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    We have 3 men from our District to represent us this year in different divisons of Baseball or Softball World Series and Regionals. Our 1st Gentleman is David Furst, He has been with little League for over 17 yrs. and  has done so much for us on and off the field as a District Staff Umpire and will be going to the Senior Baseball World Series. The 2nd Gentleman is Randy Austin, he has been with Little League for over 22 yrs. and a very valuable part of our District Umpire Staff and will be going to work the Jr Baseball Regional. The next Gentleman is Ben Aguillera, he has been with Little League for over 13 yrs. if you have been around any of the Tournaments, Ben has been there and sometimes 2 parks in 1 day working hard as the rest of these Gentleman do and he will be Umpiring the Little League Softball Regional, so please Congratulate and wish them the best. Thank you.  

2018 Volunteer Application Forms  (For first time volunteers or for returning volunteers that last year did not use the First Advantage(formally LexisNexis) background check tool)             

2018 Returning Volunteer Application (For returning volunteers that last year used the First Advantage(formally LexisNexis) background check tool)

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2018 Little League Rule Changes and Clarifications New Updated USA Bat Rules


There are a lot of valuable information for everyone to access from Board Members, Coaches. Umpires and Parents. Please check out some of the items like the equipment Information before you go out and buy anything and look what will be happening in 2018 with all the Baseball Bats, there will be a major change.

All Equipment that your child is using needs to be checked before starting the tournament Season so they don't have the wrong bat size, cracked helmets & bats and painted helmets and have dangling throat guards.                    

Concussions information forYouth Athletes under Florida Law 

         Concussion Information & Training

Many states have enacted laws designed to prevent concussions and protect the health and safety of young athletes. Florida has a law in place concerning concussions with high school athletes. While there are no laws concerning non-school athletes, District 25 would like to encourage all the managers and coaches to complete the concussion training through the CDC website. Hillsborough County may have already made this mandatory for all its volunteers with youth within the county. All-star managers and coaches are encouraged to take the 30 min training, print the certificate and place it with the All-star affidavit package.

Click Here to access the CDC link.

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                                         It's the end of the year and that means preparing for the spring season!!!

  Leagues have received their chartering packets, are setting their dates for registrations, tryouts, drafts, practices and schedules. Planning for ordering of equipment and uniforms, preparing the fields and recruiting the always needed volunteers (which a league can NOT OPERATE WITHOUT!) is constantly ongoing while looking to the community to help with manpower and financial help by sponsoring teams and the leagues.


Check out the league links at the bottom of the page to visit your league to see what you can do to help make your league run smoothly, make new friends and ensure all the children have a wonderful and safe experience with Little League!


  The leagues of District 25 are:


Antioch Little League Facebook Page
Dade City Little League    Dade City Little League Facebook Page
                                       Land O'Lakes Little League      Land O Lakes Facebook Page                                                      North Seminole Little League 
Temple Terrace Little League    Temple Terrace Little League Facebook Page
Zephyrhills Little League Facebook Page

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