FL District 11: Welcome

Sunday, May 17

                 flag waving     

Go to the Handout section for the latest information on our 18th Annual Golf Tornament along with some valuable Little League Forms for the 2017 Season      


Congratulations District 11 Champions



   9,10 and 11 Softball         Yulee  

    8,9 and 10 Softball        Callahan

     Major Softball          Baker County 

        JR Softball            San Mateo

        SR Softball            San Mateo

   8,9  and 10 Baseball         NOL

   9,10 and 11 Baseball         Yulee

       Major  Baseball         Callahan

         50/70 Baseball         Baker Co 

          JR Baseball           Callahan

          SR Baseball          San Mateo 

Welcome to the District 11 , our District includes:

Arlington LL, Baker Co. LL, Callahan LL, Elm Street LL, Highland LL, Hilliard LL, N.O.L. LL, San Mateo LL, St. Augustine LL, and Yulee LL.


                                                DISTRICT 11 ADMINISTRATOR

                          Marty Martin

The Board for District 11:

Richard Waler Jr      Treasurer 

Ed Sherer                  Information Officer

Bob Veleta                 Umpire in Chief Baseball

Roger Linville             Umpire in Chief Softball

Prissy Nixon               Challenger Division

Dawn Shepperd



 Please Congratulate each of these District 11 Umpires on their World Series & Regional Assignments: