris with 10pts, I. Washington, J. Nickerson, and Y. White with 6pts. Seth Boyden was led by Marvin with 12pts, with Naji and Gerald with 6pts.

In Game 2 - Broadway vs. Stephen Crane undefeated Broadway playing without two key players prove why they were undefeated as they took on a pesty Stephen Crane that would not go away as Stephen Crane did the same as their big brothers from the 14-16 year old winning at the half 15-12. It apeared that the younger Broadway have the syndrome of thier older brothers coming to play in the second half. Broadway faught back to win the game 33-29. Broadway was led by J. Nelson 18pts and K. Bell with 9pts, S. Paige contributed with 4pts. Stephen Crane was led by D. King with 14pts and R. Anderson with 12pts.

In Game 3 - The shocker of the day happened when the last place Terrell Homes came in with confidence as they eased pass Wynona Lipman leading at the half 36-7. Terrell eased pass Wynona winning 60-17. Terrell was led by S. Hayward with 16pts with H. Ely and S. Huskine with 10pts. Wynona Lipman was led by M. Eure with 10pts and D. Barney with 4pts.

In Game 4 - Action picked back up whe Bradley and Hyatt Court took the floor with neither team ready to go home until next year... The game was good with Hyatt Court leading the way most of the game leading 17-12 at the half. Bradley Court did not sit back and let them take advantage of them when they rallied back to win 30-25. Bradley Court was led by Q. Little and T. Stokes with 10pts. Hyatt Court was led by A. McClaurin.

In Game 5:

Monday, August 28
Playoff Action at the Battle of the Bricks......
If you missed the playoffs of the Battle of the Bricks on Saturday at JFK you missed a show down...

14-16 Division

In game 1: Broadway Townhouses played Stephen Crane. Broadway coming off there first lost last seemed like they will suffer their second lost in an upset early as Stephen Crane took and early 17-6 lead as Broadway started a little sluggish. Broadway then woke up to finish the half on a 9 to 5 run. In the second half Broadway broke open the lead outscoring Stephen Crane 36-13 in the second half to win 52-35. Broadway was led by Anthony Lopez (Newark Science) with 22pts, Jacque Green (Bloomfield High) and Shakeem Kirk (will be attending school in Mississippi) with 9pts. K. Graham added 8pts in the win. Stephen Crane was led by J. Mixon with 14pts and D. Smith with 11pts. R. Coldwell added 6pts in the lost.

In Game 2: Another thriller the winless Baxter Terrace who has won the championship the last 4 years was going up against Bradley Court who beat Baxter in the regular season. In the beginning it appeared that Bradley will pull off another easy win when key player Earl Hale (West Side) went 6 for 7 from the field and Bradley jump to an early lead, but Masharad Carter who told me that it will be a difference in the playoffs and Steve Gutierrez (Newark Central) the only players from the championship teams of the past put the team on his back and help bring Baxter to a 22-24 deficit at the half. Baxter Terrace showed why they were defending champs as they pulled off a close win 47-42. Baxter was led by Masharad Carter with 25pts and Steve Gutierrez with 12pts. Shon Hill added 4pts in the victory. Bradley was led by S. Williams with 16pts and Earl Hale with 15pts.

In Game 3: Playoff action was alive in the building and it proved to be another good game as Seth Boyden played Felix Fuld. Felix Fuld losing to Seth in the regular season did not want to lose again and proved by jumping on Seth 16-0 early. Seth seeing Broadway and Baxter come back from early deficits wanted to be the third team to do so and followed pursuit with a run of there own closing the half tied at 20. Seth pulled another upset of the day by outscoring Felix Fuld 27-21 to win the game what a wonderful start to playoffs. Seth Boyden was led by B. Sesom with 11pts and D. Thomas with 8pts. B. Heal contributed with 6pts. Felix Fuld was led by A. Bouroughs with 20pts and F. Debery with 6pts.

In game 4: the action slowed down a little bit as Hyatt Court vs. Terrell homes got underway. Hyatt Court took a 15pt lead at the half beating out Terrell homes 49-34. Hyatt Court proved to be too much for Terrell Homes. Hyatt Court was led by S. Sikes with 14pts and J. Boyce with 10pts. J. Streets and R. Williams added 6pts in the win. Terrell Homes was led by D. Walker with 11pts and E. Lassteer with 8pts. S. Allen added 5pts.

In Game 5: Wynona the only undefeated team in this division got a scare from Hyatt Court as the intensity picked up. Hyatt Court had decided to play right away instead of taking a break to play against the Wynona who got a first round by. Wynona thinking the game will be easy just as many other, because Hyatt opt to play right away instead of waiting got a rude awakening when Hyatt took an early lead at the half 22-18. Wynona trailed the entire game until erasing a 6pt lead with a minute and half remaining to send the game into overtime 41-41. In overtime fatigue begin to take a toll on Hyatt as they begun to make unforced turnovers and Wynona pulled away winning 49-47. Wynona was led by Derrell Mendez (Barringer High) with 24pts and A. Ward with 20pts. Hyatt Court was led by J. Boyce with 17pts and K. Sikes with 10pts. H. McLaurin added 9pts and R. Williams added 7pts in the lost.

In Game 6: Broadway Townhouse vs. Seth Boyden. Seth Boyden coming off there come from behind win tried to pull another upset by leading Broadway at the half 20-19. But again Broadway who suffered their only one lost came back and commanded the lead in the second half winning in a close match 43-42. This win put Broadway in the Championship game. Broadways was led by Shakeem Kirk with 19pts and B. Rogers with 12pts. Allen Weathers (Barringer High) added 5pts as he hit key baskets down the stretch to give Broadway the lead. Seth Boyden was lead by B. Neal 18pts and D. Sessom with 15pts. D. Thomas added 7pts in the defeat.

In Game 7: In the final game in this of the day in this age division Wynona Lipman playing against defending champs Baxter Terrace. The game got off to a slow start as Wynona did not expect Baxter to come ready to play, but again Masharad Carter (Newark Central) would not let the team go out without a fight. Wynona Lipman took a halftime lead of 16-12, but Baxter Terrace did not died they fault hard going out like true champions taking Wynona Lipman to their second overtime of the day. Wynona prove that they are the new champs as Derrell Mendez (Barringer High) put the team on his back with an amazing performance scoring 24pts to lead his team to victory 49-44. A. ward added 16pts in the victory. Baxter Terrace was led by Masharad Carter with 16pts and Balil Gorden (Newark Central) with 12pts.

Championship games are next week Broadway vs. Wynona, Broadway only lost is to Wynona who finished undefeated.

Monday, August 28
Happy Birthday
I have to wish my favorite girl a very special Happy Belated Birthday Nashirah Wilson... Her birthday was last week hope u had fun this weekend as you celebrated your birthday weekend...

Saturday, July 22
Kickoff to Battle of the Bricks
Today marked the 4th Annual Battle of the Bricks basketball classic organized by the Newark Police Athletic league diretor Zaid Braswell, Gerard Drinkard and Larry Jones of Future Leaders of Tomorrow was the first day of the Battle of the Bricks, which turned out a lot different from last years kickoff. Although Mayor Booker attended last years Battle of the Bricks he was a no show for today's kickoff.. In attendance were Congressman Panye, Southward Councilman Oscar James Jr., Councilman at large Donald Panye Jr. members of the Juvenile Justice Commission, the new director of the Housing Authority Keith Kinard and other dignitaries.

The games got off to a good start with over 230 youth in attendance from nine different housing developments: James Baxter Terrace, Bradley Courts, Felix Fuld, Seth Boyden, Broadway Town houses, Wynona Lipman, Stephen Crane, Hyatt Court, and Terrell homes. The games got under way and Defending Champs for the last four years suffered their first lost of the tournament in the 10-u and 14-16 division losing to Felix Fuld by forefeit.

Monday, June 26
I will also like to give a special congratulations to a special friend to the program Danielle.. She graduated from Technology High School with Honors and will be attending Bloomfield College this Fall.. She leaves for school at the end of August.. I wish you the best of luck and I am so proud of you make sure you keep in touch with Ms. Harris to keep her on the ball... I will be on her as well...

Sunday, June 25
I would like to take this time to congratulate all the members of FLOT or those who have played with me in the past few years.. I will list all the players that have played with me or was part of my program at some point.

Jourdan Robeson - University - College Choices - Morgan University...
Richard Williams - Barringer - College Choice - Union Community College
Phillip Carprio - Arts High - College Choice - The Institute in New York
Tahmeel White - Central High - College Choice - Delaware State
Malcom Glover - Science High - College Choice - Unknown at this time
Ivan Lee      - Science High - College Choice - Unknown at this time
Dejay Hannah - Science High - College Choice - Unknown at this time

I will like to congratulate these young men again and to let them know that your life has just begun.. Cherish every moment you have in college and take full advantage of the opportunities that will come to you..


Sunday, May 14
Happy Birthday
FLOT want to wish a special Happy Birthday to one of its own Sadayyah Weems one of our FLOT Sisters.. Hope you have a wonderful day for your special day and have many more....

Thursday, May 4
1st Lady on the Move...
The first lady of FLOT Aasa Harris will be moving to University High School come next fall... She will transfer from Malcom X Shabazz to University her first chioce school after returning home from Wyoming Seminary Boarding School in PA.... Aasa sat out this basketball year to concentrate on her academics and looks to return to the court next season with University.... She will work hard throughout the summer to assure the coaching staff that she will be in basketball shape for the season.. Good Luck next year...

Monday, May 1
Today being my Birthday was a special day for me not only because it was my birthday, but for the special gift that awaited me later in the day. The FLOT Ladies treated me to a buffet dinner, which was excellent and very thoughtful.. I must say that today was one of the best birthday's I have had in a long time.. I would cherish this day for the rest of my life and I will always love you all Aasa Harris, Nashirah Wilson, Dejanerah McIver, Sadayyah Weems, and their friend Samone.. Thanks again for this special birthday gift that was truly from the HEART.. Words can not express how I felt when I rolled up to see all of you waiting for me to treat me on my Birthday... This day could not have been scripted any better... I am so glad that to have wonderful daughters in my life, because you all are my daughters...

Now it's time to get back to work so we can make some noise in the summer...

Thanks again
Much Love

Monday, May 1

Thursday, April 20
Come out and See the FUTURE
Come out to JFK to see FLOT 15-16 and 17-18 play Central High School in the Newark Mayor's Tournament at JFK today starting at 3pm.... These should be two good games as both teams are evenly matched.. These games will remind me of the old Zoo Crew/ Future battles hopefully we will be surprised with an appearance from Malik Jones who always enjoys these matches...

Thursday, April 20
FLOT 14-u advances to Championship game!!!
FLOT 14-u advances to the championship game on Friday of the Newark Mayor's Tournament. FLOT who was picked out of a hat of three teams after beating St. Peters Recreation after being down at the half 10-12. FLOT open the second half with a 23-6 run to finish the half. FLOT was led by with Shon Hills (13Ave school) with 8pts and 3asst and Eddie Ruff (Central High School) with 7pts. Yasin Carter (Burnet) continues to play hard adding 6pts and 9rebs with 7 coming off the offensive glass, and Rakeem Hankerson (Unversity High) added 6pts although scoring the first basket for the opposing team. FLOT will either face Zoo Crew or Boylan Recreation Center on Friday for the championship game.

Tuesday, April 18
FLOT 17-18 follows 13-14 and 15-16 with Win...
FLOT 17-18 rolls over Brick City in the Newark Mayor's Tournament beating them 47-33 to follow teh younger FLOT players. FLOT got impressive play from its team leader Richard William (Barringer High) most underrated player with 19pts and 4stls. Tony Hendricks (Newark Tech) added 10pts, 12rebs, and 5stls. Dashawn Morris (Central High) led with 7asst and 5stls. FLOT advances to play Newark Central on Thursday at 4pm at JFK...

Tuesday, April 18
FLOT continues to look good!!!
FLOT 15-16 looking very impressive against Rotunda Recreation pounding them to a 50-32 defeat. The score was 18-0 before Rotunda was able to score their first basket. FLOT looked good all around getting great contribution from everyone, but was led by Allan Weathers,Kevin Plant, and Michael Cureton all from Barringer High School. Allan Weathers had 9pts, rebs, and 5stls, but led with 6to's, Kevin Plant had 9pts, and Michael Cureton also had 9pts, 5asst, 6stls, but had 5to's. Derrel Mendez, also from Barringer had 8pts and 7rebs and Dawoo Plant (Barringer) had 7pts and 5rebs. This is a team who has most of Barringer basketball team I told them I will put Barringer on the map after this summer... Stephen Lighten (Science High) led with 9rebs and 2blks. Two players had 2pts and 1 had 4pts. FLOT advances to play Newark Central thursday at 3pm at JFK.

Monday, April 17
FLOT is back and looking good!!!
FLOT 14-u made an impressive statement in the Newark Mayor's Tournament beating Next Level 32-27 to advance to the next round. Yasin Carter of Burnet continues his dominance by leading FLOT with 9pts and 4stl, Shon Hills (13 Ave School) contributed with 7pts, but had 4to's, and Rakeem Hankerson (University High) added 6pts. Two had 2pts and two had 3pts. FLOT will advance to play St. Peters on Wednesday.

Monday, April 17
FLOT 12-u lose in close match!!!
FLOT 12-u loses to Rotunda Recreation center 20-25 in the Newark Mayor's Tournament in a game in which we came back and took the lead for a split second. FLOT started the game without one of their leaders Quasan "Popeye" Lindsay, but got big time play from two up incoming young stars Rahman Barnes and Davone "Papi" Greedly. The official stats will be updated soon.

Monday, July 10
Birthday Wishes!!!
Happy Birthday to Al-Rashon Brown today is his 12th bday...

Friday, April 7
Burnet bounce back with another win...
Burnet seem to have a pattern win on Monday then lose on Saturday.. Burnet are not playing like defending champions if this keeps up Burnet will not be in the playoffs defending their title.. Burnet beat Ridge St. 43-36 in a game that started off 9-0 in favor of Ridge St. Burnet need to have more intensity in order to make any statement by beating a contending team. Burnet was led by Yasin Carter (8th grader) with 16pts and 19rebs a career high and 5stls. Yasin Carter is leading in all the categories for Burnet this year averaging 15pts, 15rebs, and 7stls per game. He has had double doubles in every game this year. Alif McCray who tend to play down to his competition instead of dominating the game play well, but must be more vocal down the strecth. Alif contributed with 12pts and 3stls, but had 4to's. Allan Smith (8 grader) added 12rebs and team high 6stls. Quasan Lindsay the 5th grade sensation did not have a good game only scoring 4pts while two players had 2pts.

Only if we can match Saturday's performances with Monday's performances we will be alright. This game this Saturday against Lady Liberty will be a deciding factor as to where this team will go in this young season. Burnet is 3-2 already exceeding the amount of games lost from a year ago.

Saturday, April 1
Burnet falls to 0-2 in Saturday's action...
Burnet fails to get their first win in a Saturday's game this year losing to Raphael Hernandez 45-36. FLOT player Mike Vining put on a point guard show making nice passes to his teammates. In this game Burnet went to the free throw line 30 times only making 12 and committed 23 turnovers. Burnet played well without team captin Alic McCray. Burnet was led by 5 grade sensation Quasan Lindsay with 15pts, 3stls, but had 5to's, and Yasin Carter (8th graders) with 10pts, 6rebs, 6stls, and 2blks, but had 10 missed free throws. Allan Smith (8 grader) added 6prs, 10rebs, and team high 4blks, but led in to's with 7. Burnet falls to 2-2.

Friday, April 7
FLOT Ladies loses in a close game...
In a game that the girls faught so hard to have just Sunday the ladies lost 28-25 in a hard faugt game against the home team.. The ladies faught back being down 17-9 at the half to close the game to within 1 with 3 minute left in the game.. Some questionable calls down the stretch and poor decision making was too much for use to overcome at the end.. Even though we got the play we wanted having the ball with 3 seconds left on the clock and down by three point we fail to execute the play to get off a good shot at the basket. The ladies played hard and was led by Charesh Miller (St. Bendictine) and Porsha Fleming (Malcom X Shabazz) with 8pts. Denjanirah McIver (St. Vincent Academy) contributed with 5pts and Chrystal Orr (St. Bendictine) led with 8rebs. The ladies improving in every game coming closer and closer to winning each game finished 1-4.

Monday, March 27
Burnet Bounce back from weekend slump..
Burnet bounced back with a win over Peshine 55-39 in the Newark Board of Education elementary league. Burnet was led by Team leader Yasin Carter (8th grader) with 21pts 15rebs with 9 of them being offensive rebounds, and a team high 8stls, Alif McCray (7th grader) with 16pts and Quasan Lindsay (5th grader) with 10pts. Allen Smith (8th grader) added 6pts and 7rebs and a team high 3blks. Burnet are now 2-1

Monday, March 27
FLOT Lady's fight for whats right...
After the win in yesterday's action in the Elizabeth Giants league held in Elizabeth a game for today was scheduled for the FLOT Ladies and a team from Elizabeth, but because the league organizers did not want to forfeit the home team for not showing up late to two playoff games they decided to give out place medals without even playing a playoff game. The Ladies of FLOT felt cheated and did not accept the medals that the organizers wanted to hand out and allow the 1st place team get first place without playing any games in the playoffs. The organizer said they did not want to punish the team just because they were late, but the question was asked whether it was fair just to give out awards medals to players without a playoff match.

The league was not constructed in favor of the young ladies from the beginning always put the girls last on their agenda. The league got off to a bad start due to lack of promotion and not having enough teams available for the league. Due to lack of consideration the Coach and his FLOT Ladies decided to stand in the middle of the basketball court not allowing the upcoming boys game to get started unless the money for the tournament was given back or a game was scheduled for the teams to play. So through discussion of the league organizers and the parents they decided to schedule a game for that following Wednesday. The whole premise of the action taken was that win or lose you don't just give someone place medals if the rule states that all teams make the playoffs. Plus the message being sent to the 1st place team (which was the home team one of the organizers was coaching the team) that regardless of your work ethics you will be awarded even if your not discipline enough to take control. But all was good and the ladies got a lesson about standing up for what is right not allowing people to just give them something that they don't deserve. I was so proud of these young ladies for standing up and holding their own in a place that we were not the favorites.

Saturday, March 25
The ladies of FLOT gets first win...
The wonderful ladies of FLOT gets their first win in the Elizabeth Giants March Madness league. This win came at an important time with the playoffs starting tomorrow hopefully this will be a confident builder that will carry us deep into the playoffs. FLOT ladies looking better in each game finally put it together for the entire game to pull off a win 28-16.. The ladies were led by Chrystal Orr (St. Benedictine) with 11pts and 10rebs and a game breaking performance from Aasa Harris (Malcom X. Shabazz) with 6pts to be one of the better games she has had throughout the league. The rust from not playing must be wearing off hopefully it will she will match that with a better game tomorrow... Charesh Miller (St. Benedictine) added 7pts, 5rebs, and 3assts and Dejanirah McIver (St. Vincent) our defensive play maker contributed with 4pts, 3rebs, 3assts and a team high 4stls.. Dejanirah leads the team with stls averaging 4stls a game...

Sunday, March 26
Burnet fails to continue efforts from first game...
In a game in which coach Larry had two games one as an Assistant with Burnet and one as head coach with the FLOT ladies, Burnet could not continue their efforts from a great win on Monday with a matching win today losing to E. Alma Flagg 37-32. Burnet started the game off sluggish being down by 10pts at one point to fighting back to close the gap to 2pts in the fourth quarter.. Burnet was led by Alif McCray with 26pts. He was the only player that made an effort in a game that would have proved that we are a contender to defend our title against an worthy opponent. Burnet falls to 1-1

Monday, March 20
Coach Rowlette and Larry enters 2nd season as coach..
Coach Rowelette and Larry are entering their second season as Burnet St. school elementary basketball coaches... They are trying to defend their championship as they are without key players from last year, but this young team looks good their is just hopes that their inexperience don't catch up to them down the stretch... As Burnet played their first game trying not to repeat from the previous season starting off with a lost the showed an impressive effort in a 48-7 win over Warren St. school leaving them scoreless for most of the game allowing Warren St. to score late in the third quarter..

Burnet was led by team leader Alif McCray (7 graders)who came on late in the game to score 21pts, and the 6th grade sensation Quasan Lindsay with 11pts and a team high 8stls. Yasin Carter (8th grader) had a remarkable game on the glass scoring 6pts and a team high 14 rebounds with 8 coming on the offensive glass he also added 2blks. Allan Smith (8th grader) added 6pts and 5rebs. Three had 2pts.... Burnet improves to 1-0

Sunday, March 19
FLOT Ladies are getting closer to a win...
The FLOT ladies are improving each week getting closer to their first win of the season in the Elizabeth Giants basketball March Madness Tournament.. The ladies losing by 2pts 27-29 to Tennessee as all teams are named after college teams. Free throws and miss lay-ups cost us the game again, but the ladies are looking more like a team as the season is coming to a close. FLOT was led by Charesh Miller (St. Benedictine Academy) with 10pts and Nashirah Wilson (St. Vincent Academy) with 6pts.. Dejanirah McIver (St. Vincent Academy) had 5pts while Chrystal Orr (St. Benedictine Academy) added 4pts and Aasa Harris (Malcom X Shabazz) contributed with 2pts.. The ladies fall to 0-3

Sunday, March 12
FLOT Ladies loses 2nd game...
FLOT Ladies start off season 0-2 in the Elizabeth Gaints basketball league... FLOT played much better this game showed tremendous heart playing against a much bigger team in the Elizabeth P.A.L team losing 22-18... In a game where the FLOT Lady's went to the free throw line 13 times and making only two was the deciding factor of the game. FLOT played better defense this game, but could not convert at the free throw line which if only half of the 13 free throws were made we would have won by 3. FLOT was led by Charesh Miller (St. Bendictine Academy) with 6pts, 6rebs, 2stls and 2blks.. Aasa Harris (Malcom X Shabazz) had 4pts, 2rebs, and 2stls and continue to struggle protecting the basketball leading the team with 4 turnover's.. Four players had 2pts in the lost.. Denjanirah McIver (St. Vincent Academy) played hard defense leading the team with 4stls... Despite the missed opportunities at the free throw line they lady's played team basketball and improved from the 1st game they are now 0-2...

Sunday, March 12
FLOT Ladies have 1st game of season...
The FLOT Ladies begin to work on establishing their girls basketball team. The FLOT Lady's are playing in a tournament in Elizabeth NJ host by the Elizabeth Gaints. The girls played their first game against the Elizabeth Gaints losing in a close game 31-22.. The FLOT Lady's looked good as the game went on fighting back from a 6-0 start by closing the half with a buzzer beater from half court by Denjanirah McIver (St. Vincent Academy). FLOT was led by Chrystal Orr (St. Bendictine Academy) with 7pts, 3rebs, and 2blks and her school teammate Charesh Miller (St. Bendictine Academy) with 7pts. Aasa Harris (Malcom X Shabazz) contributed with 5pts, 2rebs, 2stls and 2asst, but led the team with 5to's. Denajirah McIver (St. Vincent Academy) added 3pts, 2rebs, 2asst, and 1blk in the lost. FLOT are 0-1...

Saturday, February 25
I'm Back...
It's been a long time since I wrote something or even visited my own website.. A lot has happen since Nov. 7th, but I have been under some personal and emotional development.. Contemplating quitting coaching and putting this program on hold, due to lack of commitment from the youth and the pressures of savages that are out there to take away years of hard work and development in a youth... My intentions when creating a youth organization was not to be strictly an athletic program, but to use athletics (with basketball being the chosen sport) to help save lives while at the same time developing character, integrity, and dignity in the youth. I have come in contact with dozens and dozens of youth over that past five years and all I wanted to do was to have a positive impact on them leaving something that can help them live productive lives, be a decent human beings all while trying to develop their basketball skills... I have come to realize that there are people out there that do not want me to succeed in saving lives or being a positive influence on the youth.. I have seen people use kids as a bridge or key to the door of opportunity that will build their name without any real concern for the youth at hand... People have bribe youth, made promises to youth, and made these youth feel that they are on top of the world just to get them from a promising program to their program.. I don't know if I can be upset with the youth from jumping ship and going to another program that is promising them all these things. I guess I just get too attached to every youth that come through Future Leaders of Tomorrow and for people to take away years of hard work is heartbreaking to me and it hard to swallow making our youth compromise their character, integrity, and dignity just to play basketball.

I have been going through a transition the last six months that has had me really thinking about my life for the first time in 5 years and where I want to go and what is it that I want to do with myself... Especially since the passing of Coach Raheem Hooper of Next Level basketball someone that was trying to take me under his wing to mentor me on how to effectively organize a program... I was with Coach Rahmeen the day before he past making that day the first day I went to his practice with the intentions of me going to his program and allowing him to mentor me and with him dying the very next day took me into a deeper shell. Asking many questions as to why and how can he leave the very next day after I came to you for guidance and help... This passing made me take to myself and try to do things that I want to do for me and only me. I became very selfish and started to think of all the kids that coach Raheem serviced and how many really cared for him and showed him while he was here on earth.. This made me not want to coach basketball anymore just to be by myself and do whatever it was I wanted to do....

To make a long story short there has been a lot that has been going on in my life that was just becoming too much for me to deal with and be effective with the youth that I could handle at the present time even though I continued to work with the younger youth of my program I was not as effective as I could have been and for that I do apologize.... I want so badly to have a successful program, but being the only one spearheading this program while attending school fulltime and working fulltime I had begun to experience burnout in my young years.

I am still unaware as to what I will do, but I am back around working with the youth, because this is my love, my passion, and my purpose I just have to figure out how best I can have an important impact on our youth and society...

Thanks for reading

Saturday, February 25
Thank You
I would like to personally thank those who have been in my corner and continue to give me the encouragement to go on with my dreams and my mission... I am thankful to have met some great people that have help me in my devlopment as I go through my many changes... Thank you so much to My adopted daughter Aasa Harris who continue to support me and encourage me that my work is not going in vain and I am much needed in the community, to Gerard Drinkard who shows his support from a distance, Sgt. Braswell thank you for your support and I will always be there for you and you are not along, to Shawn "OG" McCray from Zoo Crew he has supported me and continue to inspire me from a far as he prosper I will prosper keep doing what you do and I will soon follow to help the community and our youth, to my most committed member of FLOT without you all there will be no me remember that I can walk but my wings are much stronger and I can fly much higher with you all holding them up.. Al-Turrick Kennedy thank for our sit down, Modia Butler who has always shown me support and allowed me to work without getting caught up in the political battles of the city, Keith DeCosta who have been helping me throughout I am finally ready to take that next step.. To My family they show me constant support in everything I do I love them dearly.. I must acknowledge these people openly, because I will be lost without them.... These people are helping me to become a leader so I can lead all the Future Leaders of Tomorrow, Ras Baraka thanks, Ms. Williams of Baxter Terrace she keeps me going and to Chocolate also of Baxter Terrace, to Dirk and Shaunice Rowlette thank you as well....

These people make it so hard for me to walk away, because if they were not who they are I will not be who I am so as they grow and make it I will grow and make it to be the next leader of our community and for our youth....

Thank you all again..

Saturday, February 25
Larry Jones asked to be guess on Panel...
Larry Jones was asked by New Hope Baptist Church to be on a panel discussion that will talk about the importance of Voting and young people voting.. Larry Jones is honored to be considered worthy enough to be speaking on such a topic at such an event.. The panel discussion will take place on March 14, 2006 at 6pm at the New Hope Baptist Church... He will have more details as they develop...

Saturday, February 25
Congratulation to St. Vincents
Congratulations to Dejinarah McIver and Saddayah Weems of St. Vincents Academy as they won the Championship this past friday...

Saturday, February 25
Must mention these young men...
I have to mention these young men that have come through the program whether they continued or moved on these young men were very special to me and my program... These young men graduated already and I have failed to mention them....

Ralph Jackson - Newark Tech to NJIT - a special kid that came through the program and received our first ever sportsmanship award and was one of the original member involved in the controversy at Rutgers University.. He is now a freshman at NJIT studying Computer Science.... To Ralph congratulations...

Devere Hatchett - Immaculate Conception to Essex County College - a very intelligent young man and was our total player award winner. He is a young man that has great character and very respectful.. Not an original member of FLOT, but I cared for Devere like he was part of the FLOT family.. He is a sophomore at Essex County College

Tracey Armstrong - Malcom X Shabazz to Delaware State University - this is a special kid that has a lot of potential. When I met Tracey he had a lot of fire and attitude, but was a excellent kid just needed some direction. He played with me one year, but reminded me of myself in so many ways. He worked at the Boys and Girls club and has a passion for his community. I am so proud of Tracey, because he was not a victim of peer pressure and is very sure of himself... Tracey is a freshman at Delaware State University.

Khalif Rozier - Technology High to Kean University - Khalif played with me one year, but was a hard worker and a very respectful kid.. He is now a freshman at Kean University..

James Hammond - Central High School to Essex County College - never really played with me, but we talked a lot about life and decision making. Scooter as we all called him was a very unique kid who just wanted to be part of something... I enjoyed our conversations and he kept me on point and made sure I did what I did... He asked a lot of questions and love to talk.. He now attends Essex County College as a freshman..


Saturday, February 25
FLOT Seniors
FLOT have four seniors this year and I am so grateful to have worked with these young men over the past four years... I will do anything I can to make sure these young men are successful... They have stuck with me through thick and thin... They are as follow:

Jourdan Robeson - University High School
Richard Williams - Barringer High School
Phillip Carpio - Arts High School
Tahmeel White - Central High School

Also I must mention this senior who moved down south who is also a senior this year as well..

Naeem Hammonds - School in North Carolina..

These young men have supported me through it all.

These are the seniors who has played with me before

Byron Byrd - West Side High School - One of the first members of FLOT who later went on to play for someone else..
Jameel Hollaway - Newark Tech - One of the first members of FLOT who later went on to play for someone else..
Malcom Glover - Newark Science High
Ivan Lee - Newark Science High
Shabazz Greene - Summit High School
Elijah Vining - Barringer High School
Marcus Moore - Weeguahic High School
Dayshawn Morris - Central High School

To these young men I thank you for helping me grow and develop as a young man...

All of these men have had their last home game played between the last two weeks.. I wish nothing but greatness in the next chapter in their life...


Saturday, February 25
FLOT Biidy's lost in deciding game...
FLOT biddy basketball team played in the first annual Raheem Biddy basketball league finished 9th in league play.. FLOT lost in a deciding game that would have given us the final spot to make the playoffs. FLOT lost by 2pts to Boylan Recreation center as missed layups and free throws was a major factor in the lost. FLOT played well considering the fact that they have not had a complete practice for three weeks. FLOT was led by team captins Al-Rashon Brown and Quasan "Popeye" Lindsay. Stats of this game will be up shortly...

Saturday, February 25
Larry receive Power 15 honors...
Larry Jones received a power 15 award from Newark Now an award that honored the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This award was giving to fifteen people from fifteen different organization that were considered to be the most influential grassroots organization in Newark.. Special Thanks goes to Newark Now...

Saturday, February 25
The First FLOT lady Back in town
Aasa Harris the first FLOT Lady is back in town as she moved back home and is now attending school in NJ.. She previously attended boarding school in PA and she now attends Malcom X Shabazz, due to transferring the timing of her departure from her previous school. She has plans on attending one of the Magnet schools in Newark or attend school with her childhood friend Benedictine next year.. Because of her late start she was not able to play basketball this year, but vowed to come back better, stronger and quicker next year..

Saturday, February 25
Lets travel back in time..
In November of 05 FLOT 12-u was cheated in the Championship game at UCC recreation center basketball tournament.. FLOT played against GYM who was eliminated earlier by us earlier that day was allowed to play again against UCC. At this game the GYM coach came back with different players that was obviously older than 12 years old because he felt he was cheated even thought I proved to him the ages of my players... Well as they beat UCC in the semi finals it was destine that we will play his team in the championship game, because not only did they referee the game against FLOT and Ruff Ryders, they had someone doing the clock and the scoreboard. Something I completely disagreed with, but my team wanted to play anyway.

So we beat Ruff Ryders which made the coach at GYM very happy because he had a newly revamped team for my team I had all season... All of this went on while the organizers of the league was right there.. So we played gym in a good game until late in the second half when things started to go bad.. I fail to mention that they had one of their coaches as the referee in the championship game too... But ultimately we lost and I vowed that I will never do another league there again... So we came in second place and I took the group to Chucke Cheese because they earned it. I told them if we win the championship game I will take them and in my eyes they were the champs...

We had a ball and I will post pics and stats later...

Saturday, January 7
R.I.P Coach Raheem
Flot would Like to say R.I.P Coach Raheem and senf their condolences to Coach Raheem's family and also to everyone who plays for NEXT LEVEL. Coach Raheem basketball will never be the same without you. THE FLOT LADIES would also like to say that COACH RAHEEM showed them how hardwork led you to being a good team, and he will definately be missed. SO ONCE AGAIN R.I.P Coach RAHEEM...YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN

Monday, November 7
FLOT wins again..............
FLOT 12-u wins again in yesterday's action at the West Side Park UCC recreational league agaisnt G.Y.M and again heard it from the coach.. FLOT came from behind by as many as 10 something that we was able to do all season and win 38-33. FLOT was led by ALif McCray (Burnet Middle Newark) with 24pts, 8rebs, and 2stl and Mike Vining (Raphael Hernandez) with 7pts and 3rebs. Karim Ahmad (Sussex Avenue) added 5pts and team high 3stls.

Wednesday, November 2
FLOT blows out Ruff Ryders....
FLOT 12-u records their first blowout of the season as they blew pass a much bigger Ruff Ryder team in today action. FLOT playing with only 6 guys and missing two key players beat Ruff Ryder 38-18 in the West Side Park UCC recreational basketball league. After leading 18-14 at the half FLOT ran away as they applied the press recording 22 steals. FLOT was led by Alif McCray (Burnet Middle Newark) with 19pts and 4stl, and Kareem "Chopper" Ahmad (Sussex Ave) with 10pts 2asst, and a team high 8stls. FLOT got contributions from Shon Hills (Gladys) with 4pts, 8rebs, 3asst, and 6stl, Quasan "Popeye" Lindsay (Burnet Middle Newark) with 3pts and 2stls, and Davonne "Papi" Greedly (Burnet Middle Newark) added 2pts. Al-Rashon Brown (Samuel Berliner) 2stl in the win.. FLOT now 6-1 on the season...

FLOT was awarded the win against Paterson Playaz due to their kids being over the age limit..

Thursday, October 27
Aasa Birthday...
Aasa Harris one half of the first FLOT ladies Birthday is Saturday October 29th...Happy Birthday Ace!!!

Thursday, October 27
FLOT comes from behind to win....
LOT comes from behind and wins against Paterson Plus in yesterday's action 39-32 in the West Side Park UCC basketball league... FLOT behind by as much as 10pts rallied back in the second half to take the lead... Bad officiating and unforced turnovers almost allowed Paterson Plus to get back into the game. FLOT got all around play from the entire team. I can see the growth of the team as the season goes along... FLOT was led by Alif McCray (Burnet) with 17pts and Kareem Ahmad (Sussex Ave) with 11pts. Kion Hardgrove (East Orange Middle) added 5pts as Ali Hill (East Orange Middle)and Mike Vining (Raphael Hernandez) added 4pts and 2pts. Kion led all with 4stls and Al-Rashon Brown (Samuel Berliner) led all with 3blks... FLOT is now 4-2...

