Tuesday, June 26
2018 Florida Section 1 Tournaments


8-10 Year-Old at DeFuniak Springs - July 7-8
    Game 1 - Destin (D1) 10, Chaires-Capitola (D20) 20  
    Game 2 - Destin (D1) 38, Chaires-Capitola (D20) 22 
    Game 3 - Destin (D1) 8, Chaires-Capitola (D20) 11 
Section 1 Champions: Chaires-Capitola (D20)   

9-11 Year-Old at Niceville - July 7-8 
    Game 1 - Niceville-Valparaiso (D1) 7, Fort Braden (D20) 6  
    Game 2 - Niceville-Valparaiso (D1) 11, Fort Braden (D20) 4  
Section 1 Champions: Niceville-Valparaiso (D1)  

10-12 Year-Old at Shalimar - July 14-15 
    Game 1 - Niceville-Valparaiso (D1) 8, Chaires-Capitola (D20) 11  
    Game 2 - Niceville-Valparaiso (D1) 10, Chaires-Capitola (D20) 9  
    Game 3 - Niceville-Valparaiso (D1) 6, Chaires-Capitola (D20) 0  
Section 1 Champions: Niceville-Valparaiso (D1)

Intermediate: South Walton (D1) advances to State  


8-10 Year-Old - DeFuniak Springs (D1) advances to State
10-12 Year-Old - DeFuniak Springs (D1) advances to State 
Senior - DeFuniak Springs (D1) advances to State

9-11 Year-Old Softball - State Tournament hosted by DeFuniak Springs, July 6-9 (no team from Section 1)

Tuesday, May 29
2018 Florida District 1 Tournaments


Tee Ball Baseball at Baker - Final Results - Won by Paxton LL  
6-8 Year-Old Machine Pitch at Destin - Bracket/Scores - Need final results   
6-8 Year-Old Coach Pitch at South Walton - Bracket/Scores - Need final results  
8-9 Year-Old Special Games at Destin - Bracket/Scores - Need final results  
8-10 Year-Old at DeFuniak Springs - Final Results - Won by Destin LL     
9-11 Year-Old - Niceville-Valparaiso LL advances to Section  
10-12 Year-Old at Shalimar - Final Results - Won by Niceville-Valparaiso LL   
Intermediate at Freeport - Final Results - Won by South Walton LL   
Junior at Niceville - Starts July 5  
Senior at Niceville - TBD     

Baseball will also host Sectionals.


7-9 Year-Old Machine Pitch at Shalimar - Final Results - Won by DeFuniak Springs LL 
8-10 Year-Old at Freeport - Final Results - Won by DeFuniak Springs LL   
10-12 Year-Old at Baker - Final Results - Won by DeFuniak Springs LL   
Junior at South Walton - TBD      
Senior at DeFuniak Springs - TBD        

Softball Sectionals will be hosted by District 20 (Tallahassee).  

Monday, May 7
2018 Tournament Mandatory Play Rules

Tournament Rule 9 (Mandatory Play) has been updated as outlined below and is effective immediately, but has not been updated in either the printed or eBook version of the 2018 rulebooks.

All 2018 Rules Changes: 


Thursday, March 22
2018 Tournament Calendars

2018 State Tournaments

Little League Baseball 

Junior League Baseball

50/70 & Senior League Baseball

Little League Softball

Junior/Senior League Softball 

Thursday, March 8
New Umpires!

Please welcome our newly promoted D1 umpires, Chris Harris and Howard Wortman, pictured with FL D1 UIC Tony Weaver.

Sunday, January 21
Little League University

Wednesday, November 15
2018 Baseball Bat Rule

Beginning with the 2018 season, non-wood and laminated bats used in the Little League (Majors) and below, Intermediate (50-70) Division, Junior League divisions, and Challenger division shall bear the USA Baseball logo signifying that the bat meets the USABat – USA Baseball’s Youth Bat Performance Standard. All BPF – 1.15 bats will be prohibited beginning with the 2018 season. Additionally, starting in 2018, the bat diameter shall not exceed 2? inches for these divisions of play. Additional information is available at http://www.littleleague.org/learn/equipment/baseballbatinfo.htm

Thursday, January 2
Events and Suspense Calendar for District 1 Leagues

Cut-Off Dates (Presidents Meeting that month) for Submission of:
  • February 2018: By-Laws
  • March 2018: Deadline to submit ASAP plan to be eligible for district incentive
  • April 2018: Deadline to submit ASAP plan
  • April 2018: Deadline to submit player, coach, manager data
  • April 2018: Deadline to submit waivers
  • May 2018: Deadline to submit Jr/Sr waivers
  • June 2018: 9-10 & 10-11 Affidavits due
  • June 2018: LL, Jr & Sr Affidavits due
2018 District 1 Presidents Meeting Schedule:
  • November 12, 2017 ~ Baker LL, 2:30pm
  • January 7, 2018 ~ Destin LL, 2:30pm
  • February 11, 2018 ~ Freeport LL, 2:30pm
  • March 11, 2018 ~ Baker LL, 2:30pm
  • April 15, 2018 ~ Freeport LL, 2:30pm
  • May 6, 2018 (Affidavit Class) ~ Destin LL, 2:30pm
  • June 10, 2018 (Special Games Tournament Directors) ~ DeFuniak LL, 2:30pm
Please note: When you are scheduled to host a meeting, you must be present at the meeting scheduled the month before (your league is scheduled to host) to accept and acknowledge that you are hosting the next month!

Sunday, February 12
District 1 Umpire Returns from Junior Softball World Series

District 1's own Sharon Adams has returned from umpiring the Junior Softball World Series ...

Wednesday, July 2

Important Information about Concussions

Regulation Concerning Concussions
Regulation III (d) for all divisions of Baseball and Softball has been changed to include Note 3 which states in part:

If a medical professional, Umpire in Chief, the player’s coach, the player’s manager or the player’s parent has determined a player sustains a possible concussion, the player must be, at a minimum, removed from the game and/or practice for the remainder of that day...

His/her return to full participation is subject to 1.) the league’s adherence to its respective state/provincial/municipal laws, 2.) an evaluation and a written clearance from a physician or other accredited medical provider and 3.) written acknowledgement of the parents.

Training for preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion is available at the following sites and the Handouts page of this site.




Monday, February 8
Baseball Bats

FL District 1 Little League does not endorse or promote any particular vendor. The following links are provided for informational purposes only:

How to Choose a Baseball Bat

Bat Reviews

Baseball Bat Forum: Baseball Bat Questions, Answers, Reviews

Avoid the Golfer Syndrome When Choosing a Bat

Win a Free Baseball Bat

Where the Dream Begins.......

Parent Orientation Program


Little League Parents

"We Do It For The Kids" - Little League Educational Program For Coaches


“Fifty years from now it won’t matter who struck out, who dropped a fly ball, who hit the home run, or how many wins and losses your team had.  But, the world will be a better place if you make a difference in a child’s life.”