FLOT wins by forefeit...
FLOT 12-u wins by forfeit against the Ruff Ryders in the West Side Park UCC basketball league. FLOT is now 3-2...

FLOT loses at UCC
FLOT 12-u loses to a much much bigger Paterson Playaz in the West Side Park UCC basketball league 46-17. Paterson who has players that are much bigger than FLOT players look to be much older than the 13 year old age limit. A youth can turn 13 after September 1st. Now with all the uproar about FLOT player there were no one on the FLOT team who had a player the size of this team, but hey they could be 12 years old.. FLOT was led by Alif McCray (Burnet) with 8pts and Shon Hills (Glady's)4pts. Although FLOT lost by a big margin they missed a number of opportunities to at least keep the game close. FLOT falls to 2-2

Thursday, October 13
FLOT hosting Hurricane Relief basketball game...
FLOT in conjunction with the Newark Police Athletic league are sponsored by The
Department of Athletics and Recreation will be hosting a Hurricane Relief basketball game at Rutgers University Newark campus.. There are about 3 students that are from New Orleans that attend Rutgers University.. All proceeds will go directly to them and their families.. The games will be held at Rutgers Golden Dome on October 29th, at 12pm.. If anyone would like to donate or put a team in to participate please contact me via-phone or email me at 862-215-2942 or

Wednesday, October 19
FLOT 2nd win angers staff of G.Y.M
FLOT 12-u playing short handed and undersize against a much bigger G.Y.M basketball team in the United Community Corporation youth basketball league on Monday, Oct. 17 at West Side park wins 33-28, which cause the members of G.Y.M to come up with excuses to why their team lost... FLOT playing with only 6 guys played hard fighting to come back from an 8pt deficit at the half… As FLOT went on a 8-0 run to tie the game tempers started to flare, due to hearsay... FLOT with 2 big men that are not really big men if people was to see the boys playing in this league (that are suppose to be 12) won a tough game that was really good and competitive, but like always the so called adults always mess up everything for the youth. Instead of teaching sportsmanship, character, and integrity they would rather go on their bad boy image by solving conflicts by roughhousing people when they lose and make excuses for not performing under pressure..

Someone said that one of Future players was too old, which is a boldface lie because the kid was present with his parent at the game. The league is for 12-u and if you look at the boys in this league even on G.Y.M's basketball team their boys are much bigger than mines and do not look like they are 12 year of age. FLOT does not need to cheat anyone and will not stoop to that level just to win a league that does not mean anything anyway. Little old Future Leaders cannot beat G.Y.M fairly so they want to make excuses for their kids to carry around with them. I wonder how they will feel when I present them with a birth certificate proving his age and I guarantee they will not apologize for the way they attacked my player and accused him of cheating.. They cannot accept the fact the table turned as they tried to intimidate their opponents in order to get a win when FLOT did not back down to a basketball fight.

This is one of the many reason I feel like quitting this coaching basketball, because of people such as them putting winning over everything instead of teaching these kids how to deal with conflict in a productive mature manner like adults do. More and more I begin the so-called adults that are teaching our kids are kids themselves... Even when He Said to me he did not want to see a birth certificate before the game started when he approached me and we discussed the issue. I told him I will have his birth certificate for next game and that his parents are in the stand and he walked away saying I don’t want to see a birth certificate. That was because he just knew they will beat us and it is not even about the victory, because at the end of the day its just a GAME a BASKETBALL GAME....... It’s the fact that when the game did not go his way immediately he started making excuses…



Thursday, October 13
Larry get a Write Up
Larry Jones founder of Future Leaders of Tomorrow was allowed to share his story with the Kean University community as they wrote his story in school newspaper The Courger's Byte.. If you would like to reach the story you can go to the link... Copy and paste the link into the addrss box...

Thursday, October 13
FLOT bounce back with a win...
FLOT 12-u bounced back with an impressive win over the home team UCC who was much bigger in size the FLOT. FLOT known for having smaller guys then most showed true character and heart coming back from a lost to win against a much bigger team 35-32. FLOT again struggling with the press almost blew an 8pt lead down the stress when the game got to a one point difference. FLOT playing short handed with only six guys was led by Alif McCray (Burnet) with 11pts and Kion Hardgrove (East Orange) with 8pts, 6rebs, and 2stls. Ali Hill (East Orange) contributed with 7pts and 5rebs, while Ahmad "Chopper" Green (Sussex Ave) added 3pts and led with 3stls. Al-Rashon Brown (Samuel Berliner) and Quasan "Popeye" Lindsay (Burnet) both added 2pts with Al adding 5rebs. FLOT improves to 1-1 on the season...

Thursday, October 13
FLOT loses first game at UCC...
FLOT 12-u playing their first game together at UCC gym in West Side park without any practice faught hard against G.Y.M in a losing effort 35-24. The game got out of control in the last few minutes of the game as G.Y.M applied the press to our team.. FLOT was led by Alif McCray (Burnet) with 12pts, 5stl, but also led in turnovers with 4, Jawan Dickerson (Greater Newark Academy) added 7pts, 3tos, 2asst, and 1stl. Ali Hill (East Orange) added 3pts and Kevin Bell (Raphael Hernandez) added 2pts. FLOT falls to 0-1

Friday, September 16
FLOT accepting application....
Future Leaders of Tomorrow youth program are now accepting application for its Fall and Winter basketball for youth 8-14. We are a youth community group that use basketball as a tool to teach our youth discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork, conflict resolution, physical fitness as well as hard work and dedication, which will allow them to be better prepared for the challenges they will face in life. We offer workshops on SATs, Financial Aid, Scholarship search and many others for our upper class. We also teach basic fundamentals of basketball. We are in our planning phase so we can do some traveling basketball which will be an addition to our program. The traveling component will not just be for basketball, but for educational enrichment as well. We plan to take college tours, go to different basketball tournaments, and having a student shadow day at local colleges. The fee for the program is $60.00, which covers the entire year and will be fundraising for different events that will be on our calendar. We operate on a year round basis to keep communication with all of our youth that participate with the program. We have a parent meeting on Saturday, September 24th, at 10am in the Dana Library 4th floor at the Rutgers Newark Campus. The library entrance is on University Avenue or on Bleeker Street across from the Dorms. For more information or an application please call 862-215-2942 or via-email at

Thursday, September 1
Thank You!!!!!
FLOT would like to thank all that help make this years Battle of the Bricks a success. FLOT would like to thank the Newark Housing Authority for sponsoring the entire event this year, the staff members of JFK recreation center for allowing us to use their facility and being very helpful and patient each week after the problems the first week. We would like to thank all the teams that came out and showed true character for their community Baxter Terrace, Bradley Court, Broadway Townhouse, Hyatt Court, Seth Boyden, and Wynona Lipman. Sgt. Braswell and the Newark PAL who is always in support of our program. Nashirah Wilson and Aasa Harris who has been with me and this program from day one. They helped out the entire summer with the Battle of the Bricks I truly appreciate them and are happy that they are part of Future Leaders of Tomorrow. They are the reason why we now have a Girls Basketball team. Donna Jordan Tenant President from Hyatt Court who attend every game each week. All the coaches Ruben "Boobie" (Baxter), Clayton "RaRa" (Seth), Ahmad (Bradley 11-13), Jarrell "Rell" (Bradley 14-16), Fu (Wynona Lipman), Duran (Broadway), and Celly (Baxter 8-10) and Tenant Presidents of each housing complex. We would also like to thank Raheem and his Next Level team for scrimmaging our girls in a showcase game. All the parents, fans, and members of the communities that came out especially the members from Seth Boyden they came out every week in packs to support their youth. They showed the true meaning of community thank you. Joyce Morgan Newark Housing Authority, Delmore Washington head of transportation, Delores Lewis from the Mayor's office, Harold Lucas, Director of Newark Housing Authority, JEC, K&K trophies, Barry Carter Star Ledger and everyone else that was not mention you were not forgotten we thank you for your support. This year we expanded and reached out to different housing developments and next year we expect it to grow even bigger and better.

So once again thank you all for the support and we look forward to working with you again in the near future....

Future Leaders of Tomorrow

Thursday, September 1
Pictures will be updated soon
Pictures from the 2005 season will be posted shortly.... Please be patient....

Thursday, September 1
FLOT high school fails to make it to the championship...
FLOT high school team failed to make it to the championship game losing in the semi-finals to Newark Blaze 58-41 in the Newark Recreation League held at JFK... FLOT playing the first half without thier point guard fail to get the ball across halfcourt as Newark Blaze pressed from the beginning of the game. When able to break the press we where unable to setting down and runour offense. FLOT was also without one of their key players as he was at his brothers bedside due to an illness that has occured. FLOT got into game shape as the point guard Jourdan Robeson showed up and we were able to deal with the press better, but the damage was already done. FLOT was led by Malcom Glover (Science High) with 12pts and 8rebs and Tahmeel White (Newark Central) with 8pts, 9rebs, and 5stls. Ivan Lee (Science High) had 6pts, with Elijah Vining (Barringer) and Phillip Carpio (Arts High) both had 4pts. Phillip pulled down 8rebs. Deshawn Morris (Newark Central) added 3pts, 5rebs, and a team high 8stls...

Thursday, September 1
Baxter Terrace too much for Hyatt Court....
In last week action in the champonship game at the Battle of the Bricks Baxter Terrace prove to be too much for Hyatt Court showing them why they are the defending champions beating Hyatt 65-42. In a game that look too easy for Baxter Terrace showed that they are not ready to give up the title that easy with rising young stars on the Baxter Terrace roster. Baxter Terrace was led by Tahmeel White (Central High) with 18pts, Kenneth Ortiz (Newark Science) with 15pts and Robert Byrd (Newark Science) with 10pts. These two kids will be a great backcourt for Science High in the next three years. Shaun Williams (Newark Central) added 8pts, while Deshawn Morris (Newark Central) added 4pts, Masharad Carter 3pts and Yasin Carter and Alif McCray both of Burnet St. School added 2pts in the victory... Hyatt Court leading scorers wereH. McLauren with 18pts and J. Boyce with 13pts. R. Williams added 6pts, K. Sykes added 5pts, and L. Phillip chipped in with 3pts.

The two teams showed true sportsmanship hugging and taking pictures after the games something we wanted throughout the entire season. Now hopefully when these youth see each other on the streets they will remember the Battle of the Bricks...

See you Next Summer...

Wednesday, August 31
FLOT ladies lose bad to Next Level...
In our first game as a girls baskeball team the FLOT ladies suffered their first embarrassing lost to a much more experience Next Level team losing 40-2... In a showcase game before the boys championship game of the Battle of the Bricks the girls tried their hardest to compete, lack of experience as a collective unit and practice costed us dearly. In a game that was designed to get the girls a chance to play basketball together before we begin our practice. Our team been together for only a few days played hard and competitive for at least one half. As the game went on the experience of Next Level kicked in and our lack of experience kicked as we lost our composure and begun to fall apart.

West goes 2 for 2 in the Allstar game...
In Game two of the championship weekend the West goes two for two as they beat the East 44-39. The West being coached by Seth Boyden coached RaRa beats out Braswell who coached the East. The west was led by Awad Cureton with 14pts, Keon McNeal with 13pts and Rasheed Smith with 11pts this was a game that was truely an allstar games. There were players hittig three pointers from behind the NBA three point line. They all carried themselves like allstars this game thank you. Marvin Coleman added 2pts while K. HInes and T. James added 1pt in the victory. The East was led by Zakee Thomas with 11pts and Al-Trey Brown with 8pts. Alif McCray and Kevin Green both added 6pts in the lost...

Wednesday, August 31
West beat East in 8-10 Allstar game...
tIn the last game of the season for the Battle of the Bricks on Saturday, August 27th at JFKthe day was filled with excitement as the 10-u and 11-13 both had All-Star games, the FLOT girls had a chance to play and the Championship game was played in the 14-16 division.

In Game one the 8-10 year old had their all star game which was filled with excitement. The all star game was picked out of a bag giving everyone a chance to play with different people from the different communities. Kids from Seth played agaisnt kids from Seth, but also played with kids from BT and or Hyatt Court. The game was designed to allow the youth the chance to play with each other ina day of fun. The teams was divided up as East and West with the East being coached by the 14-16 champion "Boobie" and the West being coached by the 8-10 champion "Celly". Celly showed great leadership as she coached her team to a victory over Boobies Eastern team 23-11. The west was led by Quason Popoye" Lindsay with 7pts, J. Walter and Davon "Papi" Greely with 4pts. The West also got contributions from Nasir Farmer with 3pts, Dwayne Dixon with 2pts and Jevon Dunell with 1pt. The West was led by Shahid "Zoo" Cromer with 6pts with Al-Tariq Dunell and Rahman "Roc" Barnes with 2pts while Jurad Page added 1pt in the lost. The game was great and we look forward to next year as these youth move up in the age brackets.

Monday, August 22
Semi-finals weekend...
In the Semi-finals games this weekend Baxter Terrace beats out Wynona "7th Ave" 42-30 to advance to the championship game in back to back years. Batxer was led by Tahmell White (Central High) with 14pts and Mashard Carter with 9pts. Robert Byrd (Newark Science) added 7pts and Shaun Williams (Central added 6pts. Kenneth Ortiz (Newark Science) added 4pts and Alif McCray (Burnet) added 2pts in the victory... Wynona was led by D. Mendez (Barringer) with 14pts and Elijah Vining (Barringer) with 10pts. Wynona also got contributions from D. Holland and D.Manuel both with 2pts...

In Game 2 - Hyatt Court beats out Broadway Townhouses in a close 29-26 game to advance to the championship game against Baxter Terrace. Hyatt Court was led by R. Williams, L. Phillips, and L. JOnes with 6pts. J. Boyce added 4pts, H. Mellurin with 2pts and K. Wright added 1pt in the victory. Broadway was led by A. Lopez and A. Thomas with 7pts, with K. Brown adding 6pts with D. Plant and J. Adams adding 2pts in a losing effort.

Monday, August 22
As the Battle of the Bricks is slowly coming to an end, the 8-10 year olds and 11-13 year olds played their hearts out in the CHAMPIONSHIP game for their hood.


NOT ONLY DID SETH HAVE THE 8-10 YEAR OLDS PLAYING IN A CHAMPIONSHIP GAME THEY ALSO HAD THEIR 11-13 YEAR OLDS PLAYING AGAINST HYATT COURT FOR CHAMPIONSHIP. BOTH TEAMS CAME IN WANTING TO WIN BUT AS WE ALL KNOW THERE ONLY CAN BE ONE CHAMPION. HYATT SHOWED SETH THAT THEY WANTED IT A LITTLE MORE AND CAME OUT WITH THE VICTORY WINNING THE CHAMPIONSHIP FOR THEIR HOOD. Hyatt Court was led by Aziz McLamrin with 10pts and Altrey Brown with 9pts. Hyatt Court got contributions from Rasheed Smith and Zikea Thomson both with 4pts. Seth Boyden was led by Marvin Coleman with 11pts with JOhnathan Martinez and Keon McNeal both with 4pts. Lance Newnan added 3pts and Dequan Ragland added 2pts in the lost. Seth Boyden represented their community well and was the best overall community in this years Battle of the Bricks. They were well organized and disciplined well. They represent what it means to display great character for their community. Thanks to you all from Seth Boyden...

Tuesday, August 16
Seth Boyden 8-10 Advances to the Championship game...
Hyatt Court vs Seth Boyden was filled with mega excitement these young boys truely showed what the future will be in Newark for the game of basketball. With BT waiting and watching to see who will face them in next weeks Championship game Seth and Hyatt put on a show for the crowd. In a thriller Seth Boyden pulled away with a 6pt win to advance to the championship game against Baxter Terrace.

Tuesday, August 16
Hyatt Court vs Seth in the Championship...
In game one of the Semi-final round against Hyatt Court and Bradley Court controversy swarmed Hyatt Court in which player continued to protest that one of Hyatt Courts players was too old. This player was allowed to play but in order for them to advance in case of a win a birth certificate must be presented before the next game.

So the game got under way and this was a game to remember either team wasn't ready to go home and not return to play in the championship game the following week. The game was close up until two minutes of the game when Bradley collapsed as a team giving Hyatt all the boost they needed to pull away with a 48-37 victory to advance to the championship round. Hyatt was led by Zakee with 16pts and Rasheed with 10pts. Aziz and Robert added 8pts while Al-Tariq contributed 6pts in the victory. Bradley Court was led by Kevin Bell with 13pts and Jerome Conover with 12pts, Quasim Little and Karim Ahmad both added 6pts in the lost.

Game 2 - Seth Boyden beats out the Defending Champs Baxter Terrace to advance to the championship game against Hyatt Court. This was a good game all the way through Baxter Terrace defended their title to the best of their ability but Seth Boyden pulled it off at the end to win by four 34-30. Seth got an all around team effort leading scorers were Marvin with 9 and Kysien with 7pts, Lance added 6pts while Daquan, Aaron, and Kason all had 2pts... Baxter Terrace was led by James G. with 10pts and Alif McCray with 7pts while Kevin added 6pts and Anwad added 5pts...

Friday, August 12
Game called at Branch Brook Park...
In a semi final game against the Knicks in the Branch Brook Park basketball league Coach Larry was ejected from the game as he protested a call made by the official. The official was quick in making his decision as Larry was upset after receiving a technical foul called against him. Larry angry, but talking to his team was hit with another technical foul called because the referee overheard him on his bench. The official then called the game against the team because the two teams were playing hard. The game was played against the home team in the park so calls were made against FLOT to frustrate the coaching staff and the players. FLOT lost as the game was called off by the official with 3mins left in the fourth quarter. FLOT was led by Deshawn Morris (Central) with 10pts and Mike Cureton (Barringer) with 6pts. FLOT got contributions from Tyron McLaughin with 4pts, Elijah Vining (Barringer) and Rakeem Hankerson(University) both with 2pts.

Friday, August 12
FLOT sends Condolescence to the Johnson Family.....
Tashon Johnson of the Zoo Crew basketball program lost his brother yesteray to an act of violence in the street. Another one of our youth is lost to the streets because of careless act and no regards for life. His brother was only 15 years old and a rising football star at West Side High School with great potential. When will the killing stop in our city and with our youth to many of our young men are being swept away in body bags or ambulances, because people do not know how to deal situation rationally. Dreams are being stolen from our youth and families are being traumatized due to the senseless act of violence. IF anyone have any information about this killing please allow your conscious to rest and do the right thing by informing the police. This youth was only 15 years old and one of our own. We must all come together and TAKE BACK OUR STREETS!!!!! OUR KIDS DID NOT ASK FOR THIS!!!!!

Friday, August 12
FLOT on two game losing streak...
FLOT lose to the ballers in the JFK basketball league 52-46. FLOT beat themselves missing 26 layups with at least half of those being makeable layups. FLOT who was able to get to the basket continue to struggle at finishing once they get there. FLOT was led by Ivan Lee (Science High) with 16pts pulling down 7rebs, 5asst and 1blk. Tahmeel White (Central High) 13pts, 10rebs, 3stls and 1blk. Richard Williams (Barringer High) had 5pts and led with 14rebs and 5asst. Dashawn Morris (Central High) led with 6 steals.

Friday, August 12
Tahmeel and Dashawn plays in New York...
Tahmeel White and Dashawn Morris both from Central high school played a game in New York's Coney Island in the Stephon Marbury league. Tahmeel had an excellent defensive game with 7blks, 6stls and he took 6 charges in one game... Dashawn had 8pts and 3asst they both played good game in a losing effort.

Wednesday, August 10
FLOT advances to semi-finals...
FLOT advances to the semi-finals in the Branch Brook Park basketball league beating out the Bucks 47-36. FLOT applied the pressure after being tied at the half 13-13. FLOT played good team basketball dishing out 22 assist in this game. FLOT was led by Tyron McLaughin with 21pts, 7rebs, and 3asst. Mike Cureton (Barringer High) played a great game at the point with 6pts, 3rebs, and dishing out a team high 8asst to go alone with 3stls. Jourdan Robeson (University High), Dashawn Morris (Newark Central) and Rakeem Hankerson (University High) all had 4pts. Jourdan handing out 3asst and 4stls Dashawn played well with 5stls, 6 assts, and 6rebs, Rakeem added 6rebs and 2asst to go along with his 1stl. Khalif Jones (Science) and Jonathan Mosley (Barringer) had 3pts with Khalif adding 3stls. Allen Weathers (Barringer) had 2pts and 3stls. David Hammonds (Hudson Catholic) playing hurt contributed with 5rebs. Elijah Vining (Barringer) chipped in with 2rebs.

FLOT will play against the Knicks on Friday at 5pm to try to advance to the championship game for the second time in three years...

Wednesday, August 10
FLOT has playoff game today..
FLOT Branch Brook Park team has a playoff game today at 4pm against the Bobcats... All teams are named after NBA teams...

FLOT wins in JFK basketball league...
FLOT improves to 6-3 on the season at JFK beating out Team Flash 40-35. FLOT receive an all around performance from everyone on the team even did not handle the ball well adding 24 turn overs we where able to pull of the game down the stretch. FLOT was led by Richard Williams (Barringer High) with 9pts and 1blk. Elijah Vining (Barringer) had 6pts, 4rebs and 4to's. Tahmeel White (Newark Central), Malcom Chamberling (Science High), Naeem Hammonds (Science High), and David Hammonds (Hudson Catholic) all had 5pts. Tahmeel added 9rebs and 4blk, Malcom had 6rebs, and Naeem added 5to's with 3asst.. Ivan Lee (Science High) had 3pts and 4rebs...

Monday, August 8
FLOT 14-u loses in Playoffs
FLOT 14-u 8 grade Newark Board of Education basketball league FLOT loses to Team Blaze 42-35 a team they beat in the regular season. FLOT short handed playing with only 5 players played hard throughout, but fatigue and turnovers played a key roll in the lost. FLOT got it first ever triple double player in Jamil Godley (Arts High) with 21pts, 10rebs, 10stls and 5blks. Jamil played his heart out trying to will his team to a victory proving that he is ready to take on the challenge of become FLOT next leader. Davion Tuner added 5pts, while Stacey White (Plainfield High) and Kenneth Robinson (Shabazz) both added 4pts. Stacey pulling down 4rebs and Kenneth 6rebs. Kenneth led the team with 7to's, but also led with 5asst.

We are proud of this team, because this was a team put together at the last minute and everyone played their hearts out and represented FLOT well I look forward to working with you throughout and helping to improve your games as well as your attitude as you all embark on your next challenge in your life..

We are having a team meeting Next Friday at 5pm 1 Lincoln Ave See you there...

Saturday, August 6
Controversy at the Battle of the Bricks...
In its final week before the playoffs many teams were complaining about the ages of some of the players from different teams. Things started to heat up once teams were told that next week is the playoffs. Everything was cleared up and the games got underway...

In game one of 8-10

Hyatt beat Seth Boyden

In game 2 - Baxter Terrace continues their winning streak beating out a much taller Hyatt Court.


Game 1 - Baxter vs. Bradley Court controversy and tempers were up in this one due to speculations that Bradley had a older player on the team... The game continued and ended with a tied, but Baxter got the win by forefiet giving them their first win of the season... Baxter was led by Alif with 12pts and Stevey with 9pts. Anwad added 6pts and Mike contributed with 4pts. Bradley was led by Kevin with 15pts and Faquir with 6pts. Kareem added 5pts while Desean and Kyle added 2pts and 1pt.

Game 2 - Seth Boyden v Hyatt Court - Seth lost a close game by one point 36-35. The game was filled with highlights from both teams as they traded bucket for bucket. Hyatt was led by Zakee with 25pts and Rasheed with 7pts while Aziz added 4pts in the win. Bradley Court was led by K. Mcneil with 17pts with M. Coleman and F. Ragleng both had 6pts. J. Martinez and T. James contributed with 4 and 2pts.


Game 1 - Baxter Terrace defeated Bradley Court 45-25 making them 5-0. Baxter was led by D. Morris with 14pts and S. Williams with 11pts while M. Carter dumped in 9pts to go with R. Byrd and L. Hardgrove 6 and 5pts. Bradley Court was led by J. Conover with 12pts and R. Graham with 6pts. A. Smith and D. Lavine contributed with 3 adn 2pts.

Game 2 - Hyatt Court beat Seth Boyden by 1pt 28-27 in a thriller. Hyatt was led by R. Dent with 10pts and J. Boyce with 9pts. H. Mclaurin add 3pts while J. Street and K. Sykes both had 2pts. Seth Boyden was led by T. Smith with 15pts with D. Thomas adding 4pts and M. Lawson 3pts. T. Simpson and J. Jackson both contributed with 2pts.

Game 3 - Baxter Terrace beat 7th ave beating them 40-33 going underfeated in the regular season. Baxter was led by M. Carter with 13pts while R. Byrd and D. Morris both contributed with 11pts. S. Williams and L. Hardgrove added 3 and 2pts. 7th Ave was led by D. Mendez with 15pts, E. Vining 7pts, and A. Ward with 5pts. D. Bouie, R. Lee, and R. Williams all had 3pts.

Game 4 - Bradley bounced back with a win over Seth Boyden 41-35. Bradley was led by J. Green with 13 and D. Plant with 12pts. A. Lopez and K. Brown both contributed with 8pts. Seth was led by L. Purnty with 9pts, D. Thomas and B. Neil 8pts. T. Smith added 5pts while R. Crawford and K. McNeil added 3 and 2pts.

Game 5 - 7th Ave beat Broadway Townhouse 45-31 in a game in which one of 7th Ave players got ejected from the game. 7th Ave was led by E. Vining with 13ts, A. Ward with 11pts, and R. Lee with 11pts. D. Hollom had 6pts and D. Bouie added 3pts. A. Lopez led Broadway with 18pts while K. Graham with 9pts, J. Green and D. Plant contributed with 2pts.

The playoff format is as followed this is a one game elimination winner continues while the loser get ready for next year..

Baxter Terrace has 1st round bye

Seth Boyden vs Hyatt Court

1 - Hyatt Court vs 4 - Bradley Court

2 - Seth Boyden vs 3 - Baxter Terrace

1 - Baxter Terrace and 2 - Hyatt Court has 1st round bye

4 - Wynona vs 5 - Seth Boyden

3 - Bradley Court vs 6 - Broadway

All games will be on time starting at 10:30am...

Thursday, August 4
FLOT avenge lost in JFK..
FLOT HS team avenge its lost to Next Level beating them in a close and hard fought game 48-47. FLOT was led by Tahmeel White (Newark Central) with 12pts, 7rebs and 1blk and Ivan Lee (Science High) with 10pts and 6rebs. Richard Williams (Barringer High) and Dashawn Morris (Newark Central) both had 8pts. Richard added 7rebs, 2stls and 1blk, while Dashawn had a team high 6asst and 4stl. FLOT also got contributions from Malcom Chamberling (Science High) with 4pts, David Hammonds (Hudson Catholic) with 3pts and Allen Thomas with 2pts. Elijah Vining (Barringer High) added 1pt

FLOT wins at JFK...
FLOT HS team beat G.Y.M in the JFK basketball league. No official stats was taken..

Tuesday, August 2
FLOT loses at Branch Brook Park
FLOT loses in the Branch Brook Park summer league in a game that really didn't mean anything, because the teams are already seeded. FLOT seed #3 allow most of his players that do not play much have their time to play. FLOT had three girls and two boys play most of the fourth quarter while leading the game. FLOT playoff game is Wednesday Aug. 10th at 4pm against the Bobcats.. The game time stats will be updated later...

Monday, August 1
Week 3 for the 14-16 was a showcase...
In game 1 - Baxter Terrace continue to prove that they are the team to beat improving to 2-0 beating Hyatt Court 29-24. Baxter Terrace led by Robert 13pts and Kenneth 10pts put on a show as the Hyatt players tried to do moves from the And One video. Kenneth showed him how it is done shaking the boy and making him touch the floor. That play sent the crowd krazy... Tahmeel added 4pts and missed a follow up dunk from Kenneth as he threw the ball off the back board for the trailing Tahmeel. Masharod added 2pts. Hyatt Court was led by Jihad with 9pts and Lamar with 5pts. Reggie added 4pts while Khalil dropped 3pts and James with 2pts. Hyatt falls to 1-1 on the season.

In game 2 - Bradley Court ran pass Seth Boyden 42-30 to improve to 2-0 on the seaon. Seth continue to stuggle to try and find their first victory in the league. Bradley was led by Earl with 10pts and Duke with 8pts. Isaiah dropped 7pts, Kevin and Kareem both added 6pts and Derrick pulled in 5pts. Seth leader was Tariq S with 10pts and Bryant with 8pts. Deshawn added 6pts while Luis, Tariq, and Rasheed all had 2pts. Seth falls to 1-2

In game 3 - Seth tried to rebound from a lost in a make up game against Wynona Lipman, but lose 48-38. Wynona Lipman was led by Rell with 17pts and Rajohn with 12pts. Dawad was ejected, but added 6pts, Toy with 5pts, Darrell with 4pts and Elijah with 1pt. Seth leaders wer Tariq S. with 15pts, Bryant and Luis had 6pts, while Kevin and Tariq both had 4pts. Deshawn had 2pts and Jeremiah had 1pt. Wynona falls to 1-1 and Seth falls to 1-3.

Monday, August 1
Baxter Terrace and Bradley Court 11-13 continue to struggle....
In game 1 - Baxter Terrace falls to Hyatt Court 38-17 in week three. The defending champs are having difficulties finding a win in the Battle of the Bricks basketball classic. Hyatt Court dominated the game from beginning to end with their size and quickness. Hyatt Court was led by Aziz with 14pts and Nasir with 13pts. Zikee had 6pts while Robert had 3pts and Kenneth had 2pts. Baxter Terrace was led by Alif with 8pts and Kevin with 4pts. Awad and Ray had 2pts while Steve had 1pt. Baxter falls to 0-2 and Hyatt 1-0

Game 2 - Seth Boyden continues their winning ways with a win over Bradley Court 38-21. Bradley Court who was without their coach self destructed on the sideline while Seth continued to add points to the score board. Seth was led by Lance with 12pts and Jonathan with 10pts. Marvin added 9pts, while Everett dropped 4pts and Aaron added 3pts. Bradley Court was led by Desean with 6pts and Rashid with 5pts. Kevin added 4pts while Shaun and Tykee both had 3pts. Seth is now 3-0 while Bradley falls to 0-2

Monday, August 1
3rd Week of Battle of the Bricks
In the third week of the Battle of the Bricks. Baxter Terrace 10-u continue to dominate the league. BT beat Hyatt Court 21-2 in the 3 on 3 league.

In game two Seth Boyden rebound from last week lost to Baxter to beat Hyatt Court 10-5.

Friday, July 29
FLOT high school pulls off an upset...
FLOT high school team pulls off an upset against Team Blaze in the JFK basketball league. FLOT trailing by 10 at the half applied pressure to a much bigger Team Blaze. Team Blaze had a player that is 6'10 with our biggest man being 6'3. Tahmeel White (Newark Central) put the team on his back and rallied his team to the victory 57-53. Tahmeel White led all scores with 18pts, 8rebs, 4stls and 3blks. Ivan Lee (Science high) added 15pts, 4rebs and 3stls, Deshawn Morris (Newark Central)had 13pts and an incredible 9stls. Phillip Carpio (Arts High) contributed with 6pts, 7rebs, 1stl and 1blk. Elijah Vining (Barringer) had 4pts and 3stls. Allen Weathers (Barringer) had 2pts and David Hammonds (Hudson Catholic) helped out on the boards with 5rebs and 3stls.

Saturday, July 30
FLOT 14-u wins in St. Peters..
FLOT 14-u beat Next Level at St. Peters yesterday.. No official stats were taken...

Friday, July 29
FLOT 14-u wins a much bigger Team Blaze
FLOT beat Team Blaze in a close game 46-40. FLOT was up by 10 at the half, but team blaze came out pressing and climbed back into the game. The team settled down and maintained their lead. FLOT was led by Shon Hill (Burnet St. School) with 13, a team high 5asst and 2blks, Jamil Godley (Arts High), Rakeem Hankerson (University) and Kenneth Robinson all had 8pts. Jamil led with 12rebs, 5stl and 3blks. Kenneth had 4stls and a block and Rakeem had 3stls. Stacey White(undecided which high school he will attend) chipped in with 6pts and 3asst. Mike Vining (Broadway Elementary had 3pts.

Thursday, July 28
Battle of the Bricks this Saturday..
Battle of the Bricks kicks off the 3rd week at JFK.. Games will start at 10:30am...

Thursday, July 28
FLOT Branch Brook Park team gets back on track...
After losing two straight games in the Branch Brook Park basketball league FLOT gets back to their winning ways with a win over the Hawks 45-41. FLOT who was up by 9 at the half should have won by a bigger margin, but FLOT continues to have their problem at the free throw line missing 11 free throws. FLOT was led by Allen Weathers (Barringer High) with 14pts and 8 rebs with 6 coming of the offensive glass. Tyran McLaughing contributed with 11pts, 7rebs and 1blk. Deshawn Morris (Central High) had 8pts and 9rebs all from the offensive glass and a team high 5stls. Mike Cureton (Barringer) and Jourdan Robeson (University) led with 3asst. FLOT is now 4-2 on the season.

Thursday, July 28
FLOT 14-u bounce back with a win...
FLOT 14-u bounces back with an impressive win over Team KA yesterday in the Newark Board of Education basketball league held at Central High school. FLOT applied the press the entire game something that KA loves to do to other teams. No stats were taking for the game... The next game will be today at 5pm against Team Blaze.

Wednesday, July 27
Zoo Crew makes FLOT pay for having two of their players....
In a game at JFK against the Zoo FLOT was punished for having two players that play with Zoo Crew. FLOT who was short handed playing with 6 players missing including both guards was pressed from beginning to end. The Zoo Crew player David Hammond was roughed up throughout the entire game. FLOT lost 80-42. Tahmeel White (Central High) led with 17pts, 8rebs, and 4blks. Ivan Lee (Science High) added 11pts and Elijah Vining (Barringer) added 6pts, but led with 8to's. David Hammond (Hudson Catholic) had 6to's. FLOT is 3-3 for the season.

Tuesday, July 26
FLOT 14-u loses in Board of Education league
The 14-u loses to Shilon Warriors 42-35 in a game in which they were leading by 10 at the half. Lack of discipline and selfish play cost them the game to a team that has not beat them in three years... FLOT was led by Jamil Godley (Arts High) with 17pts, 6rebs and 3blks. Stacey White led with 4blks. Shon Hill (Burnet) led with 3stls.

Monday, July 25
FLOT on a 2 game losing streak...
FLOT loses its 2nd game in a row at Branch Brook Park with a lost to the Blazers 37-33. A game that size and man power played a difference as FLOT had only 5 boy players and 2 girl players. One of our players got fouled out and FLOT had to play with four boys and one girl against mostly boys down the stretch. Jamil Godley (Arts High) led with 14pts, Allen Weathers (Barringer) and David Hammond(Hudson Catholic) both had 6pts, with Allen leading with 8rebs and David with 6rebs. Mike Cureton (Barringer) led with 4asst, but also had 4to's. 3 players had 2stls. FLOT is now 3-2 for the season.

Saturday, July 23
Hyatt too much for Wynona
Game two of the 14-16 Battle of the Bricks Hyatt pulled an upset against Wynona after a coaching change at the Half. Hyatt down at the half changed coaches and went on a run to beat Wynona 33-22. Hyatt was led by K. Sykes with 17pts, Z. Thompson 8pts two with 3pts and one with 2pts. Wynona was led by A. Ward with 9pts, Rajohn with 5pts and four with 2pts and one with 1pt.

Saturday, July 23
Baxter Terrace 14-16 too much for Seth Boyden...
In the first 14-16 game of the Battle of the Bricks Baxter Terrace the defending champs took on Seth Boyden. Baxter size and experience seemed to be too much for Seth Boyden beating them 54-22. Baxter was led by K. Ortiz and S. Williams with 12pts, M. Carter, T. White and Q. all had 6pts, R. Byrd had 5pts and four players had 2pts. Seth was led by T. Smith with 9pts, R. Crawford had 4pts, B. Neal had 3pts and two had 2pts.

Saturday, July 23
Seth Boyden 11-13 starts off 2-0
First Seth Boyden beats the defending champs then they knock off Bradley Court in a close game 35-31. Seth was led by L. Newman with 19pts, M. Coleman added 6pts, E. Rand had 4 and three had 2pts. Bradley in an losing effort was led by K. Ahmad with 13pts, S. McGee 10pts and K. Bell dropped 8pts.

Saturday, July 23
Seth Boyden 11-13 gets revenge..
In the 11-13 age bracket of the Battle of the Bricks Seth Boyden beats out Baxter Terrace in a close and spectacular game. A game in which one of Seth Boyden players made one of Baxter Terrace players fall. The game was going back and forth until the final seconds of the game when Seth stole the ball and went up by one beating out the defending champs Baxter 25-24. Seth was led by L. Newman with 7pts, J. Martinez chipped in with 6pts, M. Coleman had 5pts while D. Ragland had 4pts and T. James had 2pts. Baxter was led S. Guitereze with 13pts, A. McCray and Kevin had 6pts while M. Vining had 3pts and A. Cureton had 2pts

Saturday, July 23
Baxter Terrace 8-10 wins in Week 2
In week 2 of the Battle of the Bricks Baxter Terrace put on a show for the 8-10 against Seth Boyden. Baxter Terrace led by Quasan Lindsay beat Seth 21-6. Even though this league is not about winning or losing its about join, friendship, and representing your housing complex the kids still compete at a high level.

Thursday, July 21
FLOT loses in JFK
FLOT lost to Team KA 42-34 in the JFK high school basektball league. FLOT was out worked and out hussled. FLOT did show signs that they can play FLOT bsketball, but then they went back to bad habits trying to dribble threw the press instead of passing and cutting which led to 23 turnovers. FLOT was led by Richard Williams (Barringer) with 12pts and 7rebs, Phillip Carpio (Arts High) added 8pts and a team high 8rebs, and Tahmeel White (Central) had 6pts. One had 4pts and 2 had 2pts and 5rebs. FLOT is 2-2 for the season. Next game is against Zoo Crew.

Wednesday, July 20
FLOT gets first lost in Branch Brook Park...
FLOT loses to the home team at Branch Brook Park a team that has five players that started with my program and two that actually won our first championship. In a game in which our size and lack of aggressive defense played a key role in this game.. We were out ranned and was beat in transistion. Turnovers and missed opportunities was the difference in this game. We lost 66-50, but missed 11 free throws and several lay-ups. Jourdan Robeson (University High), Allen Weathers (Barringer High) and Deshawn Morris all with 12pts, Allen led with 7rebs and Deshawn led with 4stls. Khalif Jones (Science High) chipped in with 8pts. Mike Cureton (Barringer High) had a bad game with 6tos

Wednesday, July 20
14-u loses in Newark Board of Education league...
FLOT 14-u lost to St. Roccos by 10 pts.. no stats were taken at this game..

Saturday, July 18
FLOT wins in overtime...
FLOT starts season off in the Branch Brook Park league off with a win in overtime 40-36 to a team called the bobcats. All teams are named after NBA teams. In a game the could of gone either way ended up going in our favor. FLOT got big play from our freshman guard Mike Cureton (Barringer) with 10pts, 4asst, and 3stls, but he also led the way with 10 TO's. Deshawn Morris contributed with 10pts and 7rebs. Khalif Jones (Science) had 8pts and Dejay Hannah (Science) had 6pts. Jonathan Mosley led with 4stls.

Monday, July 18
FLOT improve to 2-1 in JFK
FLOT highschool team beats out the ballers in the JFK league no official stats was taken at the game..

Friday, July 15
Battle of the Bricks turns into a Political Battle Ground...
The "Battle of the Bricks" basketball classic turns into an all out war between the Mayor of Newark and the candidate for Mayor. The event was a scheduled all day event, but was cut short when the Mayor who was invited to speak and throw up the initial jump ball and the Mayor candidate got into a shoving match in front of kids from 6 housing development. The concept of the league is to bring together youth and different member from the various housing development to unite. The theme of the league is Unity In the "Community". It was an embarassment to the youth, the organizers, and the parents watching the game. The league is schedule to go throughout the summer with the hopes that the youth of the community can become friends and stop the battle between housing complex to housing complex. The games will be played every saturday, this Saturday the games will be at JFK...

Thursday, July 14
FLOT bounce back with Win...
FLOT records it first win in the JFK league held in Newark. FLOT won a in a close match against Team Flash 32-31 to improve to 1-1. FLOT was led in pts by Richard Williams (Barringer) with 11pts. Naeem Hammonds and Malcom Glover both from (Science High) had 8pts and Naeem led with 4stls, Phillip Carpio (Arts) led with 9rebs.

Thursday, July 14
FLOT wins but faces adversity...
In the Branch Brook Park summer league a league in which we won the championship the seems to be so political and geared towards teams that is apart of a particular group. This league has it favorites and has a team that they all want to win the league.. The official staff at Branch Brook Park tells the kids’ one thing and when they see the caliber of players that FLOT brought to play they staff starts to tear apart my team.. This is the same thing tha happen last year when they said all the FLOT players was too old, but did not offer an apology when they found out all of them was within age. These people are doing things that are so obvious that it is sickening. The league is suppose to be 16-u, but was changed at the last minute to 15-u. FLOT is the only team that is targeted for having players that is 16 when there are kids 17 even 18 years of age playing in this league. But I have not and will not say anything because if it’s a program geared towards the youth why not allow them to play basketball.

In a game in which this team decided to put in an mostly all girl team in an co-ed basketball league he want to say that I have players on the team that is too old when all of the players are 16-u, he even had 16 year old kids on his team, but he also does the games for the adult basketball team so they are all part of this group.. But FLOT have seen adversity in the past, and will continue to carry themself with dignity and high levels of intergriy. A quote taht is always told to me is "When things are going well that is when people will try to break you down".

FLOT got the win 53-38 to improve to 2-0 on the season. FLOT was led by Mike Cureton (Barringer) with 15pts and a team high 4asst and 2stls, Phillip Carpio (Arts High) added 12pts, Khalif Jones (Science High) had 11pts and 12rebs, David Hammonds (Bloomfield Tech) had 10pts and led with 4tos and Dejay Hannah (Science High) had 8pts and 9rebs seven coming off of the offensive glass. FLOT improves to 2-0

Wednesday, July 13
FLOT prepares for the Battle of the Brick...
FLOT is in preperation for the kickoff to the "Battle of the Bricks" held at Pennington Court on Friday July 15, 2005 at 10am. The Newark Housing Authority is sponsing the event...

Sunday, July 12
FLOT highschool loses to Next Level
FLOT high school loses to Next Level in the JFK league playing in their second game of the day. FLOT leading by one at the half got sloppy on defense in the second half and Next Level went on a 8-0 run winning 44-35. FLOT was led by Earl Hale West Side) with 11pts and 8rebs, Richard Williams (Barringer) had 10pts and 2blks. Elijah Irving (Barringer) led with 7turnovers.

Tuesday, July 12
FLOT highschool wins by Forefiet
In the Branch Brook park league the high school team won by forefiet because some of the players was too old.. In a scrimmage the high school team showed their rust playing very sloppy missing 11 out of 18 free throws. We lost by 10 pts. Phillip Carpio (Arts High) led with 12pts and 6rebs, Jourdan Robeson (University High) and Rahman Tisdele (West Side High) had 8pts. Naeem Hammond (Science High) led with 5stls. (1-0)

Thursday, June 30
Members of Hip Hop classic performs....
The Hip Hop classic that was geared towards the youth of James Baxter Terrace to teach them how to use music to express themselves ended with a performance by participants. The gang prevention program that thought the youth the business side of hip hop, how to produce a beat, the artist, team work and the art of using music to help many people begun in March and ended in June was a great success. The youth all had a chance to produce their own beat and they all came together to produce a beat for a song "Can't Wait".

The members called themselves BTK for "Baxter Terrace Krew" and they made a song called KAZE using the first initial of four members of the program. The song that they wrote themselves was an inspiring song talking about teamwork and how the program helped them. They performed the song in front of a packed crowd in the Recreation Center in the housing complex. Councilman Charles A. Bell was in attendance to see the youth perform. I would like to thank all the members and look forward to working with you again in September. I am so proud of you all.

Thursday, June 23
2nd Annual Battle of the Bricks Basketball Classic
FLOT is preparing to host the 2nd Annual Basketball Classic with the theme being Unity in the Community. The Battle of the Bricks is a continuance from the Youth Peace in the Street March in the summer of 2003. The concept of the Battle of the Bricks was formulate with Sgt. Zaid Braswell of the Newark Police Athletics League and the Future Leaders of Tomorrow. The league stared in James Baxter Terrace. The league is schedule to begin on July 16th 2005 with at kick off James Baxter Terrace and every Saturday at Pennington Court. The league last year was a success with teams coming from James Baxter, Joseph P. Bradley, Pennington Courts, Broadway Village Townhouse, and Felix Fuld. The concept is to get our youth together for a summer filled with joy and entertainment breaking down the divide of one community not liking the other community. They can claim their community in a friendly game of basketball allowing the chance of getting to know one another.

Thursday, June 23
We are rapping up with our Hip Hop Challenge component at the James Baxter Terrace housing complex in which we spent the past four month teaching the art of hip hop, how to produce beats, how to use music to express their feelings, and the business aspect of the hip hop industry. The program which had 9 kids is now to 7 kids. The youth has learned how to make compose their beats using Fruity Loops, how to loop their beats, how to count the numbers for the hook. They are preparing for a performance that will be held at James Baxter Terrace library on Orange street on Wednesday June 29, 2005 where they will perform their group rap K.A.Z.E with the councilman Charles Bell in attendance.

Monday, May 9
Larry Jones to speak at Anti-Violence rally...
Larry Jones was invited to speaker at the Anti-Violence rally the 2nd year Anniversary of the murder of Sakia Gunn 15 years old. She was killed two years ago downtown because she was lesbian. The rally will begin at 4pm at Broad and Market street where the young 15 year old was murdered then will proceed to march down to the Trinity and St. Phillip’s Cathedral at Rector and Broad. Also expected to speak is Poet Amiri Baraka, former Councilman Corey Booker, and POP president Larry Hamm.

Friday, April 29
FLOT member makes it to finals...
Derell Rowlette (St Benedict Prep) has made it to the finals in the elementary school essay competition, he will be going to Washington D.C to compete in the finals for his essay this summer...

Monday, April 4
Burnet wins big again...
Burnet continues to dominate the elementary school with a big win over Bragaw 43-21 at West Side High School. Burnet was led by Kenneth "Boobie" Ortiz 8th grader with 13pts, 13rebs, 6asst, 5stls and 3blks, Yasin Carter 7th grader added 8pts Alif McCray 6grader had 6pts and Bilal Gordon 8th grader had 6pts. Bilal and Kenneth are competing to see whole can have to most assist in a game today Kenneth beat Bilal. Bilal had 5asst and 4stls. Curtis Zeno 8th grader and Jack Smith 7th grader both had 4pts and Khiry King had 2pts. Burnet improves to 3-1 their next game is Saturday at Pathway against Dayton Street School.

Monday, April 4
FLOT girls lost in Championship Game...
In our first appearance as a girls basketball team the ladies of FLOT made it to the championship game in the Mayor's Tournament losing to Vailsburg Middle 26-10. Vailsburg proved to be too big and experience for the young small and inexperience FLOT girls. FLOT was led by Nashirah Wilson (St. Vincent,) 4pts and Iesiah Carter (Burnet Middle, 7th rader) with 4pts and 7rebs. Dejianriah (St. Vincent) had 8rebs, 2blks and 3asst.

Tuesday, March 29
FLOT Ladies get first win....
The Ladies of FLOT got their first win today in the Mayor's Tournament, advancing to the Championship game on Friday.. The FLOT ladies playing its first game in the history of the organization played a well disciplined game. FLOT was led by Co-Captain Nashirah Wilson (St. Vincent Academy) with 8pts, Ieisha Carter (Burnet Middle 7th grader) had 2pts and Dejanirah (St. Vincent) had 2pts, 4rebs, 3asst and 1blk. The ladies of FLOT will play in the championship game on Friday at 11:30am

Monday, March 28
FLOT player will Accepted to University...
Rakeem Hankerson (Dr. E. Almo Flagg) will begin the next phase of his life at University High School as he has received his acceptance letter last week.

Monday, March 28
FLOT loses in the Mayor's Tournament
FLOT 14-u loses to Hard Ballers 27-19 in the first round of the Mayor's Tournament unable to make it back to the championship game. Shakeem Kirk (Raphael Hernandez) led with 7 points 5 rebounds. FLOT played against former FLOT player Jaulil Williams.

After the 14-u played FLOT's 16-u played and lost to St. Benedicts Prep freshman team 28-21. FLOT look good in the 1st half actually winning, but St. Benedicts adjusted and won the 2nd half. Its been a consistant thing with FLOT unable to play two good halves or to hold on to a lead throughout the game.

FLOT girls play their first game tomorrow at 9am at the JFK center in Newark.

Monday, March 28
FLOT's plays in the Mayor's Tournament.
FLOT 16-u will play today at 4pm trying to get out of the second round for the third straight year.

FLOT 14-u will try to mak it back to the championship game in the Mayor's Tournament starting today at 3pm. The 14-u lost in the Championship game last year to Moment of Youth.

FLOT girls debute tomorrow at 9am. This will be the first game ever for FLOT as a girls team.

Wednesday, March 23
Burnet Moved to different conference...
Burnet Elementary school will be in a different conference playing on different days starting on Monday, April 4th. Burnet games usually on Tuesday's and Saturday's will now be on Monday's and Saturday's.

Wednesday, March 23
Birthday wishes to two of FLOT's own...
FLOT would like send birthday wishes to Tahmeel White (Central High School) and Gerard Drinkard Program Director of FLOT. Happy Birthday...

Monday, March 21
Burnet Bounce Back with a win...
Burnet Street school bounce back from Tuesday's lost with a win Saturday against George Washington Carver 56-24. Burnet full staffed with their players applied the press and Carver could not recover from that point on as Burnet went up 37-14 at the half. Kenneth Ortiz (8th grader) led with 19pts, 8rebs, 3asst, and 5stl, Bilal Gorden (8th grader) added 20pts and 7rebs, Yasin Carter (7th grader) had 8pts, and 4rebs. Alif McCray (6 grader) added 10pts, Curtis Zeno (8th grader) led with 4asst and Moise Nivar led with 1blk. Burnet Improves to 1-1, their next game is tomorrow at Pathway 4pm against Samuil Berliner.

Monday, March 21
Unsung Heroes
Friday was the award ceremony for the unsung heroes and heroin which was fantastic. At the awards ceremony held at Newark City Hall a number of people receive the awards for their work in the community. The event was an enlightening experience and very inspirational. We will like to thank Councilwoman Bessie Walker, Councilman Charles Bell and the entire City Council Staff, the City of Newark, Mahako Etta from Rutgers University, the Jones and Drinkard family for their support and to all the people that came out to the event Friday.

Monday, March 21
Rakeem and JacQue games this weekend..
Rakeem Hankerson (Dr. E. Alma Flagg, 8th grader) team is 1-0 after winning their first game by forfeit and their second game was postpone.. JacQue Green (Raphael Hernandez, 8th grader) team falls to 0-2 as their are suffering from lost of big man Shakeem Kirk (8th grader) due to academic reasons... Dr. E. Alma Flagg next game is Wednesday at Central Ward Boys and Girls Club against Oliver at 4pm and Raphael next game is Wednesday at Barringer against Hawthorne Avenue 4pm.

Friday, March 18
Award Night..
Tonight at City Hall Gerard and Larry will be receiving an award from Councilwoman Bessie Walker's its the Unsung Heroes Award.

Friday, March 18
Burnet will try to rebound tomorrow...
Burnet will host George Washington Carver tomorrow at West Side High School at 12pm. Burnet coming off a devasting lost will try to rebound tomorrow with a win...

Friday, March 18
FLOT girls practice
FLOT had a full length practice with the girls and our FLOT Captains Aasa & NaNa helped demonstrate different basketball techniques... I have been working with these girls since they were young and they have go their game up

Wednesday, March 16
Three FLOT players play today...
Rakeem Hankerson and Juan Soto both of Dr. Elma Flagg start their Elementary game today against Lady Liberty at West Side High School at 4pm and JacQue Green of Rafael Hernandez will play against Oliver Street at Central High School. Shakeem Kirk also of Rafael Hernandez will not be eligible to play due to academic reasons...

Tuesday, March 15
Burnet start season off with a Lost!!!
Today did not end the way Dirk and Larry would have like it to end and that's with a win. Today Burnet Street lost to Sussex 65-51. Burnet who was winning at the half 34-27 let the game slip away as the guys begun to play lazy on defense. Burnet was short three players, but still had a chance to win the game, but costly turnovers and missed free throws was the difference in the game. Burnet shot 2-15 from the free throw line. Burnet was led by Kenneth Ortiz (8 grader, he is expected to have a big season this year) with 26pts, a remarkable 22 rebounds with 13 being offensive rebounds, 5 assist, 6 steals and 3 blocks, but shot 2-13 at the free throw line. He Must Improve his Free Throw percentage if Burnet have any chances of making a run. Alif McCray (6 grader) had 13 pts, and Yasin Carter (7 grader) had 10 pts, 11 rebounds, and 4 blocks. Burnet next game is Saturday

Tuesday, March 15
FLOT founder and Program director nominated for Award...
Larry Jones - Founder and Gerard Drinkard - Program Director has been nominated for the "Unsung Heroes" award. The two was nominate by the Central Ward Councilman Charles Bell, someone who the two has worked with in the past on different community projects. The "Unsung Heroes" is an award that is presented by Councilwoman at Large Bessie Walker for the work that is done in the community throughout Newark. The award Ceremony takes place on March 18, 2005 at City Hall at 6pm. Larry and Gerard would like to thank Councilman Bell and Councilwoman Walker.

Tuesday, March 15
1st game for FLOT coaches
Dirk Rowlette and Larry Jones has first game of season as Head and Assistant basketball coach today at Central Ward Boys and Girls Club against Sussex Ave. School at 4pm.

Tuesday, March 15
FLOT Youth Council President accepted to William Paterson
Tracey Armstrong (Malcolm X Shabazz) our Youth Council President and basketball coach has been accepted into William Paterson University. Tracey is still waiting to hear from other colleges he applied to preferably the one from out of state, but he will pursue his college education even if he has to stay in state.

Wednesday, March 9
1st Offical Elementary Basketball Meeting...
Today was the first official elementary basketball meeting held today... It was amazing to see so many coaches at this meeting. Burnet will have a tough schedule, but I don't see any reason they can not make it back to the championship game.. The first game for coach Rowlette and Larry will be on Tuesday, March 15, 2005 at 4pm against Sussex Ave. at the Central Ward Boys and Girls Club. It should be a good game competitive game... Bilal Gordon and Curtis Zeno will not be able to play the first will be suspended for the first game due to academic reason, but they must come to the game and support their team...

Wednesday, March 9
FLOT Meet the Parents...
On Saturday march 5, 2005 FLOT had its first successful parent meeting after 4 tries, in which the staff was able to meet the parents and the parents was able to meet the FLOT staff. Many times people work with these kids and never get a chance to meet the parents face to face so it was a productive meeting although only 3 parents came out it was better then before when no parents came out.. The introduction to our girls member was remarkable. It appears that the girls will that this more serious then our boys... We will have to wait and see... At the meeting the past, present, and future events was discussed. The renewal of our Workshops will be in affect with the next workshop being Peer Pressure schedule for March 19, 2005 will be rescheduled to March 26, due to conflicting schedules.

Monday, February 28
FLOT founder and Program director nominated for Award..
Larry Jones - Founder and Gerard Drinkard - Program Director has been nominated for the "Unsung Heroes" award. The two was nominate by the Central Ward Councilman Charles Bell, someone who the two has worked with in the past on different community projects. The "Unsung Heroes" is an award that is presented by Councilwoman at Large Bessie Walker for the work that is done in the community throughout Newark. The award Ceremony takes place on March 18, 2005 at City Hall at 6pm. Larry and Gerard would like to thank Councilman Bell and Councilwoman Walker.

Monday, February 28
Coach Rowlette finishes 1st Month as Head Coach..
Coach Rowlette has finished his first month as Newarks Burnet Street School Head Basketball coach.... Coach Rowlette is doing an excellent job and trying his hardest to put together all of the information for the school to have a basketball team... He is quickly noticing that when players are not responsive in their action and mature enough to handle their business there isn't much anyone can do.. He is being face with the same problem that FLOT is faced with, which is informing our youth about the importance of academics. Players are under the assumption that they can do whatever they want just because they are basketball players and that they will automatically be passed without doing any work... With so many people promising these kids things and giving these kids so much just to play with them has created a bigger monster that has always exists, but to a higher level. These kids feel that they are on top of the world and think that they do not have to do any hard work or put in any study time. They think that with this effort they would be able to attend any school of there choice, which in some cases may be right for them, but then the question is to be asked after that then what... So that put the people that are trying to be realistic in a bad position, because so many people are selling hoop dreams to these kids and when someone come the and talk to them about real life issues such as education and that only 2.3% of the people entering the draft all over the world make it in the NBA they look at them as they are "Corny" or "Wack", but that is the FLOT way and all of FLOT will understand that without education you will not go too far regardless your physical talent. Coach Rowlette hang in there and some of the kids will understand the message..

Monday, February 28
FLOT will be having Parent Meeting...
FLOT will be having a parent meeting on Saturday,March 5, 2005 at 1pm at Rutgers University's Dana Room 4th fl. ALL parents and players are expected to attend this meeting.

Monday, February 28
FLOT forfeits rest of season...
Due to inability to maintain school grades and to be discipline enough to bring in report cards FLOT 14 - u has forfeit the rest of the season in the Jr. Nets Sprite league...

Friday, February 11
The 1st FLOT girl has big game in lost...
Aasa Harris (Wyoming Seminary), Pa scores 16pts, 9rebs, 4assts, and 3stls in the lost to Seton School in Pa 40-37. This is the same team that beat them when the FLOT girls went out there to visit Aasa to watch them play. Aasa didn't have a good game due to her leg injury, but played the game of her life in the rematch. FLOT only wish they was there to witness this game. Aasa Harris lost her cool and foul out of the game on a bad play on her part because she thought she was fouled at the other end of the court. Aasa drove to the basket with 20 second on the clock and felt she was fouled and did not get the call and committed her last foul with 10 sec on the clock. This team beat them by 10 in the first game and this game came down to the last shot in which a young Aasa lost her cool and did could not pull her team to victory...

Friday, February 11
FLOT on a 2 game losing streak....
FLOT is on a two game losing streak as they lose to the Chris Gatling a team based out of Irvington 37-30 in the Jr. Nets Sprite League. FLOT was on a three game winning streak before there was a break in the season and no practice, which really hurt the team. Not being make adjustments in practice and go over different things is a important factor in team chemstry. FLOT was led by Earl Hale (West Side) 11pts 11rebs and 5stls and Alif McCray 6 grader (Burnet Street School Newark) with 8pts. FLOT looked better than the last game, but played a little timid and rusty.

Thursday, February 3
Aasa has big game for final home game......
Aasa Harris (Wyoming Seminary) Pa. has big game for final home game with 18 pts 6 assists, 5 steals, and 4 Rebs. Aasa coming off an injury played an exceptional game. Aasa was the one of the only girls that was apart of the FLOT organization. She is the first FLOT girl. Aasa I am proud of you and continue to work hard prosper.

Thursday, February 3
FLOT lose game and coach get ejected...
FLOT lost to G.Y.M 37-22 in a game in which FLOT got bullied. G.Y.M was not better than FLOT, they just rough house them and completely took them out of their game. FLOT was on a three game winning streak, but without any practice in a week and a half the rust showed tremendously. G.Y.M played very aggressive which led to the coach getting upset with the official not making any calls, but calling on the FLOT players. FLOT got out rebound, out hustled and out played by the G.Y.M. FLOT was led by Shakeem Kirk (Raphael Hernandez) with 6pts and 1 reb, Rakeem Hankerson (Dr. E. Almo Flagg) (coming off a 2 game suspension) with 6pts and 6 turnovers.

FLOT coach got agitated when he asked the referee about a call and made an assumption that the referee was intoxicated. The coach showed a poor taste of character by exploding, because he felt the referee was intoxicated and that the he was not able to make any proper calls. After the second explosion the coach was ejected from the game and asked to leave the gym.

To the players of FLOT the coach wants to express his deepest apologies for his actions yesterday at the game. If I expect the players to behave in such a manner I must also behave in such a way. Like the famous quote we use "The true measure of a man is not how he stands in the midst of comfort and convenience but in times of challenge and controversy." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In the moment of controversy I made poor judgements and displayed bad character and for that I do apologize.

Thursday, January 27
Birthday Wishes!!!
Alif McCray turns 12 on Saturday Jan. 29, 2005.. Happy Birthday from your FLOT family....

Monday, January 24
FLOT gears up for new challenge in James Baxter Terrace...
FLOT will begin a project that’s been in the making for a year now a project that was sponsored by the Extended Day after School program to the Newark Housing Authority and facilitated by FLOT. The piece is call "From Now On" it’s a Hip Hop/Basketball challenge. The purpose if to use the most influential piece of music and sports which is Hip Hop and Basketball to give the youth in Baxter an alternative to gang violence and drug use.

The Hip Hop piece is designed to teach the History of Hip Hop and to study the lyrics of these artists. Showing our youth that there are other ways to express their feelings without violence and that many of their favorite artist are using Hip Hop in such a way to prevent them from committing violence acts. The Basketball piece is designed to teach the youth about health and Hygiene. Teaching the importance of dedicating their self to fully nurturing and developing their mind, body, and soul, which will allow them to live a prosperous life. We also will use basketball as a discipline to teach our youth the importance of discipline and following direction. Many of our youth today are not discipline and can not or will not following direction properly.

This program was funded, but the funds was taking back because of the long delay in getting this off the ground, but we are committed to these kids and we will still hold up our end of the bargain and do this program for the youth in Baxter Terrace. Hoping that the following year the funds will be available and we can move to another community throughout Newark. We know that with this new development there will be many obstacles, but with the support of the community and the kids that is being served this program will be a success.

Monday, January 24
FLOT coach named assistant coach...
Larry Jones, founder of Future Leaders of Tomorrow was named Assistant Basketball Coach of Burnet Street School today. He will still coach his FLOT team and help out with the elementary school team as well. He is anxious and ready to help Coach Rowlette get this team ready for the season. They both know that it will be a hard task and controversy going into the season, but they are more than ready for the challenge and all the adversity.

Saturday, January 22
FLOT member gets accepted into St. Benedicts...
FLOT would like to send our congratulation to one of its own Darrell Rowlette was accepted into St. Benedicts Prepatory School. Proving that using your mind will take you a long way in life. His entry into the school will be the beginning of the rest of his life take advantage of every opportunity. The FLOT family are proud of you Keep up the Good work...

Saturday, January 22
FLOT coach sends message to the first FLOT girl...
Ms. Harris you really should consider your health and not finish the season off this year. You had a productive season and improved on you game, but you have to think of the long term affects this injury will have on you and how well you rehabilitate. So make wise decision and listen to your body.

Saturday, January 22
FLOT visits future FLOT girls players....
Yesterday FLOT coaches visit St. Vincent Academy in Newark to see Nashirah Wilson of St. Vicent and Crystal Orr of Benedictine. Nashirah plays Varsity and so does Crystal. St. Vincent beat Benedictine 46-20. Nashirah had 12pts for varsity and Chrystal had 14pts. The JV team lost 16-14. Nashirah played this game as well and had 7pts 2rebs and 1stl in the lost. The St. Vincent coach had alternate started for each quarter with Nashirah playing only the 1st and 3rd quarter.

Thursday, January 20
One of FLOT coaches gets coaching job....
One of FLOT coaches Dirk Rowlette was offered the coaching job at Burnet Street School last week. Dirk will begin his new position next week with practice on Monday. Burnet made it to the championship game last year losing to Vailsburg middle. Dirk has some pretty big shoes to fill this year, but we know he up for the task. Congratulation Dirk from FLOT...

Wednesday, January 19
FLOT wins big in a rematch...
FLOT wins big in a rematch game against West Side Boys and Girls Club 46-28. In the first match up West Side beat FLOT. FLOT was led by its two twin towers Earl Hale (West Side) with 16pts and 9rebounds, and Shakeem Kirk (Raphael Hernandez) with 15pts and 16rebs. FLOT also got contributions from Alif McCray (Burnet Street Scool Newark) with 9pts on 3 three pointers and JacQue Green (Raphael Hernandez) with 6pts and team high 5asst. FLOT improves to 3-3.

Tuesday, January 18
FLOT pays a visit to PA....
The members of the newly added FLOT girls and some of the boy’s basketball team went to Kingston, pa to see its first FLOT girl Aasa Harris play for her school Wyoming Seminary on Saturday and Monday. Aasa plays Varsity. FLOT missed the JV game but Wyoming JV team won and their varsity won as well.

On Monday FLOT went to Penn. again to see Aasa play in a game in which they lost 45-38. Aasa who had 10pts, 5rebs, 2stls playing with a shin injury got into foul trouble early, which she had to go to the bench in key moments. Everyone can see that she was suffering out there on the court, but the courage this young lady has and the commitment for her team she played through her injury. Aasa game improved a lot from one year ago. Aasa keep working hard and you will elevate to a level that you can not imagine. Aasa is joined by follow elementary school teammate Brielle

Thursday, January 13
FLOT player graduate from the Rights to Passage program...
Alif McCray a 11 year old FLOT member graduated tonight from the mentoring program Rights to Passage, a program sponsor by the Victoria foundation and the Newark Housing Authority. Rights to Passage is a mentoring program gear toward helping our male youth understand the responsibilities of Manhood something that many of our young men are terribly lacking. Alif McCray a resident of the James Baxter Terrace housing complex is a rising star on and off the basketball court and must be recognize for his accomplishments. Everyone from Baxter Terrace are not into drugs, gangs and violence and we must continue to support our youth that are involved in positive outlets. From all of your FLOT brother's and sister's Congratulations.

Thursday, January 13
FLOT get back on track with a win...
FLOT (2-3) is starting to look like a team with a bounce back win from a tough lost on Monday. FLOT led by Earl Hale (West Side) with 15 points and 12 rebounds, and Shakeem Kirk (Raphael Hernandez) 9 points and 8 rebounds. FLOT got all around play from all it's players proving that with hard work and discipline things will brighten up for them.

Thursday, January 13
FLOT player suspended for two games....
Rakeem Hankerson (Dr. E. Elma Flagg) was suspended for two games due to misbehaving in school. To all members if you are disciplined at home because of your actions in school you will be disciplined by FLOT as well.

Tuesday, January 11
FLOT falls to West Side Boys and Girls Club!!!
FLOT (1-3) falls to a much smaller West Side Boys and Girls Club team 40-43 in yesterday play in the Sprite Basketball league. With the height advantage flot manager to get to the free throw line only 9 times and only making two free throws. Lack of discipline and turnovers cause FLOT the basketball game. FLOT was led by Earl Hale (West Side) with 22 points and 12 rebounds and 3 blocks and Shakeem Kirk (Raphael Hernandez) with 8 points, 9 rebounds and 5 blocks Rakeem Hankerson (Dr. E. Elma Flagg) had 6 points and led with 7 turnovers. As a team FLOT had 22 turnovers.

Thursday, January 6
FLOT loses to Central Ward...
FLOT loses to Central Ward Boys and Girls club in a rematch game of the Jr. Nets Sprite basketball league. FLOT lost 44-36 in a much better game then the first game between the two in which FLOT lost by 30pts. FLOT was led by Shakeem Kirk (Raphael Hernandez) with 12pts and Rakeem Hankerson (Dr. E. Elma Flagg) with 8pts. FLOT came back to play Central strong with only 6 players, but played like a team.

Thursday, December 23
FLOT talks to the people who think we won't make it!!!
To all FLOT members remember that when you are doing something good many people will try to do things to tear you down. FLOT is experiencing this right now some people do not want to see this program grow to the level in which it can so they will try to take players from this program to make themselves look good. As long as their are kids out their that want to learn and be better people this program will always be here. It is easy to take a kid that has be groomed and polished up, but its more to it then having the best talent and putting them out there on the basketball court. The intentions of the youth should be the reason why people do program such as this but as a young leader I am learning that people don't have the same views as I do. Broken promising and hoop dreams are being sold to these kids to lure them away from one program to another program without any real care about what is happening in the kid life. Future Leaders of Tomorrow is trying to build leaders not basketball player so to those that think anything different and think that by taking players from this program that we will not continue you are absolutely wrong, because when one youth leave three walk through the door.

To the youth that are part of this program as long as you are committed and dedicated this program will grow to unbelievable heights. I thank those who are part of this program and to those who was part of this program because no matter what people will try to do or say they cannot change where you came from and what is in your hearts.

Sunday, December 19
FLOT begins season with a win and a lost!!!!
FLOT begins with the season for the 14-u with a win by forfeit against Northward Boys and Girls club and a lost. FLOT is rebuilding its entire organization as they are experiencing some tough times.. FLOT has a young team with most of the players never playing any organize basketball. FLOT led by Rakeem Hankerson (Dr. E. Alma Flagg) with 14pts, but had 6 turnovers, Shakeem Kirk (Rafael Hernandez) with 8pts and 16 rebounds and our youngest Alif McCray (Burnet Street) had 6pts.. Turnovers and inexperience was a key factor in this game. FLOT lost to the Central Ward boys and girls club 54-32 who was a much more experienced team..

Thursday, October 21
We are still accepting application for the program!!!! For information please call 862 215 2942.

Friday, October 29
Happy Birthday wishes to Aasa
Sending Birthday wishes to the first FLOT girl Aasa Harris...

Thursday, September 16
Shoutouts to Aasa!!!!
I would like to give a special shoutout to the first FLOT girl Aasa Harris formly of St. Phillips Academy now attending Wyoming Seminary in Kingston, Pennsylvania. I just wanted to say I am proud of you and keep up the good work... Work hard to maintain your grades and practice hard to improve on your skills. I look forward to hearing some good things about your first year...

Wednesday, September 8
I was offered and internship with the NJ Office of Public Defenders this semester. I will be starting Sept. 14, 2004 as a Life Skills Advocate. I will be working with Juvenile Defenders throughout Essex County. I will be able to learn a lot from this Intern which will allow me to bring it back to this organization and my community in Newark, NJ...

Tuesday, August 31
FLOT sends Get Well Wishes to Zoo Crews Malik...
Malik get well soon from the FLOT family.... The Zoo vs. FLOT games would not be the same without you stay strong Brother.... We are all praying for you.....

Tuesday, August 31
Former FLOT player enter new phase of his life....
Tomorrow would be the first day into adulthood for Devere Hatchett as he enters his college career at Rutgers University.

Thursday, September 2
FLOT Honors youth participants at Awards Banaquet...
FLOT honored the youth for their participation of the program at the Newark P.A.L Banquet held at Rutgers University... At the banquet FLOT members were able to see the hard work that P.A.L do and have a chance to see our affiliation. Also the older members of FLOT got a chance to see the younger members of FLOT. We also honored the Baxter Terrace 14-u and 12-u team for winning the tournament The Battle of The Brick held at James Baxter Terrace. All members receive an award. Our special awards goes out to:

Quintrile Thomas (Science High) - Received Defensive Player
Darrell Rowlett - (Burnet Middle Newark) Received Sportsmanship Awards and Most Dedicated

High School
Tahmeel White - (Central High School) Receive Scholar Athlete earning a 3.6 GPA.
Phillip Caprio (Arts High) Most Improved Player
Richard Williams - (Barringer) Total Player Award

Each year we try to give each team the same awards to encourage to youth to work hard. The decided to give total player award instead of MVP trophy. Total player award will be the complete player: Attitude, Coachable, Leader, Team Player, Discipline, Respect, all of which an MVP does not need to have to get that trophy, which is why we give this award to the individual who will like our youth to model. It was a close race between Tahmeel White and Richard Williams. which is the biggest Trophy. Last Years winning of this award was Devere Hatchett who is now a Freshman at Rutgers University...

Although we did give our 12-u youth participation awards we did not give them special award trophies. There were some potential candidates for special award trophies, but Character, Discipline and Attitude prevented any of them to get any special awards.

Many of you that feel you are deserving of a special award I will agree with you and midway through the season we thought we had an idea for potential candidates, but decision making cause us to think otherwise...

Tuesday, August 31
The Battle of Da Bricks end with a Win for Baxter Terrace...
Saturday August 28 was the playoffs and championship game to the Battle of the Bricks tournament held in Baxter Terrace, Newark New Jersey. The day started off with Broadway Townhouses playing Bradley Courts to see who will advance to the championship game to face Baxter Terrace... Bradley Court who was much taller than Broadway Townhouse won a hard faught game 43-35. Broadway who had 4 FLOT players on their team looked good against the taller Bradley court. In the second game the waiting Baxter Terrace faced Bradley Court in a game the got a little heated before the game started. Once the reason of this event was brought back to the attention of the players and coaches to unite the communities we were able to play basketball and witness something that can grow into something big throughout the city. Baxter Terrace who controlled the game throughout won. The final score and pictures will be up shortly...

Friday, August 27
Battle of the Bricks playoffs begins....
Tomorrow FLOT will host it first Battle of the Brick playoffs and Championship games in James Baxter Terrace. Baxter Terrace made it to the Championship beating Little Brick (Felix Fuid), Bradley Courts and the Broadway Town Houses. Baxter Terrace will face the winner of the Bradley Court and Broadway game tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 24
FLOT loses to Next Level in the Championship....
August 23, FLOT 14-u fell to Next Level in the championship game 58-55. FLOT who was leading the game most of the way by 10pts gave the game away within the last 4 minutes of the game as they begin selfish play. Next Level went on a run to take the lead with 1 minute left to play and the FLOT players begun to panic. A lay up that was missed and a costly technical foul prevented FLOT for winning their first championship of the summer and the second in 3 years. After a key steal by Masharad Carter which would have given FLOT the league a wide open lay up was missed by Kenneth Ortiz (Burnet Middle)with 20 seconds left on the clock. A technical foul call due to using a time out that was not available. Next Level then went up by 6pts with 12 seconds left on the clock. Jaulil Williams(Marist High School)hit a clutch three pointer with 8 seconds on the clock giving FLOT a fighting chance. FLOT made a key defensive stands not allowing Next Level to inbound the ball. Jaulil Williams missed a 3 pointer at the buzzer. This game which was played well by all players led with Quintrile Thomas (Science High) with 15pts 15 rebounds 6 being offensive rebounds and 5 blocks, Masharad Carter (Central High), Kenneth Ortiz (Burnet Middle), Jaulil Williams (Marist) and Jahid Green (East Side) all had 8pts. Kenneth Ortiz leading with 4 steals.

Friday, August 20
FLOT high school lose to Next Level in playoffs...
FLOT high school lost to Next Level 54-46 in the first round of the playoffs in the St. Peters league on Lyons Ave. In a game in which FLOT was leading the game slipped away when key shot did not fall for FLOT. Hassan Kitchen led with 12pts and 6 rebounds, Jermaine Cormie(Irvington High)and Javonn McCluney(Hillside)had 8pts while Richard Williams(Barringer) and Khalif Rozier(Technology) both had 6pts.

Tuesday, August 31
FLOT 14-u advances to the Championship game...
FLOT 14-u beat Team Earnie to advance to the championship game on Monday August 23. FLOT improve to 9-0

Wednesday, August 18
Former FLOT players advances to the championship game...
Kenneth Ortiz and Robert Byrd are trying to win back to back championships at Branch Brook Park summer league tomorrow at 5pm. They played with FLOT last year now they are playing with their uncle and now have a chance to win back to back titles.

Tuesday, August 17
FLOT 14-u lose to Zoo Crew.....
FLOT 14-u (4-5)lost to the Zoo in the Zoo Crew league 43-41 in the first round of the playoffs. Turnovers and selfish play down the stretch cost us the game. Jaulil Williams stepped up his game towards the end of the season putting the team on his back to lead us into the playoffs and in this game to bring us back giving us a chance to win the game led with 17pts and a team high 8 steals, Quintrile Thomas (Science High) had 10pts and 7 rebounds a season low and Masharad Carter chipped in with 5 steals. FLOT 14-u has a playoff game at 7:30pm in the St. Peters league against 13th ave.

Tuesday, August 17
FLOT advances to the playoffs to face the Zoo....
FLOT 14-u (4-4) has a playoff game against Zoo Crew at 5:30pm. This is a rematch from the regular season in which the Zoo beat flot by 5pts.

Monday, August 16
FLOT 12-u lose in playoffs....
FLOT 12-u (3-4)lost by forfiet to 13th in the St. Peters League. FLOT only had 4 players while the other players was in football practice.

Sunday, August 15
FLOT 12-u ends first year with a lost....
FLOT 12-U (1-6)lost to GYM 28-17. K. McCluney led with 6pts and 13 rebounds. Eddie ruff had 4pts.

Saturday, August 14
FLOT 14-u makes the playoffs....
August 14, FLOT 14-u (4-4) was able to get the final spot in the playoffs beating Shilion Warriors by forfiet and with Paterson Plus 14-u team not showing up for both of their games allowed us to advance to the plaoffs without having to play IYO for the final spot since both teams are tied.

Friday, August 13
2nd Week of Battle of the Bricks...
This was the second week of the Battle of Da Bricks Tournament held at Baxter Terrace. Little Bricks, Bradely Court, Pennington Court, and Broadway Townhouses came out to play basketball. This tournament was designed to help the youth from different communities throughout Newark come together to meet and greet each other in order to stop some of the violence amongst each other.

Friday, August 13
FLOT high school get all around play from everyone.....
FLOT (3-3) High school won our third game in the St. Peters leaque at University High School 74-60. Devere Hatchett had his best game of the summer playing with FLOT with 19pts, rebounds and 4 assist. Hassan Kitchen, Khalif Rozier and Jamal Briggs had 12pts with Hassan grabbing 16 rebounds and Khalif pulling down 14 rebounds. Tony from Newark Tech had 10pts.

Wednesday, August 11
FLOT fail to advance to championship game to repeat Title
August 11, FLOT (5-2) lost in the semi-finals to the Kings 38-33 in the Branch Brook Park league unable to defend their championship they won a year ago. Turnovers down the stretch and missed free throws was the cost of the game. As a team FLOT missed 9 free throws meaning if we would have made half of our free throws the outcome would have been different. To all My players that played with me at Branch Brook Park do not hold your heads just understand that we did not lost we be ourselves. Richard Williams (Barringer) led with 13pts and 3 steals. Tahmeel White (Central High) pull down 7 rebounds and 2 blocks.

Wednesday, August 11
FLOT playes Second game of the day...
FLOT (5-1)rush to Branch Brook park to play in another playoff game beating the Pistons 33-25. Naeem Hammond (Science High) led with 10pts and Richard Williams (Barringer) had 7pts and 9 rebounds. FLOT have another playoff game today at 5pm against the Kings.

Tuesday, August 31
FLOT Updates...
August 11, FLOT 14-u (7-4) lost to a hungrier Vailburg Middle team Newark Board of Education league held at Central High School 48-36. FLOT play very laid back in this game. Unable to stop the penetrating guards from Vailsburg and unable to crash the boards. Robert Byrd (Science High) led with 15pts and grabbing 7 rebounds. Kenneth Ortiz (Burnet Middle) and Quintrile (Science High) both had 8pts with Quintrile grabbing 8 rebounds. Kenneth and Shakeem (Raphael Hernandez) both had 8 rebounds.

August 10, FLOT 14-u (7-3) plays Vailsburg middle in the second round of the playoff in the Newark Board of Education league held at Central at 4pm.. After that FLOT has a playoff game at Branch Brook Park at 5pm. FLOT is defending thier Championship Title at Branch Brook Park...

August 9, FLOT 12-u (3-3) loses to West Side Boys and Girls club 27-23. Shon Hills led with 13pts, 5 steals and 1 block, Eric and Omar Lewis both had 4pts. FLOT was missing half of team due to most of them having football practice...

August 8, FLOT 12-u (1-5) forfiets in the Zoo Crew summer leage due to the coach telling them the wrong time of the game...

August 7, FLOT 14-u (3-4) FLOT had another impressive game beating out Team KA in a close game 40-38. Jaulil Williams (East Side) again put the team on his back leading the way with 17pts, 4 assist and 3 steals, Masharad Carter (Burnet) had 9pts and a team high 6 steals. Quintrile Thomas (Science High) led with 3 blocks and 8 rebounds.

August 7, FLOT 14-u (2-4) with little chances of making the playoffs in the Zoo Crew summer league, FLOT kept their playoff chances alive with an impressive win over NJ Wolfpack 50-34. With only 8 players FLOT played very well with Jaulil Williams (East Side) having his best game this summer leading with 16pts, 11 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 steals and 2 blocks, Quintrile Thomas (Science High) had 12pts, 12 rebounds and 3 blocks, Masharad Carter (Burnet) had 10pts and 4 steals.

August 7, FLOT and the Newark P.A.L put together the first Baxter Terrace Battle of the Brick tournament with invited communities Bradley Courts and Little Brick housing complex. The purpose of the event is to bring the communities throughout Newark closer and to cut down on some of the negativity between the communities. The event was for the 14-u and 12-u teams. The Street Doctor coached the little bricks team. Little Bricks 12 - u and 14 - u advanced to the second round to face Baxter Terrace who got the first round bye since they were the hosting complex. Baxter Terrace teams beat the little brick teams advancing to the championship game. Saturday August 14, will be games to see who will face Baxter Terrace in the Championship game. This event is getting around town and other communities want to join in this event, which is a great idea and something to look forward to for next summer. We have the Broadway Town house community and Pennington Court coming in this Saturday to play.

August 6, FLOT High School lost (2-3) to Metropolitan church 34-24 in a game in which FLOT was missing point guard Naeem Hammond (Science High). Without a true point guard FLOT was not able to control the tempo of the game.

August 5, In the Branch Brook Park league FLOT suffered their first lost (4-1) to Team KA 37-33. In this game FLOT was missing two point guards and was leading by 7 at the half. Team KA went on a run and took the lead wit 10 seconds on the clock. Richard Williams (Barringer) broke the press and pass the ball to a teammate who did not see a wide open man down low for the easy lay past it to him late. Richard Williams put the team on his shoulders in the absence of point guard Naeem Hammond (Science High) leading with 17pts and 10 rebounds.

August 4, FLOT High School improved to 2-2 beating Montclair 44-32 in the St. Peters League. Naeem Hammond (Science High) led with 14pts, Jamal Briges (Shabazz) had 10pts and Tahmeel White (Central High School) led with 6 rebounds

August 4, FLOT Branch Brook team almost got their first lost to the Lakers. FLOT was losing by 10 by the second quarter, but the game was stopped and cancelled due to rain.

August 3, FLOT 14-u continued on the winning streak in the St. Peters league on Lyons Ave. Beating Metropolitan Church 45-34. Kenneth Ortiz led with 11pts, 5 steals and his very first Dunk of his Career. After numerous tries he finally got his Dunk that he been waiting for on an outlook past and a clear lane to the basket. Gene Thomas (Elizabeth) played one of his best games all summer had 9pts and 7 rebounds. Jerome Hall (Elizabeth) had 4 steals.

August 3, FLOT 14-u Improved to (6-3) in the Newark Board of Education league at Central High School beating Vailsburg Middle. Kenneth Ortiz (Burnet St. School) led with 15pts 3 Assist and 3 steals, Robert Byrd (Science High) had 11pts. Shaun Hunter (Elizabeth) led with 4 rebounds and Jerome led with 6 turnovers.

August 2, FLOT 14-u (5-3) continued to be in a slump losing to Newark Blaze in the Newark Board of Education league at Central High School losing by 15pts. Shaun Hunter (Elizabeth) led with 9pts and Masharad Carter (Burnet St. School) had 7pts.

July 31 FLOT 14-u (1-4) Lost to the Newark Rams 55-23 in the Zoo Crew Summer league. In a game that was very emotional because it was the first game against Robert Byrd and Kenneth Ortiz since they started playing for the Newark Rams. Missing our two big men down low was a key factor in our losing efforts to the Newark Rams. Jaulil Williams (Dr. Horton) led with 10pts.

July 28 FLOT 14-u (5-3) lost to Team KA in the Newark Board of Education league held at Central High School in a game where everything went wrong for FLOT. Their entire team was not in attendance.

July 27, FLOT 14-u (5-2) beat the Shilion Warriors improving to 5-2 Newark Board of Education league held at Central High School .

July 26, FLOT 12-U did not play in the St. Peters league due to the team coming late.

July 25, FLOT 12-5 (0-4) lost to Zoo Crew 36-6 FLOT extremely undersize to the Zoo could not break the press. The Zoo continued to press due to the fact that the 14-u continued to press their 14-u in the Newark Board of Education league held at Central High School.

July 24, FLOT 14-u (1-3) gave away a game and a potential playoff spot when they lost to Bayonne Mean machine in the Zoo Crew summer league. In a game in which FLOT was up by 12pts they started become selfish and stop going to their big man then ultimately gave the game away. In a game that was a momentum changer would have boosted their playoff berth now FLOT has some work to do and some much needed help.

July 23, FLOT High School did not play at St. Peters due to the rain.

July 22, FLOT 14-u (5-0) continues their unbeaten streak at St. Peters by beating M.O.Y 41-22. Kenneth Ortiz (Burnet St. School Newark) led with 16pts 10 rebounds; Quintrile Thomas (Science High) had 10pts and 10 rebounds. Jaulil Williams (East Side High School) led 3 steals and 4 assists.

July 22, FLOT (4-0) continues their unbeaten season with a win over the pistons in the Branch Brook Park summer league by the score of 35-18. FLOT defends their Championship Title at Branch Brook Park. Richard Williams (Barringer) led the way with 7points.

July 21, FLOT (1-1) went back to the way we play basketball in the St. Peters league beating MOY. Kenneth Ortiz (Burnet Street School Newark) put on a show showcasing his talent scoring 17 pts 3 assist and 3 steals. Kenneth missed a Dunk attempt in the closing seconds of the game. Jaulil Williams (East Side High School) finished with 10pts and 4 assist and Rakeem Henkerson (Lady Liberty) finished with 8pts.

July 21 FLOT 14-u (4-2) falls in Newark Board of Education league at Central High to P.A.S.S in an unFLOT like game. Playing very slopping and out of control. FLOT missing key players, but still had a chance to win with the game tied at the half. As the second half begun FLOT went on an 8-0 run then became very complacent and P.A.S.S made a run for it and won the game.

July 20, FLOT 12-u (1-1) won by forfeit due to MOY not showing up to the game.

July 20, FLOT 14-U was award the win due to a player being too old on the Walt ENT. Team in the St. Peters League.

July 19, FLOT was made aware the for the 14-u they get three time outs and the high school gets 5 time outs so there's no ground to protest the game.

July 19, FLOT 12-u (0-1) lost to West Side boys and girls club as Tracey Armstrong (Shabazz) team debuted his first time coaching. We were missing our point guard Alif McCray in this game.

July 19, FLOT (2-0) got back into action playing at Branch Brook Park Jumping all over the team call the Knicks. We jumped to an 8-0 lead with Qunitrile Thomas (Science High School) gaining our first 8pts of the game. We had an all around game from all players Quintrile finish with 8pts and 8 rebounds, Richard Williams (Barringer) finish with 7pts and Naeem Hammond (Science high) with 6pts and 3steals.

July 16, FLOT High School (0-1) lost the Hard Rock by 3pts in the St. Peters league. Self play and turnover cost us the game. This was a winnable game where we started the game off leading by 8. Two Crucial turnovers at the end of the game led us to lose by three.

July 15, FLOT 14-u (0-1) had to rush to Lyons Avenue to play in game against Walt ENT. FLOT lost in a controversial play at the end of the game. We manage to come back again being down by 10 with 2 mins left in the game. We press the team to cut the lead by 3pts. On a misjudgment call by the coach using his last time out our player called another time out after recovering a loose ball that was turned over and being pursued by the other team. The call of time out gave us a technical foul. We manage to get a quick score to cut it by one, but time then ran out on our 3-0 day. The play was controversial because we was advised by the table we get three time outs, but later found out we get five time outs. We plan to protest this game

July 15, FLOT 14-u (4-1) had a game at Central against Linden ballers. The game was close until Fuquan of Zoo Crew sparked a 15-0 run giving the Linden ballers a lead of 17. After a time out and an angry team FLOT managed to press the Linden ballers to regain the lead and win by 3pts.

July 15, today was a crazy day for FLOT (1-0) who had three games in three different locations. We begun with our first game at Branch Brook Park in a win by 8pts over a team that has 4 former FLOT players Kenneth, Robert, Scoota and Jameel who opted to play for someone else this summer. FLOT who was up by 13pts a the half was a bit much for their team with the top three players from Science high school basketball team playing Naeem Hammond, Chris Brown and Joseph "Duke" Ellis. Joseph "Duke" Ellis led the way with 11pts; Jermaine had 7pts, while Naeem put on a Ball Handling clinic. Chris Brown clog the middle coming way with 6rebs and 2 blocks.

July 14, FLOT 14-u (3-1) bounce back from a devasting lost with a win over IYO. The game was competitive when IYO tried to make a come back from 13pts.

July 13, FLOT 14-u (2-1) lost to Zoo Crew in a contest that became heated between the FLOT coaches and the referees, which seems like a game just called for the zoo. We were losing by 19 and made a come back once the referees allow the kids playing the game decide the game. Nadir William led with 11pts, Robert Byrd had 10pts and Jerome Hall led the team with 4 steals. This has become a friendly rivalry amongst the Zoo Crew and Future Leaders. In order to be considered as a contender we must beat the team that’s at the top.

July 12, In the Board of Education League held at Central the 14-u improved to 2-0 beating Ruff Ryders for the first time in two year years. We host Zoo Crew A in our next game... Our press was too much for the Ruff Ryders who tried to make a run late in the game. Masharad Carter had 8pts, Robert Byrd had 8pts and 6 assist in the game. Nadir Williams had 4 assist and 4 steals. Bubie was in foul trouble throughout the game.

July 11, In a scrimmage against the Zoo Crew 12-u we looked a lot better in a one point lost.

July 11th, FLOT (0-3)12-u falls to MSU skyliners as they outplayed us and had a tremendous height advantage...

July 10th, back to basketball for FLOT. We hosted Team Blaze. This was a game in which I felt we needed to get us over the hump. We played good overall, but with two missed free throws with 10 seconds on the clock we could not pull it off. We got 6 points from Anthony and Jason.   

July 9th, A day of cleaning for the Baxter Terrace kids where we cleaned the community and had the basketball courts painted.

July 8th, today was a fulfilling day for me as we brought the youth back to Rutgers University to hear our facilitator who was from Youth Build. He explained to our youth that their program targets youth from 16 to 24 and teach them construction. Building up their community instead of tearing it down. This day allowed our youth to interact with him and really open up. What I learned from this day is that we have beautiful and intelligent kids who just need some proper guidance, support and someone to listen to them.

July 7th, today was the third day of our basketball camp with started and ended with a boot camp environment teaching our youth the import ants of respect, discipline, attitude and brotherhood. While at Rutgers yesterday they displayed poor brotherhood, disrespect, bad attitudes and a lack of discipline so we decided to cut the workshop and basketball and teach them all of which they lack.

July 6th, started our first game at Central 14 - u against an undersize Zoo Crew. The game felt good because it was the first game of the year in which Bubie played with us. He is playing with the Newark Rams this year. Our leading scored was Anthony Lopez with 22 points.
July 6th, today was the second day of the basketball camp, which started off with our workshop series at Rutgers University where the Rutgers Ambassadors camp out to talk to the youth about their dreams and goals. With the second half of the day with basketball drills.

July 5th, we started the first day of our weeklong basketball amp out of James Baxter Terrace housing complex.

July 3rd, in our 14-u game we manage to pull off our first victory by one point beating the Linden Ballers. We trialed by 6pts with 2mins on the clock to tie the game. We converted on a free throw to give us the one point lead. We managed to come away with the victory with one of our leading rebounder missing. We are looking more and more like a team.

In our second game as FLOT/New Hope the high school started off slow against the Panthers, but took the lead by four with a minute left before the Panthers tied the game and sending it to overtime. Costly turnovers and missed opportunities down the stretch cost us the game.

In yesterday's game 6/27 the 12-u had our second game and again we were undersize against the Linden Ballers. With two kids at least 5'10 and our tallest guy being 5'3 we played our hardest in the 1st half trailing only by 7pts. The Linden Ballers took control of the second half when they begun to press our young team. As they started to press the game we started throwing the ball committing 30 turnovers in this game. David Taylor led the way with 5 steals, but fouled out of the game with 6mins in the second half. We are 0-2
In Saturday's action 6/26 our 14-u played its first game without Robert and Bubie playing against Zoo Crew. Many underestimated our team due to their absence, but we came out and play hard and as a team. Masharad Carter stepped up and took control of the game in the second half. Masharad who played with Robert and Bubie was told he is now the leader of this team and he accepted the challenge and put the team on his back. Masharad led the way with 10 points. Anthony Lopez a new member had a complete came letting Masharad know that he is not along with 8pts and 9 rebounds with 6 coming off the offensive glass. We lost a close game by 5pts, when an offensive foul was called with the game tied up with 30secs left. We could not regroup after that call.
In our first summer basketball game 6/20 our 12-u started off with a lost to the NJ Wolfpacks. NJ Wolfpacks who has an A and B team was allowed to let their players from the A team play in the second game even though they play a game before our game. Their two top players which play on the A played in the second game with the B team which turn out to be too much for the us. Even though the Wolfpacks were taller than our guys we fought hard and was down by 9 at the half. We began to look more like an individual team than one unit as the second half got under way. Our leading scorer in the game was Alif McCray with 15points and Eddie Ruff had 10 rebounds with 6 coming off the offensive glass.

It was the first game of the summer for Robert and Bubie on a new team. The team was outplayed throughout the entire game as their head coach was away. As the season progress I expect Robert and Bubie to step into their new leadership roles and pull things together. We wish them luck.      

We are hosting our first Future Leaders of Tomorrow basketball camp from July 5 thru July 9th out of Baxter Terrace Housing complex. We will have our kick off to our second Basketball league on July 10th. This is a community thing that is gear toward developing something positive in the community. Baxter Terrace has been under fire due to all the violence that has crippled the community. We want to continue the growth of the community after we had a successful basketball league last summer. We plan to have a speaker for 15mins of each Saturday to start the game off. We plan to have various people in Baxter Terrace on July 10th from the city council, to local churches, to local Artist, to a Block party. It should be filled with fun and excitement.

In the all-star game held on Friday June 11th, the West, which had FLOT players Robert, Masharad and Kenneth playing lost to the East. The East, which had more overall talent, took advantage of the absence to Kenneth who hit knees with another player, which caused him to sit the final 5mins of the fourth quarter. The West was winning before Kenneth had to sit.

Our 14 and u group begin our summer on June 26th where we play Zoo Crew, which have become a friendly rivalry. Whenever we play each other it's a spectacular game. Our 12u begins on June 20th against the NJ Wolfpacks, which should be an interesting game. Our High School begins play in July, due to our inability to enter the Zoo Crew Basketball league due to lack of funds.

In the first ever elementary school all star game hosted Friday June 11, at University High School, flot will have three youth in the all star game Kenneth "Bubie" Ortiz, Robert "Jesus" Byrd and Masharad Carter. They will play amongst the best talent of this elementary school year.

In the Elementary school Championship games on Saturday May 22, for the lower Elementary school Madison Girls beat 15th Ave school girls in a tough battle and Madison boys lost to Lincoln school and a close game that came down to one shot with one second on the clock which would have tied the game. In the upper Elementary school games Morton lost to Avon School Morton fought hard, but was out match by the much taller Avon Street School and in Upper Elementary school Burnet Street School lost to Vailsburg street school by three points. Burnet who was heavily underrated and outmatched fought until there was not more time on the clock.

Vailsburg a much taller team then Burnet had problems with the FLOT threesome Kenneth "Bubie" Ortiz, Robert "Jesus" Byrd and Masharad Carter. These three young men took their team to the championship game and almost won the whole thing, but fell short. Free throw and missed lay ups down the stretch cost them the game. Vailsburg came out fighting in the fourth quarter hitting two big 3 pointers putting them up by 10 Points in fourth quarter, but Bubie was not going to be denied his chance to get his first championship and took it to Vailsburg big men then hitting a clutch three to bring them within three points with 42 seconds on the clock. Masharad got a still with 16 seconds on the clock, but time ran out on their chances as they tried to tie the game up with a three. As there basketball season comes to an end Robert Elementary years come to an end where he will take his talent to Science High School to try and help Science to improve their team. Byrd has a lot of hard work this summer and a major task ahead of him as he takes on his high school journey, but I know he is more the capable to handle this task. Good Luck Byrd. We are on a mission to capture our championship for FLOT this summer.

We lost the championship game of the Mayor's tournament. It was our first ever appearance in the Mayor's for the 12-u and 14-u. We showed a lot of courage, heart and determination in championship game and tournament. We lost both games our 12-u was outplayed and out of shape due to lack of practice. Our 14-u lost a hard fought game while missing our point guard. By not having our point guard cause us to get away from our game plan, which was press defense, it also added offense for the team. The 16-u fail to make it to the championship game for second time. We are a young organization with a lot to offer. I am proud of all the youth that participated with FLOT in the Mayor's tournament and look forward for a great summer.

       October 26, 2002, FLOT was invited to participate in a benefit basketball game to represent the city Newark in Willingboro, NJ hosted by the 100 Black Men of New Jersey. This event included games, different activities, food, a gospel concert and seminars on creating and managing your own business or franchise. We were invited by Executive Vice President Keith DaCosta and driven to the event by Sgt. Zaid Braswell of the Newark Police Department. The city of Newark was well represented by FLOT. Our 12 and under won the game and received basketballs and our 14 and under lost a close one in overtime, as Brad hit a three pointer at the buzzer to send it to overtime. The momentum that followed that shot did not follow the team in overtime.

         October 30, 2002, FLOT was not allowed to attend a Halloween Madness held at the Rutgers University Dome even though we were invited to the event. I had nine youth with me and one adult. Letters were wrote to the Provost and the incident was handled promptly. The Provost wrote letters to all youth involved and their parents apologizing for their experience on Rutgers Campus. He hand delivered letters to myself and Gerard Drinkard, FLOT's Program Director, apologizing for the way we were treated on that day. Since then Marcia Brown the Associate Provost has worked with FLOT closely to assure nothing like this will happen again and to strengthen the gap between the Newark community and Rutgers.

         May 24,2003, FLOT played in the Mayor's tournament and lost a close game by two points. It was a good game that could have gone either way. We were in a good position to send the game into overtime as we were fouled with one second left on the clock, but our player missed both free throws.

         June 20, 2003 Future Leaders of Tomorrow along with Queens of Angel Pillars of Peace held a dinner to honor our youth for the way they carry themselves in challenging moments. Guest speakers included Deputy Mayor Ras Baraka, The Street Doctor, Associate Provost of Rutgers University Newark Campus Marcia Brown and Ms. Gunn mother of Sakia Gunn who was murdered in Newark a week earlier waiting for the bus to go home.

       June 21, 2003, Future Leaders of Tomorrow in collaboration with the Queens of Angels Pillars of Peace held our first ever Newark Youth Peace In The Streets March and Teen Summit. We met at City Hall where we had small entertainment and guest speakers. Two gang members from the Bloods and Crips put their fists together for unity at City Hall. We also had a candle lighting and a moment of silence for all youth killed due to violence. Our route included marching down Broad Street up Market Street and across Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. to the Paul Robeson Center where the Teen Summit was held. We detoured to neighboring James Baxter Terrace with our chants "Peace In The Streets Take Back Our Streets" to have a moment of silence for a youth that was killed there just a week earlier. In attendance was Deputy Mayor Ras Baraka, Council Woman-At-Large Bessie Walker, Councilman Charles Bell, Sgt. Braswell and the Street Doctor.

          July 21, 2003, FLOT in collaboration with the Newark Police Athletic League are sponsoring a BT Allstars league in Baxter Terrace. We have approximately 60 youth participating and play every Saturday from 10 am to 2pm. Our ages are 10 and under and 14 and under. The championship game is August 31, 2003 at Baxter Terrace. This was a continuance to the Peace March that was held in June 21, 2003. Councilman Bell was at the Baxter Terrace complex for prior engagements but stopped by to take pictures and to offer is support.

          August 17, 2003, New Hope defeated the Linden Ballers 40-26 to capture the 8th spot in the playoffs. New Hope moved on to play the #1 seed P.A.S.S. New Hope was led by Kenny Ortiz with 24 points.
         Same day New Hope gave #1 seed P.A.S.S. a push to the limit. P.A.S.S. survived an upset and pulled out the victory 32-26. Kenny Ortiz scored 20 of New Hope's 26 points with a great all-around performance.

         August 19, 2003, FLOT captured it first ever CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY in only its second year playing organized basketball. Our team was led by Devere Hatchett who put the team on his shoulders and took control of the game. We played a well organized game and played together as a team. We said we would win the championship and we did it! We went out there and played hard and won the game. CONGRATULATIONS.

       August 21, 2003, FLOT was in a position to go back to the championship game in the Above The Rim tournament, but fell short. We played an excellent game, but some mental mistakes on all parties myself included let the game slip through our fingers. One thing I want to say to my FLOT team is to be careful who you affiliate yourself with, because when people see you doing something good they will try to disrupt it and that's what I feel happened yesterday. Our team was disrupted because of some decisions I made and I apologize for that, that will not happen again. People are going to see you doing something positive and they may want to be in your position so they will appear to help you but they are really trying to distract you and destroy you so PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHO YOU ASSOCIATE YOURSELF WITH.
       August 22, 2003 FLOT held our 2nd Annual Awards program in the Dana Library at Rutgers-Newark. Special plagues and certificates were given to Ms. Yolanda Ortiz for "Parent of the Year" in recognition of her dedication and support to her son and the FLOT program, Ms. Marcia Brown received the "Buckler Award" for her inspiration, motivation and support and Sgt. Zaid Braswell received the "Mr. Community" Award for his dedication and unselfish commitment to all youth. Certificates and trophies were also presented to each player from FLOT's 2003 12& Under, 14 & Under, and High School teams. The Flot awards are geared to acknowledge and encourage our youth by recognizing their hardwork as they grow towards realizing their potential and strive to fulfill "The Promise."

         August 23, 2003 FLOT Jr. played in the playoffs against Next Level on Springfield Ave. FLOT played with only 5 players and lost a close and emotional game. Louis "Moochie" Evangelista had a breakout performance playing tough on the boards while scoring a couple of clutch baskets down low. If he continues to work hard, he will be a key factor in FLOT's 14 & under championship quest next year. While Kenny Ortiz played a fierce floor game, Jamid Love-Jones, and Deshawn Foushee also contributed to the solid team effort. Robert Byrd, our team Co-Captain came to the game after attending funeral services for his cousin earlier in the day. Robert showed his commitment to his team and his family by attending the funeral and participating in the playoff game with his teammates. Robert played well despite his thoughts of his mother back home. Robert you showed true leadership, courage, and maturity today keep up the good work. We also salute Robert(13), Kenny(12), and Jamid Love-Jones(12) for winning championships at the Rutgers-Newark Summer Basketball camp August 4-8 in their respective divisions. They also played well in contributing to FLOT's high school championship at Branch Brook Park.

          August 31, 2003, the championship game for the BT All Stars League was held in Baxter Terrace. In the 3 on 3 10 and under, the BT Lakers beat the BT Spurs in the Championship game. In the 14 and under the BT Lakers coached by Devere which was his Birthday played against the BT Sixers coached by one of the supporters of BT "Bubie". The BT Sixers won the game after playing a bad first half, but managed to pick it up in the second half to come out with the win. In the first half it was a classic as we had summer teammates Robert Byrd battle his Co-Captain of the Summer Kenneth Ortiz. The first half Kenneth and his team did not have an answer for Robert who called himself Jesus in this tournament. Robert put the team on his back and carried his team to a first half lead. A frustrated Kenneth could not find his rotation or rhythm in the first half, but turned it up in the second half saying its not how you start the game but how you finish. In the second half it was a show for Kenneth and his team the sixers rallied back and took a commanding lead to finish out the game. Kenneth turned it up and his team soon followed with and all out terrific game. Both teams played well and Robert showed true leadership once again playing without his big man which made a tremendous difference, but once again frustration and mental lapses cost Robert and his team the game.


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